Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Sailor Moon: the Enemy Next Door ❯ Chapter 1

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Sailor Moon: the Enemy Next Door
They numbered about a squad now, and there was little they could do. Queen Beryl's troops were moving in, and the castle was the last stronghold left to the people of the moon. Sadly, the group there was the absolute last of the people of the moon, the rest having been killed by the youma and their four generals. The Sailor Scouts were the last remnant of any military they had now, and they were all distraught, dirty, and bloody from their ordeal. Among them was Princess Serenity—also known as Sailor Moon—now not so certain that she and her friends would see another day. Even the outer planet scouts were there, and were distraught as well to the scene. They had come one moment too late to be any help to the situation. However, there was one there that was more distraught than anyone else and for two reasons. One reason was that he was the last of the corps of which he was a member, and two, that, had they had enough warning, they could have turned the tide in this situation. Normally, the Marine Scouts sat on the asteroid belt, being the last line of defense of the outer planets, marked by the orbit of Jupiter. They normally look for invasion from without their line, not from insurrection from within their perimeter. In fact, due to their location, they were somewhat under the command of Sailor Jupiter herself, but were more independent than anything else. In fact, if Sailor Jupiter had not alerted the Marine Scouts, they would not even be standing there. Still, the call came too late for them to turn the tide, and they mostly fought a fighting withdrawal back to the castle to allow the queen and the remainder to retreat, but at a great cost. If the outer planet scouts had not shown up when they did, then even the one that was left, Marine Ceres—also known as Gunnery Sergeant Ceres or Gunny for short—would not have survived. Now the situation was desperate, but to the queen, not hopeless. The queen took an extreme measure at the cost of her own life. She took all the survivors and caused it so that they would be reborn on Earth, (including their cats Luna and Artemis,) and maybe, one day, guide the Earth to the paradise the moon once had been. The one exception was Sailor Pluto, who guarded the time gate, lest Beryl get ideas and she try to stop this all from happening.
Many years later, indeed, they were reborn. The first was Artemis, who found and revived Sailor Venus, now known as Minako Aino. At first, she spent some time as a crime fighter known as Sailor V, waiting for the time when the rest of her comrades would surface. This was followed by Luna, who awakened the rest of the inner planet scouts. In time, the outer planet scouts came out on their own. Since they had no memory of the past, at first, they were adversaries to the inner planet scouts, but then came to learn that the one they thought the most incompetent was indeed their leader and princess. One of them, Sailor Saturn, now known as Hotaru Tomoe, actually was reborn twice! Youngest of the active scouts, she is actually the most powerful, and one of the wisest team members. Between all of them, they defended the Earth against approximately five major threats, and in the exception of the first, with the pure heart of Sailor moon, actually turned their foes from their evil ways. The latest had been defeated the year before, and she had been the most powerful—Sailor Glaxia. In that case, they ended up receiving the help of three Sailor Scouts from another galaxy! Finally, things had settled down, and the inner planet scouts were preparing to head into their second year of high school.
Usagi Tsukino, (Sailor Moon,) was now 16, and in Japan, was actually of marrying age. Because she was such a poor student, she considered just dropping out, marrying Mamoru Chiba, and becoming the happy housewife. However, this was refused flatly by not only her own parents, but by Mamoru and Luna as well. For her parents, it was a matter of family pride. For the other two, it was a more far reaching reason. If she was to be the future queen of the Earth, she would not only have to finish high school, but graduate from college as well. She knew that her future self wound up being a great scholar at some point, but for Usagi, such things might as well be as far out of reach as…well…the moon! Still, she was glad that no new threats had arisen for months, and all the time of the scouts had been stopping the occasional crime or two. It brought back memories for Minako, but she liked it more now that she had friends to help. Yet, it had been peaceful, which was perfectly fine for Usagi. Now maybe she could concentrate on her studies.
All that was soon to change.
