Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Sailor Galaxy ❯ Seiun's Awakening ; The Rebels Approach ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Keiko sighed and tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder lightly. She straightened her short brown skirt and pulled up the glove that had slid down her arm during training. She bowed to her opponet slightly before turning and leaving the room. Fumi was strolling down the hall towards her. The former ambassador was wearing a neat tan skirt suit today rather than her senshi fuku. She must have had business elsewhere to be so dressed up. She gave a slight nod of her head as she passed her but was stopped by a touch to her shoulder. She turned to look but Fumi kept her back to her so she was forced to stare at the tight black bun at the nape of her neck.
"Yes, ma'm?"
"Takanaka-sama wishes to see you."
"For my report?"
"Hai. She has orders for you as well."
"Of course."
She bowed to her superior's back and waited until she continued on her way before she made her way to Takanaka-sama's room. On her way down one of the many hallways she would have to traverse she almost ran directly into a woman in a long white robe. She took a step back to look up into the woman's face. Her eyes were closed as they always were and her short white hair just barely hung over her shoulder as she stepped back as well, opening her eyes. The white, pupiless orbs stared straight over her head as the woman's long fingernails touched her shoulder softly.
"Excuse me Keiko."
"No. It's my fault." she returned. "I'm sorry Kioko."
"It's fine. Takanaka-san wishes to see you."
"I know. Fumi told me Megumi-sama had-"
"No. Retatsu wishes to see you as well. She insists her visit be put before Megumi-sama's."
"But if Megumi-sama finds out I-"
"Retatsu-san insists." she repeated, closing her eyes. "I have duties to fulfill."
"Of course. I'll go see Retatsu-san then. Good luck Kioko."
"Thank you Keiko." she whispered, continuing down the hall.
Keiko took a right where she would usually take a left. If Megumi found out she had put her sister's orders before her own she could be in trouble. But if it was important it was best to see her right away. Retatsu only ordered for one of them to see her over Megumi-sama if it was very important. She stopped at the large wooden doors and hesitated for a moment before knocking gently. The doors swung open of their own accord and the first thing she encountered was a mane of black hair. It fell over it's owner's back and it layed on the floor around her feet. At the sound of her arrival she turned to smile at her. Her long black dress ruffled as she walked towards her.
"Please. Sit." she whispered.
A chair flew from a table and hit Keiko in the back of the knees, forcing her into the seat. Retatsu pulled one up for herself and sat in front of her. She was so nervous she was sweating. She'd never been summoned to Retatsu's bedchamber's before. In fact she didn't think anyone had. The room was huge and elegantly decorated. The whole room seemed to be centered on the large canopy bed in the center of the room. Candles were laid around it in circles and the furniture was all set at an angle so that if you looked down from the ceiling it all seemed to be swirling inward. Retatsu noticed the nature of her stare and let a small laugh escape her deep red lips.
"Meditation." she whispered simply. "It helps with my meditation."
"Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare."
"It's quite alright." she replied as the table scooted over to them.
She began to pour tea for them and Keiko took her cup as it floated towards her. She stared at it for a moment then returned her eyes to Retatsu as she sipped on her own. She was over seven feet tall so even sitting down she was extremely tall. She was always very regal in her appearence and her face gentle and soft. She was a warm and caring woman no matter how you looked at her. Not at all like her menacing sister.
"You...wanted to speak with me?" she asked softly.
Keiko waited but she didn't say anything else. She shifted uncomfortabley and sipped at her tea as she looked around the room. She stole glances at Retatsu but the tall woman didn't move. She hadn't touched her tea again and she was sure it was getting cold by now. She almost asked if she was feeling okay when she felt a strange twinge in her mind. Her memories suddenly began to play themselves in her mind's eye and she gasped slightly as she realized Retatsu was reading her mind. She relaxed a little more to make it easier for her and waited patiently as she thumbed through the events of the past few weeks. She closed her eyes to several battles and tried not to think about them as they passed quickly. When she was finished she released her hold on her mind and sighed softly. Her perfect posture almost failed her as she sat in the chair opposite her but she maintained her royal habits and her spine was as straight as ever.
"Megumi is determined, isn't she?"
"Megumi-sama's goal is an eccentric one but we have come this far. I'm sure we'll be victorious now that we have found Seiun-Hime's wherabouts."
"You mustn't give that information to her."
"But Retatsu-san-!"
"This war is senseless!" she shouted suddenly, slamming her tea to the table. "Don't you get it Keiko?! What we are doing is wrong!"
"We're helping people. We've freed so many galaxies-"
"How many of those galaxies wanted freedom?! They were happy under the protection of the Galaxians! Now they're under the control of Megumi! There's a difference between control and protection!"
"Retatsu....if Megumi-sama knew..."
"She knows." she whispered. "She knows I dislike this war. She knows I disagree with her perfect logic. She knows I think she's wrong. And she knows I would sooner die then go into battle for her."
"Then why do you stay?"
"To protect my little sister." she whispered. "When it all comes crashing down....I'll have to be here to protect her."
