Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Remember To Live ❯ The Backstory ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


She was a beautiful, 25-year-old woman who was generally more on the shy side. She could be very outspoken when she wanted to be, but that was usually only around the people she knew well. For the most part, Beryl was a quiet and reserved person, who typically just watched people from the sidelines. The person she watched from afar most often was Prince Endymion.

All the same, Beryl was a classy and dignified woman. She would not go over the line and stalk the Prince or anything of the sort. But as a resident of Autumn Plains, she would see him often. And she admired him. His ravishing black hair, that handsome face, the way he carried himself as a noble warrior, as the light wind would blow through his hair and cape… and of course, his charming personality; the way he would treat every single person with the utmost respect and kindness. He may have been a royal warrior, sworn to protect his kingdom at all costs, but he was also a very sweet and sincere man. Not an ounce of hostility in him.

For ages she tried her hardest to work up the nerve to talk to him. To just make her existence known to him… that was all she had to do, at least to start. One day she finally felt brave enough to do just that. But on that day, she saw him with an unfamiliar blonde. Long, gorgeous hair, big blue eyes, and an elegant white dress. The Princess of the moon. And oh, the love in the prince's eyes when he looked at her… it was the strongest love she'd ever seen in a person's eyes. Beryl was crushed.


There was an ever so slight flare in the sun; appearing to be no larger than a spark to a human eye from Earth. It went unnoticed; however, a dark force broke loose. She had been sealed away in the sun for eons, and now she would complete her evil expedition. Her name was Metalia. She was a spirit of pure evil; a demon from hell. And now she prowled around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour [1]; seeking a decoy to help her accomplish her wicked mission…

And there Beryl was, sitting alone in the dark, vulnerable as ever. And oh, how the envy burned within that woman. That would be used as a foothold by the enemy.

Sitting there at the edge of the pool, Beryl jumped up in terror as she saw a horrifying face appear in the body of water.

"Don't be afraid, darling. I am your friend. I'm here to help you."

"W-who are you?! Why do you seek me out?"

"My name is Metalia. And I have been watching you, Beryl. I know you. You live alone here in Autumn Plains. Every day, you walk these fields, keeping a close eye on Prince Endymion. And I know that your heart longs for him, am I right?"

"…How do you know so much about me?"

"I am a powerful being. Though, I am not up to my fullest potential now. I need energy. If I can obtain enough of it, I can become more powerful than ever. In order to make that happen, however, I need to be in possession of the Legendary Silver Crystal. And I need your help, dear. If you pledge allegiance to me, you shall share in my ultimate power. And Endymion will be all yours."

"This is madness! I must be hallucinating… I have been sitting out here for far too long."

"I'm no hallucination, Beryl. I can change you; make you ROYALTY. I know that you also lack confidence. You were always too shy to talk to the Prince, and because of that you missed your chance. I can give you confidence, along with ALL of the power that you want. Just think of all that power, in YOUR hands. Think of Endymion, forever by your side. That is what you want, is it not?"

"Yes it is, but-"

"SO, you will help me?"

Thinking for a moment, she let out a sigh. "Where is this 'Legendary Silver Crystal'? And how am I supposed to get it?"

"Oh darling, it is not YOU who I have in mind to retrieve the crystal. I want to make you my ultimate commanding officer – the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. You will be running my show. What do you say?"

"You did not answer my first question. Where is the crystal?"

"You saw Endymion with Princess Serenity, yes? How did that make you feel? That love in his eyes when he looks at her… her beauty… they are madly in love, Beryl. Doesn't that make you burn with jealous rage? What right does she have to steal your prince away? After all, she is from the MOON. When you think about their intimacy, about them getting married, about their long future together… HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?!"

Beryl let out a furious scream. "Curse that wretched girl!"

"Yes! Feel the anger! How does it make you feel about the moon? About the people of the moon? They are all the same, Beryl! They are selfish and do whatever it takes to get what they want – like stealing men away from pretty girls like you."

"They're trash! All of them! I could just…"

"You could just WHAT?"

"I could just kill them all! Rip them to shreds! Every last one of them!"

"Good news, Beryl. The Legendary Silver Crystal is on the moon. Do you know what that means?"

"That means…"

"Join me, Beryl. Pledge your allegiance to me, and I will make you more powerful than you can imagine. Be my commander!"

