Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 19

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
Part Eightteen
Haruka Tenoh raced along the outside of the building, the sandy haired blonde pulling out her transformation wand as she did so. Screams echoed off in the distance as she raised the stick, crying out, "Uranus Planet Power, make up!"
In seconds Sailor Uranus stood ready, even as Sailor Neptune ran up to her as well. "What's going on?" the green haired woman asked, her eyes worried.
"Don't know yet," Uranus said crisply as they ran on towards the sports fields. They came around a corner then skidded to a stop, blinking in pure surprise.
The muscular guy dressed in a sailor fuku leapt up, clenching his fists as he gestured, "Youth sweat attack!" The thick gobs of fluid loudly splashed to the ground, the grass and stone around them actually begining to dissolve away.
"Ewww," Neptune grimaced even as they leapt back.
"What the hell...?" Uranus shook her head.
There was a flash of movement and Sailor Mercury droped to their side, the young woman looking focused and intent. "Good timing," she flashed them a smile before continuing, "he calls himself Sailor Guts, I think."
Then they saw something that made both Uranus and Neptune stiffen again, this time in alarm. Three figures leapt up, dodging Guts' attacks with grace and speed, garbed in all black leather. The bikini tops and bottons gleamed against healthy skin, the star-wing emblems each wore quite destinctive. A black haired young lady seemed to be leading them, followed by a redish brown and white haired pair of women.
"That's the mysterious senshi you met a few days ago?" Nepture asked intently, her eyes oddly dangerous.
"Yes, Sailor Star Fighter." Mercury nodded. She smiled grimly, knowing how the two would react as she said, "We're going to back them up."
"They're clearly not senshi from our solar system," Uranus quickly protested, "they could easily be enemies!"
"The enemy of my enemy is my ally," Mercury met Uranus' eyes, her own expression utterly unyeilding.
"And so she becomes a leader," Neptune murmured softly.
"Star serious laser!" the black haired woman cried out, Sailor Star Fighter firing a lance of energy to drive their foe backwards.
"Let's go," Mercury lead the charge forward, her thoughts racing as she considered what to do next. Cupping her hands she called on an older attack, "Mercury ice bubbles blast!" As a white fog engulfed the battle field Uranus and Neptune folowed up, firing their attacks at the now confused adversary, badly throwing him off balance.
The two other leather clad figures looked almost as confused, but their leader had a strangely expectant look on her face. "Now, Sailor Mercury," Sailor Star Fighter cried.
"What...?" Uranus looked confused.
Raising her sword Mercury's crystal locket blazed then she held a scepter in her hands, one that gleamed purest silver, decorated with a ruby, emerald, diamond and a crescent moon. The blue cloak that had been added to her costume swirled around her as she raised it, watching as Sailor Guts staggered to his feet, power and cold swirling around the weapon. She pointed it and declared, "Mercury Freezing Restoration!"
"Guts!" he cried out then was completely encased in a wave of pure ice. In less than a second it shattered, the football player collapsing bonelessly to the ground, the shining jewel fading away as it returned to him.
"Incredible," Neptune murmured softly.
"Wait," Mercury cried as her costume shifted back to normal, the three Star Senshi about to leave the battlefield without a goodbye.
The other two women looked to Star Fighter, who looked back at the three Sailor Senshi thoughtfully, her gaze lingering a moment on Sailor Mercury. "Yes?" she asked, the slightest of smiles on her handsome face.
"Thank you for your help," Mercury said. She introduced herself then Uranus and Neptune before asking, "Where did you come from?"
"Star Fighter," she gestured to her taller brown haired companion, "Star Maker," then to the smaller white haired woman, "and Star Healer." She smiled grimly, "I can't tell you where we come from, but it seems we share a common enemy."
"I noticed," Uranus said, looking at her with a suspicious glare.
"We need to go," Maker reminded them firmly.
With that the three women leapt away but not before Fighter turned to say with a grin, "We'll meet again, senshi."
"Damn," Mercury cursed softly, tempted to chase after them. Still, classes were on and they all needed to get back to school.
"We'd better get back," Neptune said what they were all thinking as she lead the way, shifting back into Michiru as they went.
"Wish Setsuna had been there," Haruka commented as they went inside the school to report latre to their classes, "I'd love to know her opinion."
"Me, too," Ami admitted, She stoped I front of her class door, tiding her uniform as she met their eyes, "Meet you at your house after school?"
"We'll see you there," Michiru waved as they hurried off.
Ami was about to open the door when she heard running footsteps coming up the long hall towards her. Seiya, Yaten and Taiki all stumbled to a stop in front of the door, the three brothers looking somewhat out of breath. "You're late too, Mizuno-san?" Taiki asked her wryly, his brown hair swept back from his face.
"Some friends occupied me a little too long," Ami answered with a half-truth.
"If someone hadn't dawdled," Yaten gave Seiya a look, "we'd have been here sooner."
"It would have been rude to leave so suddenly," Seiya protested.
"The fact that it was a pretty girl you were talking to had nothing to do with it," Taiki noted dryly, looking deliberately innocent.
"Hey!" Seiya protested.
The door slid open and the teacher looked out, his expression faintly disaproving. "Dawdling out in the hallway?" he frowned. His eyes widened as he noticed Ami standing with the three boys, "And Miss Mizuno, I'm shocked."
"Sorry," Ami half bowed, silently cursing her luck.
A few moments later she and the Three Lights were all lined up in the hall, holding full buckets of water in each hand. Seiya spoke up in the near silence, "I'm really sorry."
Ami didn't answer, she just clenched her jaw in discomfort. "I don't think she really wants to hear that," Taiki said softly.
"It's not our fault the teacher's a sadist," Yaten murmured, "I didn't even think they still did this to students."
Ami sighed, "I think they save it for special occassions." She gave all of them fierce looks, "And be quiet, or he'll tack another period of us doing this on."
"Please no," Seiya whimpered.
Setsuna strode up the hall, only to slow as she gazed at them in pure surprise. "What happened?" she asked Ami softly, concern in her voice.
"Don't ask," Ami said wearily.
"It was our fault, Meiou-sensei," Taiki said gentlemanly.
"More like mine," Seiya shrugged, wincing at the weight of the buckets.
To be continued....