Underneath the continent of Australia, trouble was brewing. Baron Sark was the last of the nobility that existed during the time of the old Moon kingdom. He had ambitions of acquiring Earth in the same way that Beryl had tried to take the Moon. If Queen Serenity had not pulled out the power of the Silver Crystal and fried everything, including the Earth, this may have happened. He was forced underground, using the last bit of his power to put himself into a suspended animation. The activities of Sailor Galaxia somehow awakened him, and now he had surfaced to see all that was going on. He managed to emerge outside the old Sidney Cricket Grounds as an Australian Football League game was underway on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Indeed, he looked odd standing there in what best could be described as renaissance clothing: a red and black ensemble, with black riding boots, red and black tight pants and codpiece, black cloak with red trim, a black tunic with red diamond patterns on the front, a wrinkled bulldog looking face with a roman nose, thick black eyebrows, and straight black hair done in a bowl cut. Everyone was staring at the interesting sight, and he quickly moved out of the area, and out of sight. He heard the screams from within, so he levitated himself to the top of the stadium and had a look at the action.
Inside, the crowd was cheering on their beloved Swans against the Cats, and the majority of the crowd was bedecked with team jerseys, or red and white scarves, holding signs and singing chants. Looking down at the pitch, he saw what he had to assume was some kind of sporting event, and quite a brutal one at that. It looked like a primitive form of football played amongst the commoners. Yet, it was never this violent. What seemed to perk his interest was how loud and violent the crowd had become. He did not yet understand the language, but they were all looking like they could crawl out of their seats and join the melee on the field. At first, he was disgusted, but then he realized that there was something to this. A smile curled on his lips, and he began to ponder a plan. He first had to master the language, and get himself a set of the clothes of this time—the finest, of course. He would then go back underground and find if any of his lieutenants managed to survive as he had, and revive them. He would spread them around, maybe into a few other countries, use their monsters, and coerce others into joining his cause. Then he would have to learn how this new world worked, and how he could yoke these people into becoming what he sought. By these people, he could take over the Earth, and reshape it the way that he thought it should go. As powerful as Sark was, who could stop him?
Chapter 1
A new school year loomed large, but for one girl, she would not be heading to the local elementary school. Considering how powerful her mind was, and how intelligent she was, she would be better suited to high school and college courses. This would instantly make Hotaru Tomoe an outcast amongst her peers, and this was something that Setsuna Meioh, (Sailor Pluto,) would not allow. Because she had graduated college with a teaching degree, she would do Hotaru's schooling herself. However, because she did teach at the local high school now, she took Hotaru with her, and had her sit in the class off to the side to learn what the others learn. Yet, she would be dealt with differently as far as grades were concerned, for her tests could happen at home, and when she was old enough, she could take the state exams to put her into college. At that point, she could take classes directly and stay at home, being able to now associate with the student population somewhat. Despite all that, she would always be a different girl, and a cut above her peers no matter what happened. Because they did not want to be bored, both Michiru Kaioh, (Sailor Neptune,) and Haruka Tenoh, (Sailor Uranus,) attained jobs at the school as well, where Michiru taught music and art, and Haruka took over the auto shop.
It was now then Sunday evening before the first day of school. After having a fine dinner, everyone was making their various preparations for their respective endeavors commencing the next day. As this was going on, Setsuna was pondering on the past few years and all that had happened. It was good that all the Sailor Scouts had awakened, and she felt good knowing that the Earth would always have powerful guardians to watch over it. However, as she pondered this, as she had in the months after their latest victory, something seemed odd. It really felt odd at that moment when she had given thought to how all the Sailor Scouts had awakened. Yet, she felt like there was something missing; that there was someone else that should have been in the mix, but she could not put her finger on it. She wanted to ask the others if they had remembered anything, but, considering how the others awakened and how fuzzy the past was to them, to ask them would have been useless. She figured that, if there was someone or something else, she should have remembered. After all, she was the only one not reborn, because she had been at the time gate for centuries, maintaining her age in the place where time stops for all that time. She should have remembered, but she did not. After stewing on this, she went to get some coffee and to see how Hotaru was getting along.
She came out to find that she had already prepared, and was now working on an oil paint landscape under Michiru's tutelage. Hotaru had set down her brush to examine the painting a bit as Michiru was giving some encouragement when both stopped, gained blank expressions on their faces, and then their mouths went agape. However, Hotaru went pale, and started to fall when Setsuna caught her. The other two both snapped out of it as Haruka came over like a shot to see what the problem was. “Hotaru,” snapped Setsuna, “Talk to me! Are you okay?”