Such a noble man… such a brave warrior… Endymion…

"The prince will be mine?"

"He will be yours."

Beryl held out her hands. "I pledge my allegiance to you… master."



Radiant shades of orange and gold flashed from within his hand. He was holding her special gift from the night at the ball: a rare and precious gem from planet Venus.

"Kunzite, I have never parted with this gem since I came to the moon from my home in Venus many years ago. It has been my good luck charm ever since. I want you to have it. You are my good luck charm now."

How he missed her. Autumn Plains, amidst all its beauty, seemed empty and dull in her absence. It would be over a week before she was free to return to him. Every minute dragged by at a snail's pace.

Even more so than the pain from missing his beloved maiden, Kunzite felt something else. Something felt… off. There seemed to be more negative energy in the air, in some inexplicable sense. But he shrugged it off and went to meet his fellow generals outside the palace.

"There you are, Kunzite," Jadeite said. "Have you noticed anything strange happening lately?"

"What do you mean? There hasn't been anything out of the ordinary around here."

"I mean, have you felt anything? I've been getting negative vibes, as have the other two."

Zoisite and Nephrite nodded in agreement.

"Well, since you mention it, yes, as a matter of fact I have. Do you have any idea what it might be?"

"I don't. But I tell you, I have a bad feeling about this. We need to constantly be on alert. Something tells me that there will be consequences if we aren't."

"Very well, then. If you'll excuse me, I have a training session to attend to," Kunzite said as he walked back towards the palace. Jadeite was a very intelligent man, but he did have a tendency to overreact to things and make them a bigger deal than they needed to be. He figured this was just one of those things.

When he was out of sight and approaching the doors, he turned his head and saw a shady-looking woman in the distance. She had long, red hair, wore a tight blue gown, and looked at him with piercing red eyes. He turned away for a second and then looked back, and she was gone.


The castle had a private training room, where Kunzite liked to work on strength building and practicing his sword techniques. He had been training there for hours, but couldn't get in the zone like usual because something was tormenting him. The negative vibes kept growing stronger. Perhaps Jadeite might've been onto something this time…

Just then, he turned around and jumped in shock at the creepy woman standing right there behind him. The same woman he saw earlier.

He held out his sword. "Where did you come from?! Who let you in?"

The woman stepped even closer. "Why, Kunzite, I thought you were supposed to be the calm and collected one of the group?" she said with a nonchalant voice and a sinister smile.

"Step no further!" he continued pointing his sword at her. "How do you know my name? Who are you?"

"What a feisty man you are. My name is Beryl, and I came to speak to you, Kunzite. I know your name because I know you. I've been watching you. You're no mystery to me."

"You're mad, woman. I order you to leave the premises immediately, or I will take you out by force."

"Oh, you wouldn't force out a queen now, would you?"

"Queen…?" he said in disgust.

"I am Queen Beryl, ruler of the Dark Kingdom. My master is Queen Metalia, who gave me this position. I was once like you, Kunzite. Just a regular human being. But my master Metalia gave me the powers that I now possess, and now I am strong enough to RULE THE WORLD."

She held her arms and staff in the air, and the world around them went dark for a moment, as a dark aura shot out from her. This was her proof that she was no ordinary person. Kunzite was momentarily stunned.

"I was one of the lucky ones who Metalia sought out. And here's the good news for you, Kunzite: SO ARE YOU. She wants to use you, and if you join us, you will obtain power like I did, and will share in the ultimate world domination as she has promised."

This was too much. Kunzite charged at her with his sword, but she vanished and he flew to the ground.


It was getting dark. Kunzite was rapidly searching the palace for the others, but none were to be found. Not even Endymion. Where is he, anyway?

Eventually he gave up. He had searched for at least two hours, but it was hopeless. He wanted to tell them about that vile woman he encountered, but figured he could sleep on it and tell them the next day.

As he entered his bedroom, he was unpleasantly astonished to find her sitting there at the edge of the bed, staring at him.

"Did you miss me?"

Drawing out his weapon again, he ran at her and demanded she left at once. This time, however, instead of vanishing, she stood up and held out her staff, sending out some powerful force that thrust him back against the wall.

