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Disclaimer: Naoko Takeuchi owns Sailor Moon. I'm just twisting her story.
Authors notes: I decided to write this from one of many ideas floating in my head. Don't stare at your computer screen bemusedly and question why people write stories about these two characters. Something different I guess. And I like odd pairings. So there you have it, the logical reasoning behind my madness. Any who, this story will be about five chapters long and happens really early in the anime. The plot is progressing rather slowly. I am lazy. Sorry, as you can tell, this story has no beta reader. (Though I tried correcting my mistakes. Honestly I tried!)
Sleep Depravation
Chapter 1: Random thoughts
By: Namain.West
Silence predominated the darkness of Usagi Tsukino's bedroom. On a squat mantel beside the bed rested a pink electronic clock, its glowing numbers emitted the only source of light upon the empty room. The seconds slowly trickled by and soon another minute of blissful calm would slip inconspicuously away. Silence and darkness went well together on a Thursday morning.
The snapping of branches and the hushed sounds of grating wood disturbed the tranquility of the moment. A dark shape lingered unsurely by the unfasten window adjacent to the frilly pink bed, as if fearing the possibility of awakening the sleeping inhabitants within the darken house. The window slowly slid open on its plastic hinges and the shadow made its silent decent onto the tussled pillows scattered haphazardly amongst the rumpled blankets. She finally made it home.
Usagi sighed wearily, resting her head upon her pillow, she clenched her cold fists and tucked them against the underside of her chin. “That stupid youma took forever to beat… I thought it'd last all night!” She bemoaned miserably to her guardian.
Luna rolled her eyes, “With practice comes skill,” she advised knowingly. The feline expertly balanced herself on the narrow windowsill and made a calculated leap upon Usagi's bed.
The teenager whined childishly, “Why couldn't skill be magically thrust-ed upon me like my alter ego was?”
She neither liked nor disliked the radical change made in her young life. It was still too surreal for her to comprehend the totality of becoming Sailor Moon. At the moment of her first transformation, she found the ordeal with the strange vocal kitty outlandishly fabulous and undeniably glamorous. She anticipated the headlines in the latest tabloids glorifying her image as an ultra sleek heroine of justice.
However, frequent battles with youma were beginning to disrupt her normal rituals of being a carefree teenager. Her ideals of being a superhero dwindled into dust once she had started canceling sleepover parties with her girlfriends. Her social life was being flushed down the crapper and her grades…
She dreaded thinking about her grades; they weren't exceptional to begin with, imagine how she handled them now. Probably failed a class or two or three. The only thing that improved because of her new role in life was drama (improvisation) and Physical Education (stamina).
A pair of paws flexed companionably against Usagi's sweaty back, making the schoolgirl cringe at the thought that germs congregated from the outside world were now contaminating her soft warm bed.
Usagi could hear the tone of reassurance in Luna's words but couldn't decipher its meaning, she needed to get out of her street clothes and into a hot bath pronto. Rolling out of bed, she scratched the soft junction behind Luna's ears and listened as her guardian purred appreciatively. Luna yawned, curling her tongue and revealing sharp canine teeth. Usagi liked it when animals yawn, she couldn't help the loopy grin at the sight of it.
“I'm going to take a quick shower now `kay Luna? Set the alarm won't you?” Usagi asked tiredly.
She heard a mumbled response from her guardian while she was collecting the necessities for her shower. Without turning on the lights, she wandered blindly into the darkness of the hallways. Instinctively discovering the entranceway of the bathroom, Usagi silently shut the door and flipped on the lights. She placed her belongings upon the counter, stripped away her dirty clothes and performed the mindless task of cleansing her body of grit and grime.
Upon returning to her room, Usagi dumped her rumpled clothes into her hamper and slipped underneath her blankets. The teenager skimmed the clock and spotted the little red dot beside the numbers. A telltale sign that Luna had indeed set the alarm before floating off to kitty dreamland.
