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Sailor Moon's Secret Admirer

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Serena Tsukino was very happy it was Valentines day. Whilst it's true that she had a mad crush on Darien...she couldn't get him any Chocolates because he's in America studying. Still she sent him an E-card with a picture of herself with a broad smile. He sent an E-card back of him and his roommate with broad smiles as well. After that was done, Luna came in and she felt something was very wrong in the force. She really didn't know what was going on.

" look like Artimis got into your stash of catnip," Serena said worriedly.

"I know...something isn't right," Luna then said.

"These days everything hasn't been right," Serena then admitted.

"Either way, I can't put my finger on it...and today's February 14th..."

"Darn it, I got to get the girls some chocolates!" Serena then realized.

"What about your mom, dad and Sammy?" Luna asked. "Also what's the significance of chocolates?"

"It's Valentines day!" Serena then declared.

"Wow, you humans surely have a day for every event," Luna then said.

"I know, that's what makes life fun," Serena then said.

"Hey sis," Sammy said, "you got a letter from a secret admirer!"

"I never have a secret admirer," Serena said, "I guess today is very strange."

"Oh hey...I could only afford to get you a card and dad has been stingy on the allowance," Sammy said.

"I got you, mom and dad a card as well...I only have enough for just that," Serena said.

"Thanks, it's always the thought that counts!"

Sammy took the cards and he took them to his parents. Serena meanwhile went to the candy shop to get chocolates for the other girls. Rini had went back to her own that made things a lot cheaper. Still once she had the candies marked off for who she wanted to give (each with either their planetary symbol, or planet itself) she left to Rei's shrine. Rei had been in a foul mood. Serena kind of figured it was very major for her.

"Hey Rei," Serena greeted, "where's everybody else at?"

"I don't know..." Rei said grumpy.

"Don't be like that, I brought you some chocolates!" Serena then said.

"You're the only one who remembered?" Rei asked.

"Yes, but her parents were stingy on the allowance so she could only get her friends," Luna added.

"Well, I am in a foul mood, but you made me feel better meatball-head," Rei then said with a smile.

"You've been hanging around Darien too long," Serena then said.

"I know, but it's too cute to resist," Rei then said.

"We're here!" Mina called.

"Yeah, sorry we're late," Lita returned, "traffic at the candy store was killer!"

"I know," Serena then said, "it took me a while as well!"

"Hey what's with the letter?" Mina asked.

"I got this in the mail today...I don't know who it's from," Serena answered.

"Ohh, a secret admirer," Mina cooed, "is it from that Melvin?"

"It couldn't be from him...Molly would bash him into next week's meatloaf," Lita then returned.

They then troubled over where the note came from. Of course, when the other girls arrived, and got their chocolates they were intrigued. Still, Serena opened up the letter, and it was telling her to meet outside to bus station at Terminal 21 at 6:00 p.m. That was a little ways away. Serena had to say her good byes, and collect her chocolate. It was tacky taking it in a plastic bag to carry...but it was of the circumstances. Luna followed on Serena's shoulder. Once there, the terminal was very empty. She then sat down, and saw somebody sit next to her.

"Are you waiting for somebody?" that person asked.

"Yeah...a secret admirer," Serena answered, "though I don't know who it is."

"I know who it is," the woman then said.

"You do...who is it?" Luna asked.

"IT'S ME GALAXIA!" She then declared, and both Serena and Luna then got that feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Why didn't I see this coming," Luna then asked.

"It's easy, I know you humans celebrate Valentines day like it was nothing...besides, I can be nice too...once," Galaxia then said handing Serena clean chocolates. She really didn't want to get into trouble with Luna again. She then kissed Serena on her Cheek and disappeared into thin air back to her lair. Serena really was taken back.

"You know...I could go for a nice long bath about now," Serena then said, "I feel so dirty."

"I do to...let's get home," Luna then said.

Neither of them knew that Galaxia could be just this nice. Then again, it was one of those strange things that can happen to a Sailor Scout. Setsuna, the time guardian, was watching the entire thing, and she smiled. She knew it was coming, but thought it was good payback for that practical joke Serena played on her. Ah well, revenge is sweet, and bittersweet at the same time.