"That was just a mere example of the power you could have, Kunzite," she said, walking over to him. "Listen to me now. Metalia has a mission for us. She needs to obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal, which will awaken her full powers and enable her to take over this world, and you can be a part of that. Just imagine… the world in your hands… getting everything you ever wanted… does that not make you want to bow down?"

"It most certainly does NOT," he said, getting back up. "I have all that I want now. I serve a faithful prince, I love an extraordinary woman, and I live in the most extravagant palace on Earth. I don't want or need anything from you. So if you'll kindly leave…" he angrily held the door open.

"You will not get rid of me, Kunzite. Queen Metalia will always get what she wants. And she wants you. And what is this garbage you're spitting at me about a 'faithful prince' and 'extraordinary woman'? Are you honestly that blind? You are no more than a slave to a selfish, deceptive prince, and are no more than a decoy used by Venus to get what she wants. She's nothing but a harlot who knows how to play her cards…"

"Shut your filthy mouth, woman!" he got closer to her with his sword, despite knowing how futile his efforts to attack would be at this point. "Don't you EVER speak about Prince Endymion or Venus that way! You have not a CLUE what you're talking about!"

"Oh, don't I? Let's take a look, shall we? Princess Serenity starts coming to Earth, uninvited, and who does she immediately begin pursing? Prince Endymion. Of ALL people, she goes after the Prince of the Earth. And what happens after that? Venus follows her here, and then she pursues you. The head general of the kingdom. And shortly later, the rest of those Guardian brats come along, and they chase after the other three. Coincidence? I think NOT!"

"Where are you going with this? So what if they came to Earth and we all fell in love? Your claims are irrelevant."

"Ugh, don't you see?! They are USING you all. Look at your beloved Venus. She is, I cannot deny, beautiful and surely she could get any man she wants. But she chose YOU. She wants to lure you in, marry into your royalty, and team up with her moon friends to take over Earth. From day one, all of them have envied this planet. It has countless features and benefits that the moon lacks. They want it for themselves; they want leadership over the moon AND Earth. They want world domination, but are being SELFISH about it. Now, Metalia on the other hand is generous in her mission. She is willing to allow us to partake in her victory, and is INVITING us to join her – NOT seducing us by prostituting herself and faking love, unlike that Venus…"

Kunzite was fuming with anger, more than ever before. Against his better judgment, he swung at her again, only to be thrown violently to the other side of the room.

Beryl simply continued as if nothing happened. "And where is your so-called 'faithful' prince in all this? Why has he allowed all of this to happen? After all, he is the only one who has been in direct contact with Queen Serenity all this time. You're probably blind to this as well, so I'll spell it out for you: he's with them. He has joined forces with his beloved Princess Serenity, and is planning to betray his own kind. How 'faithful!'"

Kunzite remained where he was, not bothering with any more attacks. "That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard."

"Is it? You know that the moon has constant surveillance over the Earth?"

"Yes. That was the agreement between our Prince and Queen Serenity. It's for our protection."

"You honestly believe that? Why would they be so invested in your safety? They have their own people to worry about. That was a dirty lie the Queen fed to your Prince that he was either foolish enough to believe, or that he pretended to believe because he was in on their plan from the start. They use that surveillance to spy on you."

He had to admit, that idea actually didn't sound so crazy. Why DID they always watch over them? The Earth's never needed their protection, nor did they ever ask for it.

"Stop trying to deny it, Kunzite. They've deceived you. Venus too."

"Venus is not like that." He felt the smooth, shiny gem in his pocket.

"She doesn't love you. She is merely a master of seduction. Why do you think she was alone for so long? Why did she refuse to sleep with you? Why is she mysteriously 'busy' for the next week and a half but gave you no reason why? That gem you're fiddling with… it's rare and valuable, is it not? Do you really believe that she gave that to you out of love? Or was it a way to buy you off?"

"I will tell you one more time. I wish to have no part of this. There will be no more discussion tonight. You may let yourself out."

"Fine. Sleep on it. Ask your Prince about all this tomorrow, and then we shall speak again."

With that, she vanished.

And with each passing minute thereafter, Beryl's words relentlessly replayed in his head, and began sounding less and less crazy. But he was far from sold.


Kunzite didn't know this, but Beryl had also appeared to Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite and messed with their minds the same way. They were all in the exact same boat.

He went to meet Endymion at his throne, and found the other three already there. Kunzite joined them and took the lead in confronting the prince.