"Retatsu-chan, I can't disobey orders. I have to give her the information she asks of me."
"-Chan, is it now? No -san? No -sama? Just -chan?"
"And now nothing? Am I that good a friend of your's?"
"Have you told any of the other's how you feel about this yet?"
"Kioko's known for years. From the beginning."
"You two were always so close." she whispered with a smile. "Does she agree with you?"
"You know she has her own reasons for being a part of this war. They have nothing to do with my sister. You can go now."
"Go. Tell her if you feel it's your duty."
"I'm sorry." she whispered standing.
"Everyone's entitled to their own beliefs, ne?"
"Hai. I'll see you later Takanaka-san."
"Sayonara Keiko-chan."
Megumi sat in darkness that shrouded the room making it's depths and heights indeterminable. A pair of deep ebony eyes shone with the light of a thousand tiny stars and their owner raised a pure white arm that shone in the darkness. The pale fingers touched her chin as she stared into the shadows around her thoughtfully. Short, neatly trimmed nails scratched over her skin as she lost herself in her memories. So absorbed in the past was she that she didn't even take notice when a door to her right opened and a ray of light spilled over her stiff form. The illumination revealed flowing black robes that trailed a good foot from the throne she rested in. Her arm dimmed in the light and she rose her eyes slowly after a moment or two, black locks falling over her face softly. Black locks that were so long it was hard to tell where they ended and the robes began. Her other hand rested in the darkness still invisible to the intruder's sight.
"What do you want?" she whispered weakly.
Keiko watched her black lips form the words, not answering for a moment. She was too astounded by the expression on her face. It was soft and sad. A lonely, pleading expression. She reached for the light switch as she walked in, trying to find it in herself to speak. The moment the room was filled with the sharp light her other arm shot from it's resting place to cover her eyes. This arm was pitch black and the fingernails that protruded from it were of a similiar shade, so long that they curled downward sharply.
"Ah! My apologies Megumi-sama!" she cried, bowing before fumbling for the switch again.
"What did you want?" she demanded.
"Megumi-sama, my queen, you called for me."
"What's your report?"
"We have been informed that the gaurdians have been sent to awaken the Galaxians."
"Where is Venom? Why isn't he delivering his report directly to me?"
"Venom was captured my lady." she whispered with regret. "He was executed and a gaurd placed a pike containing his head outside the barriar to serve as warning for us all."
"Did you retrieve his earpiece?"
"Yes, my lady. He discovered the whereabouts of the Princess. And he delivered every file on the technology you requested."
"Is there anything else, Megumi-sama?"
"Yes. Gather the elite. I want you all aboard the ship in the next hour."
Keiko bowed slightly and retreated. The door closed behind her slowly, submerging Megumi in darkness once again. She sat there for a moment, not thinking and scratched her long nails over the stone arm of her throne. The sound seemed to sooth her and the slight annoyance on her face ebbed and gave way to the sadness that rested in the back of her heart. She tapped her finger nail against the stone a few times then pulled out her ear piece and left the room silently, her robes rustling behind her. As she moved through the long halls of her palace her mind raged with fury and the need for revenge.


Seiun sighed as she stepped out of the bathroom, glad to be rid of the obscenely short green skirt her school required her to wear. She didn't wear it at all for a year after her mother's death but was threatened with being kicked off the track team this year so she decided to comply to this one thing. She held her hair up as she walked into the kitchen so that it wouldn't drag across the floor which would have made the good two hours she spent in the shower pointless. She had just spent hours watching Kyoji play in the park, huddled up on the bench with her legs pulled as far up into her skirt as humanly possible. But she was glad that Kyoji had fun. He looked up at her from his seat at their small, round table and smiled, crayon in one hand and a sucker in the other. She stopped and stared for a moment. She didn't remember buying him any candy recently.
"Kyoji, where'd you get that?"
Seiun jumped back five feet and up three as three heads popped up from behind the counter that seperated the kitchen from the living room. She grabbed at her chest and glared at them furiously as they laughed. She walked over and whacked all three in their heads with one sweep of her fist.
"Don't do that!"
The boys grabbed their heads and moaned in pain as they made their way into the kitchen. They were all three dressed in the boy's uniform though the blonde had his coat tied around his waist, leaving him in a white undershirt, eery blue eyes almost shining with amusement. The shorter boy beside him grinned through his tears, black bangs falling over one of his similiarly colored eyes as he sat down. They were Hoshiko and Zeshin Izumi or the infamous Izumi brothers as they were known throughout the school. One was as dumb as a box of rocks and played the roll of class clown while the older was smart when he wanted to be but prefered not to draw attention to himself for certain reasons. The blonde wrapped his arms around this reason and sighed softly as he buried his face in the brunette's neck.
"Hoshiko..." he grumbled, blushing. "Don't do that."
"I had a hard day Seiryo." he muttered back. "Please?"
