Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Never Alone: a reimagining of Episode 111 ❯ Part Two: The Third Talisman ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I don't own Sailor Moon or any of her companions. Also, as with "Not Without You," this is intended to use the names and situations from the North American dub, not the original Japanese. Thus, I have used the NA names, not the original names. So please don't get on my case for the use of the NA dub names - that was done deliberately.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have taken some serious creative license because... because I felt like it! Sailor Antares is a character I've been trying to write for a very long time, and this was her debut in fiction. If I ever get back into this anime, I may actually finish the story I'd planned originally with Sailor Antares, but as it stands now, that's not likely to happen.

A reimagining of episode 111 (North American dub)
by Joanne Calypso Blessing (sirbartonslady)
first published May 2002 PART TWO: THE THIRD TALISMAN


Eudial, representational Witch of the Witches 5, grinned wickedly at the weakened Senshi before her. Three of those pesky scouts in one day, with the promise of five more, all wiped away from pestering her. She'd get promoted for sure!

Sailor Moon, exhausted from the expense of energy required for her attack, and drained emotionally from the thought of losing Uranus and Neptune before she'd even gotten to know them, just looked at Eudial apathetically.

"You haven't won yet," she murmured inaudibly. With all her heart she willed her fellow Senshi to come to her aide.

She started to charge up her flamethrower when a voice said clearly; "Excuse me."

"And just who are you?!" Eudial sneered as a woman with long black hair strode into the room and paused, looking at her with fearless eyes.

"It's Trista Meiou," Sailor Moon breathed.

"Eudial," Trista said calmly. "You will now surrender the crystal treasures."

"There's no way!" Eudial snapped. Her attention was caught by a rainbow flurry of movement. Blast! More pesky Senshi!

"Who's she?" Sailor Mars noticed Trista first. Trista smiled mysteriously as she held up a henshin transformation wand, and it was as if Time had stopped, as they watched a geyser surge up around her, and when the magic lights wisped away, in the place of Trista Meiou stood the most majestic of the Senshi. Sailor Pluto, the Reformation Warrior, the Champion of Time, and easily the most formidble of all the Solar System Senshi.

Pluto struck the stone floor with the base of her Staff and fixed Eudial with a challenging look. Try me. Do your worst. I dare you.

"Oh wow it's you!" Sailor Moon breathed. "Sailor Pluto!"

"Nice to see you again," Pluto said genially.

"What brings you here?" Sailor Moon asked.

Pluto held up her Staff majestically; "The last crystal treasure." The Garnet Orb at the top glittered and then radiated a soft light of power.

Eudial laughed maniacally; "Well this is perfect! How nice of you to deliver it! You've saved me an awful lot of trouble!"

Pluto favored her with a baleful leer as the Orb and its cradle detatched themselves from the Staff and floated into the Senshi's hand like a tame bird; "And why would I ever let you have my precious Orb? Behold its powers."

The Orb began to glow brightly, calling to its sister-talismans. The Space Sword and Aqua Mirror responded to the call and pulled away from Eudial. Pluto summoned the power of the Gates of Time to freeze Eudial's body in place, to prevent her from trying to ambush and take all three talismans.

Then, with the other two in place, Pluto reached inward and summond forth the powers of the Kouri, who in turn called to her sisters, the Kaze and Mizu. It was time they revived their incarnations.

The essence of the Kouri roared forth from the center of the planet Pluto at the warp speeds of time-travelling. The Senshi's brow bared for its receipt, the powers gathered in a burning image of Pluto's symbol upon the very center of the Senshi's forehead.

Come to me, my sisters-in-spirit.

Laying like flung toys where they had fallen, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were as lifeless as any cadaver, but their bodies were sacred to the Silver Moon Kingdom, and the Senshi of Earth, manifested in a form known as Tuxedo Mask, kept a watchful vigil over the bodies, and had unknowingly contributed the powers that kept the Kaze and Mizu near at hand. They drew on his ties with Terra Mater.

When the Purity Force's three components combined to summon the Chalice, the essences of the Kaze and Mizu were released from the cores of their Guardians and rushed outward. The Senshi's brows received the charges in the forms of their symbols emblazoned like tattoos. Then the spirits transported the bodies from the room.

Tuxedo Mask knew better than to be alarmed. Terra Mater sent a tenderil of reassurance into him, gently tugging him in the direction the other Senshi had run.

Time to go. This was a finale he doubted he'd want to miss.