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Sailor Moon.
All My Fault.
Chapter 1.
Assassin! A murderer! A monster! All these words echoedaroundin my mind as I stood here today. But they all described me perfectly. They should have been engraved on my forehead from theverybeginning to warn people to beware of me. I flashed back to this morning that changedmy life forever.
Ami screamed at mewith those soft blue eyesthat were now so full of hatredas Lita took off after the monster.“Oh, my God Serenity, why didn't you try and help her? God! Are you really that helpless?”She dropped to her knees beside her. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” She looked up atmeand screamed: “I hate you!”
`I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Ami.' I thought as I stood here at the cliffs edge. `This is all myfault. It's all my fault that Mina will never breathe another breath on earth again….'
Chapter 2.
It all started this morningwhenwe were standing onone of theroof tops of a Tokyo skyscraper.Lita, Ami, Mina and I were fighting a common demonthat was the ugliest thing weever saw! It was about 6”3, brown and had claws that werethe length of the middle of my arm just below theelbow down to the tip of my middle finger.He had long bat like ears. His arms were almost the length of us standing tall I had thought as I watched him that he almost looked like that bat creature that Gary Oldman turned into in the movie Dracula. Only Gary was better looking thisthendemon was. The demon was standing a few feet from us as we watched a storm that was coming into the city looking ominousfrombehind him. Like it waswarning forallthings to come. I briefly thought that if this were a movie, this effectwouldhave me scared.Lita got knocked off the roof and she teleported to the closest roof nearby. Ami was having her energy drain by the monster but I was able to send a blast at it. But of course itjustsimplydodged to the side.
As usual I was complaining about how I would like to spend my time with Darien instead of fighting these guys all the time when Minajumped to my side, turnedand said: “Come on girl. You can see him after we kick this damn thing's butt. How 'bout it?” She was so busy cheering me up that she did not see himcomingup behind her ashe tore his clawsthrough her. I was frozen with fear as I watched its claws slashedMina's body in half before myeyes, her blood splattering ontome.Everything was moving in slow motion as I watched her spliced body bouncing on the ground with a sound that I'll never forget. Blood was flowing everywhere. The worst part of all of this was the lookthat she gave me. That look is forever etched into my mind. A look of why! I see it each time I close my eyes. That damnscene plays out over and overand overagain and I can't shut it out…..It's those damn eyes!
Chapter 3.
It all came to an end this after noon when Darien heard from Rei and he exploded.
“Serenity!” His hands were shaking. “How could you just stand there complaining about not being with me and let Mina die like that? You're with me all the time and you're starting to bug the hell out of me anyway! God damnit Serenity! Why can'tyoujust grow up and act you're age? Take responsibility for you're actionsevery now and again! You're Princess Serenity of the God Frickin' Moon Kingdom! You make me sick you heartless witch! Get out!”
“But Darien…”
He was white with fury as his hands, shaking,went to his hair grabbing themwith a lookas though he couldn't believe that thiswas happening.
“No! I don't want to hear it!”
“I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…” I began to cry but that only seemedto make him evenangrier. He grabbed me by my left forearm. Not like he use to so full of passion, so fierce with desire. No. Now it was full of hatred beyond measure.
“Darien!” I cried out but he just ignored me. He threw me out the door likeI was trash into the storm that was raging outside. I hit the muddy ground.As I laid there crying, suddenlyI knew what I had to do. I got up and walk towards our... was our favorite place. It was the cliffs overlooking the oceanand it was about five miles. I didn't careI just wanted to leave. Never looking where I was going, instinctivelyIjust walked. The rest was up tomothernature and shedecided tohurt me like the rest.
Chapter 4.
As I stood here on the cliffs edge. I closed my eyesand felt the wind and rain whipping me and through me as though the turmoil that was inside me was being reflectedby nature. Or itsimplycould have been an natureputting salt on my wounds as my house of Usher was crumbling around me.
My thoughts shifted to my daughter Rini, my future child.She would never want a mother who was a murderer like me.Then I thought about the future and howMina was suppose to be therein it. I thought about our friendship, our laughter, the late night phone calls all of us girls had. We were Sailor Moon andtheSailor Scouts andnowI ruineditbecause of my need to be protected and babied. Sailor Moon isto be no more.
Then my thoughts shifted to those that are connected to me spiritually and how they were not here to stop me. Like Luna, my faithful friend who can sense when something is wrong with me. Shewas alwaysby my side in my darkest houralways there to comfort me and to give me guidance. But no more. Neither was my Queen mother normy Queen grand mother that Ialwaysuse to speakto in my dreams and visions,werenot here to stop me. That was the last nail in my coffin.Nobody was here to stop me. Funny thing was, I didn't mind it.
I looked up the sound of thunder rumblingabove myhead and a flash of lighting across the sky. It wasn't really loud orominous it was the windthatwasthe worst part.
I took one last look back and then counted in my mind. `One, two--three- goodbye.' I lifted my arms out to the side and fell forward letting the wind do the rest. I could see the wavespullingback as if to receive me with an eerie welcome. Therewereonly three words on my mind as I hit the rocksedge:
All my fault.