Seiun and Zeshin smiled as Seiryo's dark green eyes seemed to lighten and he wrapped his arm around his shoulders awkwardly. Even though it seemed to be an unfamiliar position for him both Zeshin and Seiun would bet their lives he'd been in it more than a few times when they weren't around. While Hoshiko wallowed all over Seiryo who was turning red from head to toe Seiun sat down and began to braid her hair back into it's regular pleat.
"So, why weren't you at school today?" Zeshin asked.
"Because I didn't want to go."
"What did you do? Sleep all day?"
"I spent some quality time with my Otoutochan." she replied.
"Did you have fun, booger?"
Kyoji nodded his head slightly as he continued to color. He had a routine to make his coloring books last longer. He only colored on Mondays and Fridays. He only colored half a picture on Mondays but a full one on Fridays. Then on the next Monday he would finish the one he'd started the Monday before. Seiun had thought on more than one occasion that he could have an obsessive compulsive disorder but payed it no mind. If he did it wasn't too extreme and it wasn't hurting anyone. She turned her attention on Hoshiko and rested her arms for a minute.
"What happened today?"
"Nothin' really." he sighed.
"Then let me rephrase the question. What's wrong?"
"Yeah." Seiryo added. "Why are you so down all of a sudden?"
"I bet he's just seething with jealousy after seeing all them girls drooling over you all day." Zeshin piped in.
"That happens everyday, imbecile." Hoshiko muttered bitterly. "That doesn't bother me. Much."
"Than what is it Hoshiko?"
"They put a girl's uniform on me in gym and pushed me into the girls' locker room." he admitted with a blush. "And that Kaori girl that likes you so much punched me."
Zeshin laughed loudly at his brother's misfortune and he glared at him evilly. Seiryo's arms tightened around him slightly and he looked up in surprise as he rubbed his shoulder. He smiled up at him in bliss and reveled in the worry and apology in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, Hoshi-kun." he whispered, seriously. "I wish I had been there to help you."
"Just give me names Hoshiko." Seiun whispered, thrusting her fist into her hand. "That's all I need."
"I don't want you getting in trouble because of me Seiun."
"Come on. It'll give me an excuse to hurt someone who deserves it."
"No. It doesn't matter."
"Alright but if you change your mind don't hesitate to let me know."
"Kay." he laughed. "I'll remember that."
"Why don't we all head on over to our house?" Zeshin suggested. "We're waiting for a letter from Tousan, right Oniichan?"
"Hai." Hoshiko grunted, recieving a sympathetic look from Seiryo.
But it was Zeshin that got the most sympathy. They all knew that Mr. Izumi never wrote with the exception of birthdays when they'd recieve a childish card in the mail with American money in it. Seiun wasn't sure what good he thought foreign currency did them but she was sure he never thought much about it. Hoshiko never opened his own so the card and money were transferred straight to the trash when he got them but Zeshin had been saving his since he left.
Despite the fact that they would be introduced to the cranky side of Zeshin when the mail came and went with no sign of a letter they all followed him out the door and down the stairs. As Seiun closed the front door she suddenly felt strange. All the hairs on her neck and arms stood on end and it suddenly became hard to breath. She turned slowly only to encounter the dog once again. The small black and white cat sat at his side and they both just stared.
When Seiun didn't follow everyone else stopped to stare, including Kyoji. When he spotted the dog he smiled brightly and ran towards it. Seiun grabbed his arm and pulled him back without taking her eyes off the strange canine and it's odd feline companion. As she stared the dog's yellowish eyes slowly grew black and white specks shone in them.
"Seiun, whose dog is that?" Seiryo asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.
"I don't know." she whispered looking away for a moment. "It's been following me."
When she looked again his eyes had returned to normal. He stood suddenly but the cat remained seated, watching as it's larger friend approached them slowly. Hoshiko stepped behind Seiryo, clutching his arm as he watched the dog take careful steps toward them. Zeshin grabbed Kyoji's hand and pulled him behind Seiun where they both hid. Normally this wouldn't bother Seiun. She was used to being the shield. But this dog frightened her. It wasn't that she thought it would kill her. It was the thought of life that scared her. Life again. She knew she couldn't handle life again. But that thought made no sense.
She shook her head slightly. She was starting to feel very strange all of a sudden. The world seemed to be moving around her and she swayed from side to side in an attempt to straighten it out once again. She stumbled to the right and Zeshin grabbed her, asking what the matter was. She barely understood his words and the more the others said the harder it was to understand them. It was like they were speaking another language.
She grabbed her head with one hand and pushed Zeshin away with the other. She turned and pushed through Hoshiko and Seiryo as she stumbled down the sidewalk a few feet. Hoshiko reached for her hand but she smacked it away. She put a hand to the brick wall beside her and fell to her knees, gasping for breath as she squeezed her eyes shut tightly. She could see nothing but red. There was so much red. Red covering the ground, all over her black skirt, up and down the white of her top and spilling from her fingers, winding down the blade of a pitch black sword. was....BLOOD! She shot up from the ground suddenly, causing the others to jerk in surprise.