Yet, it was Michiru that spoke first, and she said, “Beware the Black Baron. He seeks to conquest.”
Then Hotaru spoke, saying, “Seek him—he who has not awakened, for he is near.”
“What are you saying?” asked Setsuna, “What do you mean `he who has not awakened'?”
Then both girls snapped out of it and acted like nothing was wrong, although Hotaru wondered why she was laying in Setsuna's arm. She stood up, went to her paint board, and began to work again. Michiru looked at Haruka and said, “You just cannot stand to be apart from me one minute, can you?”
She affected a knowing smile on her face, but Haruka was not in that kind of a mood. She was concerned about what had happened. “What is wrong with you?” Haruka asked, “Don't you know what you were saying?”
“…Know what I was saying?” Michiru asked in return, “What do you mean? I didn't say anything.”
Hotaru added, “If she had said something, I would have remembered.”
This was extremely odd, and all that Setsuna and Haruka could do was just stare at the other two continue the art lesson as if nothing had happened.
It was Monday morning, and both Usagi and Minako were tearing out of their respective houses, both stuffing a last minute morsel of food into their mouths as they ran, both thinking that they were late again—as usual! The both exchanged glances as greetings as they tore onto the campus of Juban High School. However, when they got their, they both dug in their heels and realized that everyone was still outside milling around. They looked up at the clock and realized that they both had fifteen minutes to spare. Ami and Matoko both were happy to see their friends and came up to greet them. “Wow, this has to be a first!” exclaimed Matoko.
“It's good to see some maturity enter into you two,” commented Ami, with the normal gentle smile that always disarmed even the harshest person.
“But…but we don't know how we did it,” said Usagi, “My clock had me fifteen minutes late!”
“Mine did too!” said Minako, “I don't understand.”
“Well, I do,” exclaimed a familiar female voice from behind them.
“Honestly, you two would be late for your own funerals!” said another familiar voice—male this time.
Both girls wheeled around in time to see both Luna and Artemis, who had followed them from their homes. Luna then said, “We both agreed that we would reset your clocks fifteen minutes faster than normal. We're going to teach you to punctuality one way or another!”
The two girls then went to their lockers where their inside shoes awaited them, both looking red faced and sheepish. All the others could do was laugh.
After changing foot gear, they went to the bulletin board that would lead them to their new classes. All the girls were pleased to see that, somehow, they were all in the same classroom—classroom 2-1, (meaning “second year, room one.”) This was great for them, in that they could be together more often, and they only regretted that Rei went to another school. They could not wait to tell her when they got together at the café later. When the arrived at their room, their eyes nearly fell out of their heads as they saw who their teacher was going to be. “Setsuna-san!” they all exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”
“I am your teacher now,” Setsuna responded, and she then added, “But while we are here, it is going to have to be Sensei Meioh. Please don't forget that, just for your benefits.”
They then shook themselves out of it, and remembered their etiquette. “How did we all end up in here?” asked Minako, but Setsuna gave them a knowing smile. They all then pumped their heads up and down, realizing what had happened. Setsuna then said, “I can keep a better eye on you four, and maybe even help you to grow as `you-know-what.' Now, please take your seats.”
They all entered the classroom, and found four desks in the middle, but Setsuna put someone between Ami and Makoto, and set Usagi and Minako in opposite sides of the room. They looked askance to this, but Setsuna said, “I'll explain later.”
The girls were also amazed to see Hotaru sitting at a desk perpendicular to them, back to the windows, facing the teacher's desk opposite from the door. They had no clue as to why this was happening, but they figured now was not the time to ask.