Sighing contently at the soft firm give of the mattress against the solid weight of her, Usagi realigned her spine with the arching of her shoulders and a measured twist of her hip. She heard the pleasant popping sound and rolled onto her side, ready for dreams of Tuxedo Mask and Motoki to take over.
The dreams were not coming; her mind wandered off to thoughts of better procedures in eliminating youma.
She tried to distract her mind with imaginary kisses from Tuxedo Mask and all the romantically eloquent words she fondly hoped he'd say to her one day.
`Thinking of school always puts me to sleep', Usagi thought anxiously.
She lost all sense as her mind started rambling. `Stupid blond, where's Tuxedo Mask to woe me off to sleep?'
`The newest Sailor V game coming out in November. The romantic comedy now playing in theaters.' The thought of Youma came right out of left field; how she wished she knew how to do a roundhouse kick. `What the heck is a roundhouse kick anyway?' Perhaps tomorrow she'd read up on the definition.
`That man! That evil, evil man! He is the perpetrator behind the youma attacks! He's the one I should be using as target practice for the fatal `Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' technique! Wait a minute… Wasn't that a movie? Isn't there some sort of inguinal joke hidden somewhere in that saying?'
Staring at her alarm clock despairingly, Usagi watched as the minutes slipped by. And then she heard something.
`…Is Luna… snoring?'
`Yup, snoring indeed.'
`…Never knew cats could snore…'
`Any louder it'll wake the whole house.'
She'd mention it in the morning. The look of indignation on Luna's face would be priceless.
`I hate blond haired men. Dirty blonds are okay, but not `blond' blonds.'
`Wonder if I snore…'
`Whoa… Now I get it! Crouching Tiger, `Hidden' Dragon. Very dirty indeed. Scratch that off the Sailor Moon Super Special Fighting Technique list.'
`What ramifications would occur because of my actions tonight? Am I going to function at all tomorrow? Maybe I can call in sick and sleep in. Mama would probably understand but what if she thinks I was playing video games all night and grounds me or something? I don't want to be grounded! I like my Sailor V games. She'd take them away for sure!'
`But who's the Tiger and who's the Dragon? Oh don't even go there Usagi…'
`Men with short blond wavy hair, are so so so soooo uncool. Men with masks holding roses and spouting encouraging pep talk are awesome!'
`I've heard that energy drink `Red Bull' gives you wings. I might have to buy me some of that quick haste. What? Quick haste? Is that even a saying? Post wit? Am I making things up as I go here?'
`Stupid men and their sexist ways. Always trying to beat me up with `Swap thang' youma.'
`Energy drinks come in different sizes, better get the biggest one.'
`Detention's good for something, at least I'll be getting some shuteye.'
`Wonder what daddy's coffee taste like…. Mama always adds two mountainous scoops of coffee grounds in the filter. Should be strong and mighty potent.'
`Hahahaha! Now I get it! That's freakin' funny! Oh Naru-chan, I didn't know you had it in you. Seriously need to congratulate you on your wicked humor. Why hadn't I thought of that one?'
The sun was yet to peek from beyond the horizon when, unexpectedly, the alarm clock went off. Luna was instantly jerked awake by the blaring noise.
Arching her back skyward, the feline balanced herself on the tips of her paws and released a long leisurely yawn. Tucking her tail against her hind legs, she rubbed her whiskered face against her shoulder and hit the snooze button. Luna shook her head and gathered her bearings in preparation of the odious trial of awakening a teenager at rest.
The sight before her caught her off guard, “How long have you been awake?” Luna asked.
End notes: Thank you so much for reading. I'd appreciate to know what you thought about this first chapter. Was the humor any good? Did Usagi behave like a normal teenager to you? She did use a few words that were… um… more sophisticated for her tastes, but I know a few people in high school (not to mention college) who were trying to broaden their vocabulary skills. I know I give it a go every once and a while and I do believe this is natural development for teenagers. Leave a review and tell me what you think.