Hoshiko reached for her again and she pushed him away with all her strength, sending him tumbling to the ground roughly. He looked up at her and couldn't seem to place the look on her face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but her eyes were pure black and a blank look had overtaken her features. She stood there for a moment, staring straight ahead before she raised an arm, fingers wrapped around an invisible weapon. Seiryo grabbed Hoshiko and jerked him up as she let it fall with a scream. Her knuckles hit the ground and sent hairline cracks winding away from them but the biggest damage occured a foot from her fist where the cement cracked wide open and huge chunks flew into the air. She straightened as the chunks fell around her feet and stared at them as she walked forward a few steps. The tears were dripping from her chin and small specks of white light began to shine within the depths of her eyes.
"Seiun...what the hell's wrong with you?" Zeshin asked, putting a hand to her shoulder.
The hand was immediately smacked away and she grabbed his shirt, shoving him against the brick wall. He fell to the sidewalk and Hoshiko ran to his side to make sure he was okay. Kyoji followed him, clutching his arm when he got in reach. She turned and headed for Seiryo but he didn't move. She stopped in front of him and raised her hand again. Seiryo could have sworn he saw the ghost of a sword clutched in her slender fingers. As he gaped at the phantom weapon she let it drop. Seiryo gasped as he was pushed out of the way. Something heavy landed on his chest and he looked up to see the dog looming over him. The sidewalk where he had once stood was in pieces and Seiun's weapon had become more visible.
"Fight." she hissed, facing the cat. "They want me to fight. I won't. Never again."
She approached the small creature and raised her sword above her head, ready to bring death to the innocent animal but the cat didn't budge. Instead it opened it's mouth and spoke sending shock over everyone else's faces.
"But you are fighting, Seiun." she whispered.
She stopped suddenly and lowered the sword to her side as it became invisible again. She relaxed her fingers and the sound of metal hitting concrete echoed through the empty street. The tears began to dry on her face and her pupils slowly began to undilate, the lights in her eyes disappearing as the grey emmerged. She lifted her hands to stare down at them dumbly and new tears filled her eyes though she didn't allow them to escape. The dog stepped off Seiryo's chest and returned to the cat's side.
"Are you alright now Seiun?" he asked softly.
"Who are you?" she whispered, slight fear in her voice.
"Perhaps we should continue this conversation inside." the cat suggested, padding over to the door.
"...They don't...allow pets in the building." she breathed in return, obviously still in shock.
"I'm sure it'll be okay this one time Seiun. It's important."
She took the few steps slowly and grabbed the doorknob. She stood there for a moment before turning it and letting it swing open with a creak. The cat went in first and the dog followed. The shocked humans trailed after them, trying to keep their distance from the strange creatures. Kyoji ran ahead of them as they climbed the steps and pushed the door open immediately, reminding Seiun that she'd forgotten to lock it like an idiot. Once inside Seiryo, Hoshiko and Zeshin sat on the floor in one corner. They were staring at the animals warily as Kyoji petted the dogs head with a smile, laughing when he licked his cheek softly. He nudged him with his nose.
"Go on. Sit with your Neesan, now."
He hopped over to Seiun's side as she kneeled in front of them and slowly settled herself on her legs, facing the strangers. Kyoji sat the same way and, seeing the serious look on his sister's face, let the smile on his own fade away. The cat sighed and put a paw to her forehead briefly as though she had a headache. When she removed the paw a black glow emmited from a white spot of fur on her head. She closed her eyes softly as Seiun stared. The black light was coming from an even deeper black stone that seemed to be embeded in her forehead. She began to "speak" but as she did so images ran through Seiun's mind. She closed her eyes to better percieve these images.
Seiun Bustanoe, you are not who you think you are. Your soul belongs to another body but you have been planted here for the good of your people.
There was a shining black palace that rose over the horizon. It seemed so far away and she longed for that palace so. She watched it from the barren land far away in a meager house with a hand upon her shoulder. The hand brought her warmth and comfort. It made her forget the palace in the distance. The longing for something greater. All that she had was all that she needed with that hand on her shoulder.
You are Sailor Galaxy, the general of an army. This army belongs to the Galaxian Empire. The Galaxian Empire is based on a small planet in a galaxy far away but it's territory spreads in all directions for many galaxies. An uprising occurred in this Empire.
Her eyes tightened and her fingers curled into fists as they rested on her knees. Fires spread across a land and people ran as strangely dressed men and women set fire to houses and stole what they could. Women were raped and children slain. This sight infuriated her but she had never known rage until the image of a woman emmerged from the smoke. A tall woman with flowing black hair and deep black eyes made her way across the land. One arm, pale as the surface of the moon, held a leash that was attached to the collar of the woman at her side while the other clutched a sword with a pitch black blade. Blood wound down this sword and dripped from the tips of her curled, black fingernails.