With a bow, he said, "Good afternoon, Your Majesty. I had become concerned about your absence yesterday. I hope all is well with you."

"I appreciate your concern. Everything is fine; I was just on the moon visiting the princess yesterday."

This, for some odd reason, raised immediate suspicion. "On the moon? What for?"

"Just to see her. Queen Serenity has invited me to visit at any time, regardless of circumstances."

"Is that all, my Prince? Were there no other affairs that took place?"

"It is none of your concern. If I needed you with me, I would have brought you along. I am asking you to respect my privacy." The prince was starting to get a bit annoyed.

"Your Majesty, with all due respect, I believe it is of our concern. It is our job to protect you, and so for you to go disappearing and then not telling us precisely why-"

"Kunzite, why do you question me like this? Do you not trust me?"

In the spur of the moment, he let it out. "It is not you who I do not trust, but those people of the moon are the ones who raise my suspicion."

"That is nonsense! Why do you say such things?"

"Because they are constantly spying on us! Why are they the only ones with that right?"

"You know that was the agreement between the Queen and me! Kunzite, where is all of this coming from?"

Growing angrier by the second, he replied, "No, Prince. No more questions. I want you to tell me honestly: are you with them? Or are you with us?"

"I think I know what this is. That woman who's been lurking here… that creature… she had spoken to you…"

"I believe we are finished here, Prince." The four men walked out.


There in his bedroom that night, Kunzite found Beryl as expected, standing against the wall and grinning at him.

"Interesting conversation with the prince today, yes?"

He let out a frustrated sigh. "All right, Beryl. You have my attention."

"You now know that Endymion isn't the trustworthy man you thought he was. And now, I want to prove to you that I am right about Venus."

What Kunzite didn't know was that, among Beryl's many powers, she had the ability to show motion pictures and use whatever words or sounds she wanted to incorporate into them, including the perfect imitation of voices. She lifted her staff and shone a light towards the wall, showing some sort of clip of Venus on the moon, talking to Princess Serenity.

"The plan is going smoothly. Kunzite is melting in my hands… falling hook line and sinker. What a gullible fool. I cannot believe how easy it was. Just give it some more time, and Earth will be ours."

Beryl had captured Venus' voice perfectly and used it in such a way that it truly looked like she was saying that in the clip. Kunzite just stood there, paralyzed. It felt as though his heart died right then and there.

She… she doesn't…

In an instant, he became absolutely furious. Beryl kept encouraging his anger. He pulled out her gem and violently threw it out the window.

"That lying wretch! I could just-"

"You could just WHAT?"

The demonic presence was heavy in that room, as Metalia's evil vibes came out and overwhelmed the place.

"…I could just kill her with my own hands!"

"I'm glad you're finally starting to understand, Kunzite. Join the Dark Kingdom, and you will be able to do just that, and with immense power that will be given to you. Our ruler Metalia will transform you and you will be the head general of the Dark Kingdom. What do you say?"

For the first time, he looked at her with seriousness and consideration. "What would I need to do?"

"Well, you will have to hold off on killing Venus for a bit – her death would be obvious and would spoil our plan. Our mission is to capture the Legendary Silver Crystal from the moon. It is the most powerful source of energy in the world. That is what will empower our master."

Jadeite, Zoisite and Nephrite walked into the room, pale-faced and cold-eyed. "Join us, Kunzite. Join the Dark Kingdom," they all said in a creepy unison. "Join us and we will seek our revenge."

He thought for a moment. This would be a completely life-changing decision and he was unsure of where it would lead to. But he saw no other choice. And looking at his three brothers who had already made their decision, he knelt down and kissed Beryl's hand.

She let out a loud, terrifying laugh and her hair blew up towards the sky as she raised her hands and said "Welcome to the Kingdom, Warrior!"

Just then, part of Metalia's spirit came out and spoke to him personally.

"Wise decision, Kunzite. I'm glad you saw it our way. Now, before I grant you your powers, you must steal the Legendary Silver Crystal for me. You are the strongest of the Heavenly Kings. Therefore I am choosing you for this mission. Go to the moon, and in the forest behind the palace, jump into the pond and swim through the tunnel that leads to the secret chamber. Then go and find the forbidden room. That is where the Legendary Silver Crystal is located. Snatch it and bring it back to me."


"But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ." [2]


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