Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Remember To Live ❯ Strengthen Your Arms Now ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Earth's Uproar

Rampage, rampage, rampage!

They flooded the streets. They burned buildings. They fought with each other. They shed blood. Soon enough, there were none left who trusted the prince.

After corrupting the Shitennou, Beryl had gone on to do the same thing to all of the people of Earth. She told them all beautiful lies – or so they seemed beautiful.

Your prince is betraying you! You can't trust a thing he says! Join me, or else the people of the moon will take over and you'll all become their slaves! But fear not – for if you join me, we can conquer them! You will never be slaves to those moon demons!

Within less than a month, they were all swayed. Endymion did all that he could to try and calm them down and remind them of the truth, but it was no use. They refused to listen.

"You traitor! How could you sell us over to them? We'll take you out!"

He had to remain locked inside the palace, but with his generals now turned against him as well, there was no safe place in all the Earth. In due time, he migrated to the moon and took refuge there.

All the while, Beryl took his place at the throne and gave her orders – the plan to attack the Moon Kingdom.



"We need to prepare ourselves," Venus said to the other Senshi. "Anything could happen at this point. If it's the Legendary Silver Crystal she wants, she'll stop at nothing to get it."

"And now the whole Earth is on her side," said Jupiter.

"We have to be ready."

"Yes," a voice said, slowly getting closer. "We must be prepared for battle – ready to defend our kingdom at any given moment."

Queen Serenity was walking down the steps to meet them, followed by the Prince and Princess. The Senshi respectfully bowed before her.

"I suspect they will send spies, so be on constant lookout, all of you."

"Absolutely, Your Majesty," Venus said. "And I must inform you that I do believe they will attack the moon. Kunzite's attempt at stealing the Silver Crystal signaled that to me."

"Tell everyone in the kingdom and spread the word to all of the moon," she ordered. "We will build an army."


"Listen up!" Beryl shouted from the throne. "The prince has gone to the moon and informed them of all that has happened here, so they are under suspicion. That is why we need to act NOW! We will all teleport to the moon and attack as one army – but first, I need to know what those moon brats are up to. I will send a handful of volunteers there to observe them and report back to me. Who shall it be?"

A multitude of hands went in the air and Beryl chose 20 of them.

"Excellent. Now, Zoisite," she turned to the young general. "How do we transport them?"

"The portal is located outside the palace on the west side. The prince and we four generals are the only people of Earth who are enabled to use it. However, if I go and take them with me, it should allow them to pass through."

"Fine, then. You will go with them and be their leader in this mission. Do not fail me."

"Yes, Queen Beryl." With a bow, he rounded up the volunteers and took them out to the portal.

"Now, as for you three," she pointed at the remaining Shitennou. "I want you to train the rest of these people – both ordinary citizens and already experienced soldiers – and prepare them for our attack on the moon. Raise our army up to its fullest potential, and we will save the Earth and our master will be most pleased!"


"Here we are," Zoisite said, feeling dizzy from the teleportation. "All of you are to go and keep a close eye on the kingdom and all of the people here. Stay hidden at ALL times. Do NOT, under any circumstances, let anyone see you. Report back here at midnight."

All of the people went off and scattered around, finding their own clever hiding spots and staying near the palace walls.

What they observed was an army of people training and preparing for war. A very large army, with royals from the moon as well as from the Senshis' home planets. They were all being led by the Senshi as their commanding officers. And they certainly did not look like a weak bunch, to say the least.

One of the men spying on them was hiding behind a large tree that night, and in due time, he was approached from behind by Jupiter. She captured him and brought him to Queen Serenity.

"I found him sneaking around and spying on us just outside the castle," she said, as she threw him to the ground.

[1] He laid there trembling at the foot of the throne, finally having the courage to look the Queen in the eye. And in doing so, he was shocked to find the most brilliant light he'd ever seen. He realized there was no darkness or malice in her, and instead saw all of the darkness inside himself and the darkness he was working for. There was nothing to say in that moment… only things to realize. He had been an enemy of this powerful Queen, and if she had sentenced him to death, it would have been justice. As he waited for her to do just that, she stepped down and put her hand on his shoulder. She spoke with a pure love he had never known before, saying, "We only want voluntary allegiance in the moon's army. If you stay here, you will be changed and it will feel like the old you has died. Or… you may remain in the darkness as a slave. Either way, know that you are loved, son. You are free to choose."


The group reported back to Zoisite at their designated meeting spot and teleported back to Earth. They met Queen Beryl at the throne, where she was speaking to the large multitude again.

[2] As usual, she was encouraging them in their mission with passion. However, this time, the man who had been captured on the moon and released noticed holes in her speech. She was angelic in her syntax, but demonic in her motive. In the middle of her speech, she nodded to someone standing in the back, who then quickly snuck out.

[2] Moments later, an explosion went off and many people were killed. Beryl yelled, "Help your brothers! The Moon Kingdom is full of murderers! Avenge your brothers!"

[2] As people ran out of the palace to assist the wounded, the man looked back at Beryl and saw her smile. As she scanned the room with pleasure, her eyes fell on him, and that smile vanished and her face turned into anger and hatred. As his heart raged against her, he stepped up to the throne and yelled loudly enough for the soldiers to hear what she had done. He told them about his meeting with Queen Serenity and the love she showed him, and hundreds began to weep. Beryl ordered him to be executed on the spot.

The guards took him away and Beryl reclaimed her spotlight. "Do you see? The Moon Kingdom brainwashed one of our own! We cannot have weak people such as him in our army! Now, get back to work or you'll all end up like him! We attack the moon in two days!"


[3] "But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction."


A/N: 1. In the Dark 2. Swept Away

^ For those parts, I was largely quoting/referencing Flyleaf's "Letters from the Commander" from their Memento Mori album. They have little stories about each song, and the ones from those two songs highly inspired this chapter, and the whole story itself. So I cannot take credit for those parts.

I kind of wanted Queen Serenity to symbolize Jesus Christ, at least in this chapter. Please let me know how I did and how I can improve.

3. 2 Peter 2:1.