The leader was a once loyal soldier of the Galaxian Army. Megumi Takanaka, Sailor Seraphim. She claimed to be the true heir of the throne. Though her evidence could possibly be true the Empress and Emperor were not going to relent so she gathered an army. She called to her every mercenary, lunatic and vengence bound soul she could find in the Empire. She released the most dangerous prisoners from lunatic assylums and prisons across the galaxies. And then she attacked. One by one planets began to fall and we were blind to the threat that was right in front of our eyes. Until it was too late. Before we knew it we had lost many galaxies to their control. And one day they finally reached the base planet. They finally reached our home.
Seiun could barely control herself as she shook with rage. The land spread out before the majestic, ebony palace was wrought with war and fires. The buildings were in ruins and there seemed to be no sign of any life aside from the soldiers who still fought outside the palace walls. There was a wall of shimmering pale blue energy surrounding this entire palace.
The Emperor and his son and daughter were both assassinated, leaving only the Empress to fight against these rebels. She evacuated all the citizens and housed them inside the palace walls before putting up a barrier. This barrier required much strength. Too much for the Empress to bear. And so a volunteer laid herself down and dedicated all the energy of her body to the task of keeping this barrier up. You volunteered Seiun. So your body was put into suspension and your soul sent to inhabit another body to save strength for the barrier. But you were not sent alone.
Seiun could see a very, very tall woman in black and silver with a braid that seemed to have no end and eyes that shone with stars and galaxies. A sword hung at her side and a staff was gripped in her hand. She laid herself down on a bed. She could feel pain shoot through her as something was inserted into her temples. More people laid down on the beds around her. A woman with blue hair.....two redheads....two men and a blonde, sensual woman....a silent girl with burning green eyes....She shook her head and opened her eyes suddenly.
"Who are they?"
"Your gaurds." the cat whispered, the orb on her forehead dimming. "And we are your gaurdians. Sent here to awaken and lead you."
"Banshee and I..." the dog whispered. "We were not meant to be sent here. But the attacks on the barrier have ceased recently. We believe they've discovered your whereabouts. So, we were sent to these bodies to warn you and awaken your gaurds. To serve their purpose."
"And just who are you? Where do you fit into this war?" she asked softly.
"I am Fang. A warrior as yourself. I fought by your side for many years as I did your father's."
"And I am Banshee. The scientist who invented the technology that allowed you to be reborn here. Fang has come as your advisor and extra protection. I have come to assure there is no confusion on how your lives will work from now on."
"Our lives? What do you mean?"
"There are rules that you will need to be familiar with. Or you could be killed. Your transformation object." she stated simply.
The stone in her forehead began to bulge outward as a yellow light shone beneath it. It shook and the cat let out a cry of pain as it fell from her head and landed on the carpet gently. Tears spilled from her eyes as the yellow light continued to shine from the bloody hole in her forehead. Fang gave her a sympathetic look as the hole began to close in on itself. Soon it was gone completely and Banshee gasped for breath as fur grew over the bare skin.
"That was freaky." Zeshin whispered from the corner.
Seiun looked up in surprise. She had forgotten they were even there. She had been so inraptured with the visions and the stone in Banshee's head. She took her eyes off them immediately and returned her stare to the stone.
"What do you mean by object of transformation?" she questioned, picking it up between her thumb and index finger.
Before Banshee could answer there was a bright flash of white light. It dimmed slowly and darkened until it was black once again. An invisible wind blew her braid back away from her neck and her bangs waved over her eyes softly. Stars shone in the deep blackness of the stone just as they had in her eyes during the vision. But stranger than the visible reaction to her touch was that which spread through her veins as she held the stone between her fingers. A warmth spread down her arms and power beyond her imagining filled her entire body. It made her smile and tears gathered in her eyes, spilling out over her cheeks softly. She laughed gently and held the stone closer to her eyes, staring into its shadows to explore the stars within. Banshee cleared her throat and she looked up suddenly. The light was gone and the wind died down as she wiped at her face with her free hand.
"That is the link to your original body. That is how you will protect yourself. The activation phrase is 'Galaxy Power, Make Up!'. When you say this it will respond by transmitting all the molecules of this body to the home planet while retrieving those of your original body and reassembling them here, around your soul."
"You're kidding right?"
"No. I'm not. There is one for the three of you as well." she continued, turning around to face the boys.
Seiun looked back over at them in shock. They didn't look too mellow themselves as the cat walked over to them. Hoshiko was practically sitting in Seiryo's lap by the time she reached them and it was almost enough to make her laugh even in this serious situation. Bansheee stopped before them and concentrated again. This time a cut in the shape of a star spread across her forehead and suddenly the skin burst outward in a shower of blood and she screamed as a silver pendant fell from her face. Blood spilled over it as she cried and two more pendants followed. They were all covered in blood unlike Seiun's object. Once her forehead had healed again and she had regained her composure she instructed them to clean them off. Though they were hesitant they didn't want to make the small cat's effort be for nothing.
So they each reached for a pendant and cleaned it off with their shirts. Banshee didn't have to instruct them on which belonged to who because they obviously experienced a similiar reaction to Seiun's. Zeshin held the star shaped pendant in his palm and stared at it in wonder. A yellow light emmitted from Hoshiko's hands as he cupped both around his crescent moon pendant and Seiryo held his Earth symbol out to study it better.
