Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Shades of Purple ❯ Do You Know What You Want ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"Hey everyone! I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Nephrite."

Jupiter brought her mystery man out into the garden where she called us all to meet.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you all," he bowed humbly. "Jupiter has told me many great things about you."

"So this is the guy you've been hiding from us!" Princess Serenity shamelessly blurted out.

"We wanted to both be sure that we wanted to pursue this relationship before we made it public," Jupiter explained.

"It is good to finally meet you in person," Mercury said. "You seem to make our friend here very happy."

"This little lady means the world to me," he wrapped an arm around her. "Making her happy is one of my missions in life, in addition to serving God and my prince."

"So, what's your story?" I asked. "How did you guys meet?"

"Well, to tell the truth," Jupiter began to blush slightly as she looked up at him and back at us. "I didn't like him at all when we met. We just seemed like two completely different people who wouldn't get along. This was one of the times I went to Earth to pick up Serenity. But the next time I went, there he was again. And he was just so charming and I could tell he was interested in me. And it turned out we actually have a lot of common interests, like stargazing and martial arts. And not to mention, he enjoys my cooking like no other," she giggled.

I felt my heart shake a little bit. She disliked him at first? Thought they'd never work? That sounds a little familiar…


The gathering died down and people started to go back to whatever they were doing. However, Jupiter and Nephrite decided to hang out at the garden tables and have tea, and invited me to join them. Since I didn't have anything else going on that day, I decided to accept the offer. Artemis hung out too, and was surprisingly quiet. I was just interested in getting to know this guy a little more. In addition, he was one of Kunzite's closest friends, right…? *Shameful mental facepalm*

"So, what do you do for a living, Nephrite?" I asked.

"My role is to protect my prince in our kingdom. Kunzite is our leading officer, but it is the duty of all four of us generals to ensure our prince's safety at all times and to serve him in any way that he needs or requests."

"Sounds exactly like what we do for our princess here. I guess that's another thing you two have in common."

He looked at her lovingly and locked hands with her. "This pretty thing would captivate me every moment even if we had nothing in common at all. She's sweet and beautiful." He paused for a second and looked a little sad. "I only wish Kunzite could be happy like I am…"

"Wait what? What do you mean?" I was suddenly extremely awake and confused.

"His psycho girlfriend, Carly. She's been around a lot more lately. They have been together for two years, but that woman is CRAZY and treats him and everyone else like trash."

I felt my heart sink into an abyss and shatter when it hit the bottom. He… he has a girlfriend? But… that doesn't make any sense. He seemed so into me. Was he just using me?

"I just met her today," Jupiter added. "He's not exaggerating."

"Well… why does he stay with her if she's so horrible?" I managed.

"To be honest, I really don't know. Perhaps he just doesn't want to break her heart. The one thing I do know though, is he has always found her extremely attractive. He's always liked girls like her: dark brown hair, light gray eyes that are the color of an overcast sky, and someone who's not a pushover and who doesn't take crap from anyone. It's mostly the look though. That's the only kind of girl he's ever pursued."

"Oh…" my heart sank deeper.

"He could do so much better though. He's always making girls swoon over him through kindness without even trying or meaning to, because that's just the kind of person he is. Jadeite and Zoisite are content with where they're at, and that's fine, but it pains me to see one of my brothers so unhappy in his relationship. I really wish he would go after someone nicer."

"Yeah…" I slouched back in my chair and sank down a little. "Me too."


"Venus! What are you doing? Shouldn't you be getting ready for Endymion's birthday party?" Serenity eagerly asked as she stood in my doorway.

"No, I don't think I'll be going. I'm… not feeling too well."

"Oh come on! Everyone will be there. It's really important to him that we all go."

"I know. I'm sorry. I just really don't feel good tonight. I'll figure out a way to make it up to him."

Serenity walked over and aggressively placed a hand on my forehead. "You're fine. Now would you please get ready? There have been times when his generals didn't want to come to our parties, but they came anyway because it was important to my mother."

I sighed. That was true, I can't deny it. "Fine. Give me an hour. I'll have to be a little bit late."

She shut the door and I started browsing my closet. The majority of my dresses were orange to represent my planet. But I felt like changing it up a bit… and potentially being a little less recognizable. I put on a long red gown, tied my hair in a high bun, and applied some darker eye makeup.

"Venus?" Artemis walked into the room.


"…You really love him, don't you? That's why you don't want to go tonight."

I was quiet for a moment. "You know something? The only thing that makes me sadder than knowing I can't be his girlfriend, is the thought of someone else treating him badly."

He jumped on the bed behind me as I was looking through my dresser mirror, putting on a diamond necklace. "You have a good heart, Venus. You always have. You'll be really good for someone someday. Just because Kunzite wasn't the one doesn't mean you should lose heart."

I turned around. "I'll go, I'll make an appearance, and I'll leave. Maybe we can watch Gilmore Girls tonight, eh?" He hated that show but always put up with me when I wanted to watch it.

"Sure. Whatever you want tonight."


I had never seen Endymion's palace so packed. The people of Earth sure were fond of him and were excited to honor him and celebrate. Like Queen Serenity's royal ball a couple weeks ago, I hardly knew anyone in that room and felt real awkward. Unfortunately, this time there was no table in the corner that I could hide at with Mercury. I couldn't find anyone from the moon at all, for that matter. I wandered around for a while, hoping to quickly find the prince and wish him a happy birthday and give him his gift: an honorary gemstone from Venus. On my planet, it's customary to gift respectable people with such stones on occasions like this.

