Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 14

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice

Part Fourteen

"Ami-papa, where's my lunch?" Chibi-Usa ran by frantically before Ami caught her smoothly by the back of her collar.

"Here," Ami handed the pink haired girl her school bag, "take it easy."

"Sorry," Chibi-Usa beamed.

"You're looking forward to being in the same school as Hotaru, aren't you?" Ami grinned as the blue haired girl reached for the black jacket that went with her schoolboy's uniform then grabbed her book bag as they headed to the door together.

"Have a nice day," Luna called out. The black cat waited until they were gone before getting up and climbing out the window. She padded down the fire escape then out onto the street, striding away with her tail swaying.

"I'm glad," Chibi-Usa bounced along the hallway to the elevator, "it'll be fun being in the same school." She pouted, "I just wish we were in the same classes."

Ami smiled, happy that she had finally been able to get Chibi-Usa transfered to the school nearby the Outers' home. It had taken her and Setsuna some effort but she thought that it was worth it, especially considering the joy on Chibi-Usa's face.

The elevator doors opened into the parkade and Ami lead them to the liuttle car, Chibi-Usa getting in as Ami slid behind the wheel. "We'll be doing things a bit different this morning," she explained as she started the car up.

"How?" Chibi-Usa asked eagerly.

Ami chuckled softly at the younger girl's irrepressable energy. "You'll see," she said as they slid out into the traffic, the car taking a familiar route across the city. "Did you finished your homework?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, ma'am," Chibi-Usa answered, looking out the window as the houses went by. "Are we going to...?" she asked eagerly.

Ami laughed as she pulled up to the house. Chibi-Usa opened the door and bounced out once they came to a stop, running over to the dark haired girl who was waiting there. "Good morning," Hotaru beamed as the two clasped hands happily.

"Since you're going to the same school now," Ami said with a smile, "I thought you'd like to walk to school together."

"Thank you Ami-papa!" Chibi-Usa squealed happily.

"That is so cute," Michiru noted as the green haired beauty and Haruka opened up the front door to watch the two girl's heading off hand in hand down the street.

"Good morning," Ami smiled, slinging her school bag over her shoulder.

"Setsuna's going to be annoyed that she had to go in early today," Haruka commented, also dressed in her boy's uniform. Her sandy blonde hair fell rakishly into her eyes, her slim body looking good in those clothes.

"Wish someone had called, I would have been here sooner," Ami frowned.

Michiru smiled slightly, "Don't worry, you can always go to the nurse's office at lunch." She brightened noticably, "Would you care to join us for our morning walk to school?"

"I'd love to," Ami grinned.

"Be careful," Artemis cautioned, the white cat looking worried, "there are some unusual signs that something is coming."

"Got it," Ami agreed as Haruka locked the doo and the three headed out together. Setsuna was actually the one who suggested them all going to school together and Ami had been surprised at how much she liked the idea.

It didn't take long for them to start encountering some of their fellow students, some doing mild doubletakes at seeing the three together. "You really need to work on improving your image, Mizuno," Haruka commented dryly.

Ami chuckled softly as she answered teasingly, "And here I thought it was being seen in public with the notorious lesbian couple."

"She's got a point," Michiru murmured. She looked over at Ami, "And at least your reputation for being a recluse is fading."

"Maybe," Ami answered with a slight blush.

Haruka changed the subject with a wry smile. "So do you have any more details about that vision you had?" she asked, refering to something they had discussed last night at a meeting.

"Not really," Ami shook her head with a frustrated sound, "There were three shadows, what almost looked like a hand being offered and taken, but...."

"Yes?" Michiru asked softly.

"There's something dark coming, but what it is I don't know," Ami sighed. "There were also jewels involved, but that's all I can remember."

"So the three, they're enemies?" Haruka asked, her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Don't hold me to this," Ami smiled wryly, "but I don't think so." At their questioning looks she continued, "They don't feel evil, what ever they are."

Michiru smiled slightly as they passed the cherry trees, blossoms blowing around them as the wind picked up. "Friend or foe," she answered calmly, "we'll deal with it."

They walked on to the school grounds together, heading to their lockers. "I'll see you at lunch, maybe," Ami waved.

Haruka chuckled, "Remember to see Setsuna."

Michiru smiled to herself slightly as she watched Ami walk away. The boyish looking young woman seemed to be completely oblivious to all the admiring, adoring or even lustful glances that she was getting from many of the other female students. "You know," Michiru murmured quietly, "I think that's part of her charm."

"I just wish I had been that popular when I was her age," a smirking Haruka commented as they walked onward together.

"From what I've heard," Michiru murmured, "you were." She took Haruka's arm gently as she added, "So which night do you want to take care of Hotaru and Chibi-Usa?"

"Huh?" Haruka blinked.

"For Ami and Setsuna's next date," Michiru explained patiently, "it's rather hard to get romantic with two young chaperones."

"Do we have to?" Haruka sighed. Michiru quickly whapped her on the back of the head and Haruka whimpered, "That hurt. I want you to touch me gently."

Michiru leaned close and smiled, "Later."

Meanwhile in another part of the school Ami slowed down with a frown. The young man she spotted seemed to be peering around him suspiciously, hanging in the shadows. Even odder he wasn't wearing a uniform, just a dark colored suit.

'I could go report this,' Ami mused, 'but that would get him in trouble.' Seized by a sudden impulse she quietly slid up right behind him before boldly asking, "What are you doing here? Visitors are not aloud."

"Ahh!" He spun around, a long black tail of hair flowing with him as he looked down at her in surprise. His face was oddly beautiful for a boy, even with the eyes wide with alarm. "Well," he puffed out a breath as he pulled them into a concealing corner, "at least you're not screaming and fainting."

"And why," Ami raised an eyebrow as she swiftly shrugged off his grip on her upper arms, "would I want to do that?"

The young man looked at her in surprise as he asked, "You don't know who I am?"

"No, should I?" Ami asked dryly.

"Guess we're not as popular as I thought," he murmured to himself, his warm smile now slightly self-mocking.

"So who are you?" Ami finally had to ask, feeling mildly amused at the young mans antics.

"I," he offered his hand in a surprisingly old fashioned gesture, "am Seiya." He paused, and not noticing any light of recognition had to add, "Of the Three Lights."

Ami blinked, looking at him thoughtfully as she took the offered hand. "Well," she shook it firmly, "it's nice to meet you." More seriously she continued, "I repeat, why are you here?"

"You know, I think I like you," Seiya smiled, "I and the other Three Lights are transfering here in a few days and I wanted to check it out." He looked at her curiously, "So what's your name?"

"Ami Mizuno," she answered as she studied him thoughtfully.

"Then I'll look forward to seeing you again," Seiya turned to walk away, adding over his shoulder, "Miss Mizuno."

To be continued...