"So...what's our life story?" Zeshin asked with a grin. "Were we great generals too?"
"Seiryo was general of the army of Earth a long, long time ago but after that he became a simple warrior in our army. Hoshiko was once the general of the Lunar Army before the Lunar-Galaxy war but when the moon was destroyed by Beryle he also joined our Empire as a soldier. And as his brother you followed him of course."
"How long ago was that exactly?" Seiryo asked skeptically.
"You would not believe me if I told you. Our species has the ability to live for centuries. Everyone from the main galaxy of the Empire has this ability naturally. But the brillant minds that came before me also found a way to recreate this ability in non-Galaxians."
"So what's our phrases?" Zeshin continues. "And what kinda cool stuff can we do?"
"Your's is "Starlight Galaxy Power, Make Up!', Seiryo's is 'Earth Galaxy Power, Make Up!' and finally 'Moon Galaxy Power, Make Up!' for Hoshiko."
"Can we try it out?!" he asked, excitedly. "Please?! ....It doesn't hurt does it?"
"It's no ride in the park kid." Fang grunted. "But you'll live. Go ahead and try it if you want."
"....Uh...Nevermind. I've changed my mind." he replied, grinning.
"I want to try." Seiun whispered, standing. "I want to see if this is real or not. The pain will help convince me this isn't another dream."
She placed a hand on either side of the Galaxy Stone as if by instinct and it began to glow once again, floating away from her chest. She stared at it for a moment before raising it above her head, looking up to watch it shine. She took in a deep breath almost too afraid to utter the phrase that would change her life. If this was real, if she was this general, she couldn't change her fate. They would come for her regardless of what she did. These Rebels would still attempt to take her life.
"Galaxy Power, Make Up!"
The black light shone brighter and almost blinded her as it wrapped around her entire body. The bubble of black energy that surrounded her seemed to become solid, almost metal and it shut her out of the others' sight. She felt a strange, stinging sensation that spread throughout her body. She still held the Galaxy Stone between her hands and she brought it down to her chest which was now bare. She hadn't noticed that her clothes had been gone and she almost covered herself in panic but realized no one could see her and relaxed. Unfortunately the stinging sensation was growing to a burning sensation. A very painful burning snesation. She screamed in agony as her right leg began to ache horribly. The skin was disappearing, almost as though it were being peeled away. She closed her eyes as the muscle and bone underneath became visible. She decided it would be best not to look as her body was being ripped away from her. She tried her best to ignore the pain and control her screams the best she could since she wasn't sure if they could hear her on the outside. When the pain began to fade away she opened her eyes cautiously. She watched in shock as the black bubble around her began to fade away. She looked down to see her hands were empty. She looked to the side and gasped as she saw a staff standing by her. As the bubble disappeared it began to fall and she grabbed for it. The Galaxy Stone had grown much larger and was set in silver rings atop the staff. At her side was a sheath and she gripped the silver handle of a sword with her free hand. She slid the sword out to stare at the pitch black blade with a look of awe. Zeshin made a choking, startled sound and she looked down at him. Way down. She gasped and stepped back. She had just grown a full foot or so. She dropped to her knees in shock and looked down at her fuku. It was the same fuku she wore in the visions that Banshee had shown her. Black skirt, white gloves with silver bands and silver bows. Her knee-high boots were black with silver laces and the sailor collar around her shoulders was black as well. She put a hand to the golden tiara that now adorned her head and felt the black stone in the center with her black fingernails. She was certain that if she looked into a mirror she would find the same star-filled gaze staring back at her as she had seen in Fang's eyes.
"Oh my god." Hoshiko whispered. "That's amazing."
"Did it hurt Neesan?" Kyoji queried softly.
"...A little but-" she stopped short at the sound of the strange voice that came out of her mouth.
It was much deeper than her own and a litttle masculine sounding. It was cold, hard and flat. The voice of a warrior. Her mind flashed back to dreams she had when she was younger. That voice had always been in those dreams, mocking people as a sword was drawn across their throats. The same sword she held in her hands right now. Tears suddenly welled up in her eyes and she sheathed the offending weapon quickly. She was surprised to find that though she tried she couldn't cry. Her eyes wouldn't release the tears she'd managed to call to surface. Fang looked up at her sadly with an understanding light in his eyes.
"Seiun, you might want to brace yourself."
"For what?"
"The memories."
She stared down at him in confusion for a moment then suddenly jerked as strange scenes began to flash through her mind. She grabbed her head and it almost touched the floor as she bent over and screamed. The color red permeated the memories. Wars and battles. Execution of prisoners. So many people died by her blade. So many victims of the enemy laid before her as she stepped around them coldly. And then all those flashes of blood and death ceased. A shining moment in the middle of all those memories. She stared down at her own hand and gazed in amazement at the small diamond ring that adorned her ring finger. A hand held onto her's and she could feel the weight of someone's head against her stomach, an arm around her waist, fingers in her braid.