Once the opening bell rang, Setsuna stood in front of her desk, leaning on it facing the students, hands on the edge. She was a pretty sight, and every boy was fixed on her. She was an adult, but not so old as to be unattractive to them. She stood there with a gentle smile, and a welcoming demeanor, and everyone could see that she was indeed different than any other teacher that they had ever met. Yet, there seemed to be a sense of loneliness in her face that made her even more attractive to the boys. This would be an interesting year. She took a moment to leave her spot, look out the door, and then she seemed to be talking to someone. She then went back to the chalkboard and wrote something in Japanese and in English, the Japanese being the equivalent of the English beside it in meaning. She then retook her position, and said, “Welcome to a new year. You are now second year students, and that much closer to graduation. It is my job to see to it you get there, and I intend to have as much fun as possible teaching you as I hope you will enjoy leaning from me. Now, I would like to introduce you to a new student.”
She then said in English, “Thomas, would you please come in?”
In walked a Yankee boy, sixteen like the rest of them, standing about 1.83 meters tall, and he looked like he weighed 100 kilos. Thus, he had a touch of height, was built, and yet he was slender for his height. He had naturally blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and Germanic features. “Everyone, this is Thomas Reichmann. He is from America, and his father is a Marine stationed on a local navy base. He has lived on his garrison for about six years, so he is fluent in Japanese, but now his father would like him to be with us and learn what he can about the culture. Go ahead and tell them about yourself.”
Now it was the girls turn to be mesmerized! Usagi and Minako both locked onto him as soon as he entered, and even both Makoto and Ami could not help but gaze. However, something was stirring in Makoto. She knew she had never met this person, and yet, somehow, she felt a kindred spirit with him, and she could not figure out why. There was no reason why she should. The new boy then spoke in English for a moment, and said, “Awesome, dudes! Peace!”
As he said, “Peace,” he made a peace sign with his right hand, touched his chest, and gave some kind of salute. Everyone giggled a bit, and then he said, “That's Californian for `Konichiwa!'”
“Wow!” spouted one girl, “You're from California?”
“Totally!” he said in English again, “I lived there for ten years in San Francisco. My dad worked at Coronado Island helping to train SEALs, but he then got the chance to come here, and I followed him. I know I don't sound like I'm from California, but `gnarly, dude' doesn't translate in to Japanese too well, especially in the way we use it!”
This brought the room into loud laughter. For some, the Yankee seemed to be an intruder, but he now showed himself easy to get along with, so they were willing to give him a chance. “Anyway,” he continued, “I wrestle, and I heard you have an American Football club, so I'll be into that, and I play baseball. I like to dance ballet because it helps my football and wrestling. I hear it is freestyle here, and I cannot wait. Our way in high school is so limiting. Anyway, I also like to write, and I sing a dab as well.”
“Well, the school has many clubs along the lines of your interests, so I know you will have plenty to do here! Please, have a seat.”
The only desk, however, was beside Makoto, and as they were preparing for the orientation phase of things, she said, “Please, don't think this a pick-up line, but I have to ask: have we ever met? I mean, you went to school on the base, but I'm sure you got out some.”
“Can't say that I have, but I would not forget a face like yours?” Tom responded with a friendly smile. Makoto said, “I sure hope that was not a pick-up line, unless you mean something else by it.”
She then made a sly look towards him, and he just grinned. He then just stuck out his hand to break the tension as he said, “Thomas Reichmann—but just call me `Tom.'”
“Kino Makoto,” she said in return, using the Oriental tradition of last name first, “but you can call me Mako-san for now, until we get to know each other better.”
“Ah,” Tom exclaimed, “Keeping the `respectable' distance I see,” and then said in English, “That's cool.”
“That…coo,” responded Makoto, not yet being completely versed in English, and still having a heavy accent. She then went, “Ah so!” and then said the Japanese slang that would be the equivalent. “So that's how you say that…Domo!” Tom said happily.
“Think nothing of it,” Makoto said.
Setsuna then began the orientation, but as she did, something began to stir in her head as she looked at the American boy, and memories were coming back, but they were fuzzy. However, she noticed Hotaru staring at Tom, as if she was hypnotized. Setsuna shook it off and went on. She could not ask Hotaru at that point, but she was dying to know what she was seeing. At that moment, as Michiru was setting up her art class, she had the vision again, and it was stronger this time. She also began to see what Hotaru had seen, and she did not like the feelings that she was having. She hated to think that this was a precognition to come.