He was nowhere to be found, but I did finally run into a familiar face. Mars was with Jadeite, looking all lovey-dovey, but the moment she saw me she pulled away from him and acted like nothing was going on. I decided not to ask about it, as to avoid pissing her off.

"Hey, have you seen Serenity or the prince anywhere?"

"Yeah, they've been going around. You'll run into them eventually."

"Any idea where they are now?"

"Not really. You sure seem in a hurry."

"I'm under the weather. I just didn't want to not show up and appear to be rude."

"Well I can't help you. Just keep looking. I have to go find Mercury. Rumor has it she's got a new guy friend…"

She disappeared into the crowd and Jadeite casually followed. I was curious to see Mercury with her guy (who I knew was Zoisite but kept my mouth shut about it), but figured if it was anything like Jupiter's relationship with Nephrite, she would introduce us all in time.

I kept wandering around through the crowds when some girl aggressively bumped into me when I was zoning out.

"Oh, sorry," I said, snapping back into reality.

"Out of my way, skank!" she screamed.

She stormed off and I turned around to watch, open-mouthed and frozen. What the HELL is her problem?!

I shook it off and continued my quest. After about 10 more minutes, I FINALLY found them.

"Happy birthday, Prince." I did a friendly courtsey and gave him the box.

"Thank you very much, Venus. I'm glad you could make it."

"It was my pleasure. Unfortunately I think I'll be taking an early night, as I haven't been feeling too well today."

"It's no problem at all, Princess. It was good to see you. Hope you feel better."

I nodded and respectfully departed. On my way to the door, I caught sight of Kunzite's shining silver hair. He saw me and made eye contact before I had a chance to look away and keep walking. As not to appear rude or like I was avoiding him for a reason he couldn't have known, I started making my way over. Then I saw that obnoxious girl who ran into me earlier. She began talking to Kunzite, and then I took a closer look… dark hair, gray eyes… Oh my gosh. That's Carly?!

She eagerly kissed his cheek, but he clearly didn't want to make a PDA scene, so he gently pulled away and looked over at me as I walked up. When Carly caught sight of me, she gave me the death glare. I chose to ignore it.

"Hey…" I began. "Fun party. How are you doing?"

"Doing well. I did not recognize you at first."

"Well, you know how it goes. We guardians change our outfits and instantly we're unrecognizable. It's the superhero syndrome. I once spent a month on Venus out of uniform and not one person knew who I was. It was pretty great."

Carly began to nudge him.

"This is my girlfriend, Carly. I don't believe you two have met."

"Hi," I said in the friendliest voice I could muster.

She smiled for like half a second in the snottiest, most obviously fake way I'd ever seen from anyone in my life. Like, really? Are you even trying to fake it right now?

She looked back up at him. "Kunzite, go get me some wine."

"You've already had three glasses tonight, dear." He looked annoyed.


He sighed. "Excuse me, Miss Venus."

When he was gone, she turned back to me and got up in my face. "I don't know what you think you're doing, but you are going to stop NOW."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't talk, tramp! Just listen! I saw the way you were looking at him. You were flirting. So don't try to play dumb with me! I don't care who you are or where you came from; this will end NOW."

"Right. Because I'm a girl, so I MUST be out to steal your man."

"I'm sorry… what's that noise? What is that noise? Oh wait, it's me, STILL TALKING. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from both of us. I will not allow him to waste his time and energy with some dumb blonde bimbo who thinks it's cute to hit on someone else's man."

I hated her. I hated her so much. She was literally inches away and it took all of my strength and willpower to not get physical and make a scene. It would've been Mean Girls in real life.

"Calm yourself, psycho! Damn, people weren't kidding about you being crazy. You have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of, and trust me, YOU'RE the one who should be scared about crossing MY line. So back off!"

She looked angrier than ever. There was fire in her eyes. It kind of amused me, actually. "We'll see who's laughing in the end." With that, she walked away and found her man. She took the wine he had and kissed him very dramatically, looking back at me before dragging him away.

Man… I sure hope she's nicer to him behind the scenes. He's too smart to stay with someone like that if she was really that awful all the time.

He still looked all serious, but I couldn't help but notice him turn his head and give me one last loving look before disappearing.

Someone who treats you right; stay with you day and night; I can tell that's what you need. I know just what to do; I'll take good care of you. You can get that from me.

I can tell she's not treating you right, every time you look at me. So which one will you choose? You look so confused.

Tell me the truth: do you know what you want?


I came home to an empty palace. I couldn't get over my anger at Carly, or my sadness for Kunzite. I walked into the living room and Artemis came to greet me.

"You look stressed out. Did something happen?"

I suddenly started to tear up unexpectedly. I knelt down and started stroking the cat. "I want him to be happy. That's what I want. He just needs to figure out what he wants."

He looked up, trying to see my face under my hair. "Venus…?"

"…Even if it's not me. Just someone better." A tear fell down.

"Hey. Gilmore Girls?"

I let out a small laugh and hugged the cat close. "Yeah. I could use that."