Marry me, Seiun.
This memory seemed to freeze her and she fell to the floor with tears finally spilling over the strange cheeks of Sailor Galaxy. Then that memory sadly faded away. Slowly left her mind in darkness. The ground her feet moved over was filled with debris. Fires shone in the distance as she lifted her eyes. These fires illuminated a shimmering black palace where crowds of people could be seen gathering and scrambling to get in. She was the only one left on the battlefield and she passed by the fallen bodies of enemy and ally alike with a steady, uncompassionate stride. She worked her way through to a place where she once had a home. It was gone as she had expected. She had known. She knew that he would be gone. She could remain calm because she knew. She threw pieces of burnt roof to the side and reached into the rubble to grab the hand of a young boy. She pulled him out roughly and laid him on the ground. She wiped the bangs from his face and stared down into his open eyes softly. The lights in them had faded and they were empty and black. He was dead. As she had known. She could keep calm because she had known. She knew she could. Seiun - the Seiun of Earth - cried inside. The cold, calm attitude of the woman she used to be collapsed and she let loose a howling scream of agony and sadness before burying her face in the boy's shirt and sobbing. And then there was blood again. So much blood.
"Seiun?" Kyoji asked, shaking her softly. "Seiun, are you okay? Wake up."
She shot up so suddenly she almost knocked heads with him. She gasped and put a hand to the tears on her cheeks. She wiped at them frantically and turned her face away from everyone. She was shaking badly and Seiryo tried to put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down but she knocked it away, pulling her knees up to her chest as she sobbed.
"I didn't want that!" she screamed. "I didn't want to see that! Why did you make it happen again?!"
"Seiun..." Fang whispered softly, sitting in front of her. "I didn't. Your mind is with your soul again so naturally you would recover all your memories. I know how hard that is. I had to go through it too, you know."
"I didn't want it to happen that way." she whispered, looking up into his eyes, tears still spilling from her own. "I didn't want it to happen like that."
"I know."
"Who's next?" Banshee asked, looking to the boys.
They all gulped and shook their heads silently. She almost laughed at them but didn't want to seem insensitive to Seiun's saddened state. She repeated the process to retrieve her Earth body, the agony not enough to overpower her emotional pain. She stumbled back to her room and collapsed onto her bed. No one followed her and Fang sighed as she disappeared into the room.
"I knew it would be hard on her."
"It was just about as hard on you if I remember correctly." Banshee replied. "She'll get over it soon. Now the rest of you-"
"I don't think so!" Hoshiko cried. "I heard her screaming in that thing!"
"You have to practice before you're forced to transform during a battle."
"But...I don't wanna..." he whimpered.
"Then you can go last. Who volunteers?"
"I suppose I'll do it first." Seiryo sighed.
He put one hand over the circle that contained a cross and closed his eyes, trying to steady his nerves. He had heard Seiun's screams himself and wasn't sure he wanted to do this but he knew if he did it first it would give Hoshiko courage. A green light emmitted from under his palm and shone around his fingers. He opened them and the pendant floated away from his hands and flashed as he spoke the transformation phrase. The light surrounded him and he went through the same pain Seiun had before the bubble released him. He gasped as he stood in front of Hoshiko and Zeshin. He was slightly taller though his growth spurt didn't compare to Seiun's. His eyes were brown now and his hair a little longer and shaggier. He was garbed in all black. A long-sleeve black shirt and pants with a black coat and boots. He also noticed he was a little built and Hoshiko grinned as he stared up at him.
"Wow Seiryo. I think I've fallen in love all over again."
"....Please don't say that Hoshiko." he muttered. "This is weird enou-"
He stopped suddenly and grabbed his head. His memories had begun to fly through his mind. He could see the many battles he'd lead against aliens attempting to take the Earth. A beautiful blonde woman was by his side, fighting with him. She laid beside him at night. He watched her sorrow at the destruction of a strange palace. His worry for her brother mingled with sorrow and anger at this destruction. Then he was fighting again. She was there with him. They held hands as they laid on a set of strange beds. He turned his eyes to stare into her's and she smiled at him warmly.
"Seiryo, you okay?" Hoshiko asked, putting a hand to his and drawing it down from his hair.
"Huh...? Oh. Yeah. The memories." he whispered, gazing into his icy blue eyes.
"Alright. I guess it's my turn." Zeshin said with a sigh. "I can't believe we're going to have to do this more than once."
"You'll get used to it." Fang grunted.
Zeshin just repeated the process and was relieved when the blue bubble he was wrapped in subsided and he stood in the same outfit as Seiryo, not much taller than he originally was. His hair was blonde now however, like Hoshiko's and he grabbed his sword with a smile, pulling it out to study the blue blade. Seiryo looked to his side and found a sword as well. He pulled it out a little to see the green blade but let it fall back into it's sheath as Zeshin kneeled and grabbed his head.
