Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Remember To Live ❯ A Day in the Life ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: Just gonna preface this: I always write my stories with spiritual/Christian themes, and so this one will be no exception. But I've decided to try something new and use Biblical symbolism and references this time, instead of being as straightforward with it all as I have been in the past. *Crosses fingers that it comes out well*

I've brought the world of Avalar (meaning just the three home worlds) into this just for fun. Avalar is where the second Spyro game (Ripto's Rage) takes place. I've been wanting to write a story in that setting for a while so I figured this could be the one. It's just the home worlds though; nothing else from the game.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, Spyro, Flyleaf, or anything else referenced in this story.


Please! It's not too late to turn back. You don't have to go like this.

Can you hear me? Hello? HELLO?!


Autumn Plains

Multi-colored leaves were always gently falling from the massive trees, though they somehow always managed to remain covered and never ran bare. The softest breezes blew throughout the land but never too much, at least at ground level. The palace stretched farther than the eye could see, and the thick, tall white walls and gold-crested ramparts encircled the entire region, keeping the inhabitants safe. The whole place had the most serene atmosphere.

"Good afternoon, Venus," a voice said from behind. "I take it you're searching for Serenity?"

"You know my routine far too well, Prince. I thought she'd be with you?"

"She's still out by the pool. I figured you'd be here by now to take her back."

It had been three months since this all began. Three months of consistent travel to the Earth and back. Prince Endymion was a sincere, trustworthy man with no malice. And he and Princess Serenity had fallen in love. That is why Queen Serenity allowed contact between the people of Earth and the moon, despite the fact that she had previously forbidden it.

"Princess!" Venus called out as they approached the swimming pool in the small plateau outside the castle. "It's getting late! We need to leave now."

"My apologies, Venus. I had not noticed the time," replied the enchanting blonde.

"Sorry to leave in such haste, Prince, but our Queen expects us back to assist in organizing her annual royal ball. I hope it is not too big of a favor to ask to steal Serenity away for a couple days?"

"Not at all, Venus. Travel safely."

With that, the two blonde companions made their way to the portal that would send them back to the moon. As they approached the steps, Venus stopped.

"Princess, why don't you go ahead of me and wait by the portal? I… forgot something. I'll meet you there."

Venus ran back the other direction. Running past the pool they just came from, she went up a small spiral ramp and ended up under a domed gazebo at the top. There, she found who she was looking for, gazing out at the sky.

"Hello, General."

The silver-haired man turned around to face her. His eyes were pale but sweet all the same. He smiled at her as the gentle breeze slowly shook his hair. He was Kunzite, Prince Endymion's head general.

"Venus," he said as he took a graceful bow. He slowly walked towards her, gently kissing her on the hand.

"I wanted to thank you for your tour of the palace the other day…" she said with a blush.

"It was my pleasure, milady. I very much enjoyed your company."

She smiled and looked out to the sunset. The remainder of the sunlight shone on her hair, making it beam radiant gold. Her eyes shimmered and her face lit up the place even more than the sunset did. He fell into a trance as he gazed at her in all her beauty, when she quickly snapped out of her own.

"Oh! I really must be going now. We are late for our meeting with the Queen…"

"You'd best be getting back, then," he said. "But I am glad you came by."

With a smile and a nod, Venus rushed back to meet Serenity.


"There you are. What took so long?"

"Sorry Princess, that was my fault. I will take the blame for our tardiness upon returning."

"You were with Kunzite again, weren't you?" she grinned.

Venus said nothing.

"You have a thing for Kunzite!"

"I do not have a thing for Kunzite. I simply wanted to thank him for his hospitality, as I had forgotten to the last time."

"Venus, you are my dear friend. You can tell me anything. I have seen the way you look at him, and the way he looks at you. That man's eyes are pale and stern when looking at anyone else, but when he sees you…"

"Princess, do you know what one of my favorite things about our relationship is?" she cut her off. "You have always respected boundaries with me when I wish not to discuss things."

Serenity laughed and dropped the subject for the time being. They stepped onto the portal on the ground and it spun them around until they vanished, teleporting back to the moon.


They were always a bit dizzy upon arrival due to all the spinning, and this time they were immediately greeted by the frustrated Princess of Mars.

"You're late! Where have you been?! Queen Serenity told you both to be back an HOUR ago! You know, just because you have the freedom to run around on Earth doesn't give you the right to neglect your responsibilities…"

"I'm sorry Mars, it was my fault. I lost track of time," Venus replied, still feeling a bit lightheaded.

"Well, in any case, the Queen is waiting for us in the ballroom. Let's get going."