Most of his memories were of battles or training with plenty of rather amusing scenes of himself goofing off in between. However the memory that made the largest impact of all was one of him diving toward a woman in a long white dress as a huge explosion surrounded them both, his meager barrier not enough to withstand it. The last memory he had was of laying in what appeared to be a hospital with Seiryo's old body and that of a blonde woman's standing by his bed silently.
"Ow." he muttered, the memory of the pain covering his entire body almost causing him to actually feel it again.
"What? Are you hurt otoutochan?"
"No. But I was. Really bad." he added with a shudder.
"Oh. Well, then....I guess I should do it now."
"Go ahead Hoshiko. It'll be alright." Seiryo assured him, touching his face softly.
"Kay." he whispered, grabbing his hand briefly before stepping back.
Seiryo tried not to pay much attention to Hoshiko's screams as he stared at the light yellow bubble that encased him. He waited impatiently as he transformed and was happy to see the walls around him melt away. It revealed long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. As it continued it showed the long blonde hair splayed over a blue collar and a red bow. This red bow decorated Hoshiko's newly formed chest. Seiryo's eyes widened slightly as the bubble continued and a short blue skirt revealed itself. Long, slender legs grew from the skirt and down to red boots. He returned his eyes to Hoshiko's torso again and blood almost spurted from his nose. Hoshiko was a woman! A very well endowed woman! He put a hand to his nose and Hoshiko grinned. He laughed as he put a hand under his chin and tilted it up.
"My face is up here koibito."
"Gah!" he cried, stepping back. "That's not..! I wasn't-!"
"Your memories." Banshee warned
He didn't get the chance to reply and grabbed Seiryo's shoulder for support. He grabbed him around his waist and held him up as his memories returned. First to come back were memories of times he had spent with Zeshin as he used to be and battles the two had participated in. Then came the memories of his meeting Seiryo when he was the general of Earth. The moon and earth obviously interacted alot because almost all of his memories consisted of Seiryo. Some were of the two of them fighting but most were just of the two of them talking or walking around the moon or earth palaces hand in hand. He smiled and looked up into Seiryo's eyes happily. He wrapped his arms around his neck and held him close.
"We were friends before! And I was a woman!"
"You're happy about that?" Zeshin asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah." he continued, releasing Seiryo. "That means...well...maybe me and Seiryo could have been more than friends."
"Did you have any memories of that?" Seiryo returned nervously.
"Sort of. I didn't see alot. But in some of them Seiryo was holding my hand and he was even kissing my cheek in one."
" was a friendly kiss." Seiryo muttered, blushing.
"Maybe." Hoshiko agreed sadly. "I don't guess we'll ever really know."
"Well, if you're all done..."
"Oh, sorry Banshee. Did you have something to tell us?"
"Earth Knight, Starlight Knight and Sailor Moon. You must take an oath."
"An oath?"
"It's an oath you took before you went into suspension but you must take it again. In your other bodies."
"We have to go back already?" Hoshiko asked forlornly. "But Seiryo seems to like this body better. Can't I just stay this way all the time?"
"No! You'll never be able to maintain that form safely for more than two days."
They all three returned to their original bodies and Kyoji stared in awe at the three different bubbles. The screams weren't as bad the second go around but they made him grimace all the same. Once they all three sat before Banshee again she spoke.
"Now repeat after me. I, your name here, swear my loyalty and allegiance to Empress Seiun Ichikami and devote my every waking moment to her daughter's protection. My life is to be sacraficed for her life if need be."
"Do we have to...ya know...say the death part?" Zeshin asked.
They all repeated the oath and Banshee smiled. She instructed them to go home and rest and she decided to take a nap herself in the kitchen chair. Kyoji started petting Fang and he nudged him again.
"Go on and play or something. I have to speak to your sister."
"Okay." he sighed, running to his room.
Fang followed him down the short hallway and scratched on Seiun's door. It didn't open for a few minutes and when it did Seiun stared down at him weakly. She stepped aside and let him in. She flopped back onto her mattress and Fang followed her. He sat beside her sad excuse for a bed and stared at her sympathetically.
"What is it?"
"I just wanted to talk to you. Are you feeling okay?"
"What did you remember?"
"Lots of people died because of me."
"Is that why you're so depressed?"
"No. That didn't bother me so much. It bothers me it didn't bother me so much."
"Then what is it?"
"There was a little boy in my memory. He died and I was so sad. He special to me. But I don't remember who he was."
"His name was Kyoji. Not that one." he added at her shocked look. "He was...your son."
"I had a son? Who was his father?"
"We don't know. I'm sorry."
"Oh. I loved him so much. And I miss him even though that was all I remembered about him."
"I know Seiun." he whispered sadly, using his paw to pull the bangs from her face. "He was a good kid. A lot of people miss him. You should sleep."
"Will you lay beside me?"
She scooted over and Fang curled up beside her. He didn't protest when she wrapped an arm around him and used his back for a pillow. He smiled against his fur and closed his eyes. They both slipped into a comfortable sleep filled with dreams. Dreams of various happier times that resided both on this world and another now.

To Be Continued.....