Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 30

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shattered Ice: Super Sailor Mercury

“Raaar!” the massively muscled figure yelled, “Sailor Bulk smash!”

Gracefully Sailor Neptune dodged the wild blow even as the green haired woman yelled, “Neptune Deep Submerge!” The blue-green bolt of energy blasted the transformed boy backwards, knocking him senseless for now.

“Star Serious Laser!” Sailor Star Fighter yelled as she and the Starlights broke through the flank of the seething force of maddened Phages, sending several crumpling to the ground.

Sailor Mercury smiled grimly as she said, “Glad to see you’re all right.”

Fighter said seriously, “This is getting crazy... I’ve never encountered this many phages at one time.”

Looking on at the chaos Sailor Iron Mouse looked frustrated again as she used her powers to transform yet another student into a phage. The gray haired girl brightened a moment as the crystal shone, then scowled as it’s light went out, “No Star Seed again?!”

“You’ve done dozens of transformations,” her assistant purred, “I’m sure the mistress will appreciate your efforts.”

“No,” Iron Mouse shook her head grimly as she continued, “I must find a true Star Seed, or I’m toast.”

Star Maker blasted another phage back, her long brown hair flowing in the wind. “We need to get at the source,” she said as she kicked another phage aside, “or we’ll be overwhelmed by pure numbers!”

“Agreed,” Sailor Uranus agreed, “but where are they coming from?”

“Buy me a minute,” Star Healer said as the white haired girl reluctantly left the battle and bounded up to the nearest roof. Scanning the battlefield she saw a flare of bright light from the front gate, where a few human students still tried to flee. Bounding down to her fellow senshi’s side she reported, “I think they’re by the front gate.”

Sailor Mercury drew her sword, willing it to shift to it’s scepter form as she gestured at the stunned phages nearby and yelled, “Mercury Freezing Restoration!” A wave of ice swept over the enemy nearby then shattered, revealing normal students once more.

“Are you all right?” Sailor Pluto whispered, looking down at her younger lover with obvious concern.

“I’ll manage,” Sailor Mercury replied with a smile, pushing back the cloak that came with her secondary transformation. She looked at her friends, “Maker’s right, we’ve got to stop the creation of more phages.”

“You’ve got a plan?” Star Fighter asked with a grin.

“I think so,” Mercury smiled back confidently. She looked at Uranus, “I seem to recall you being a track star... are you still that fast?”

Sailor Uranus smiled back, “Just try me.”

“We saw that strange girl Iron Mouse creating phages in our earlier battles,” Mercury said, “we’ll assume that she still is now. The rest of us will unite our attacks to create a path, Uranus will then take the fight to her.”

“Risky,” Maker nodded, “but it just might work.”

“Then let’s do it,” Pluto said, readying her staff to attack.

“Star Gentle Healing!” Maker yelled, “Star Sensitive Inferno!” Healer added, “Star Serious Laser!” Fighter finished even as Pluto, Neptune and Mercury threw their own attacks, the combined energies creating a swath of destruction.

Like the sprinted she was Uranus raced off, tearing through the path and bearing down on the shaken looking Iron Mouse. ‘Poor kid,’ she thought wryly.

“Wha....” the slightly stunned Iron Mouse managed.

“Uranus World Shaking!” she yelled as Uranus drew power from the skies, focused it in her hand then cast it at nearly point blank range!


“Let’s go,” and with that Mercury lead the others in a renewed assault, taking advantage of the disruption to force their enemy’s back and restore as many as they could to humanity.

“Owww,” Iron mouse groaned, noting her cowardly assistant had already disappeared. She was about to get up when she felt something sharp prick her neck.

Uranus held her Space Sword at the girl’s throat, her expression serious as she said, “Call off the phages, now.”

Iron Mouse gulped softly. “I don’t control them,” she said, eyeing the sword warily, “I just create them.”

“Well, you’re done making them now,” Uranus said grimly.

With the creation of phages stopped the senshi were able to quickly bring the rampaging beings under control, even as Mercury used her gifts to heal the transformed people. Tiredly they gathered around Iron Mouse, who looked even more worried, if possible.

“You have to let me get a Star Seed or...” Iron Mouse begged.

“Why do you want them?” Sailor Mercury wondered, “Why are you doing this?”

‘They really don’t know,’ Fighter realized, silently debating if she should speak. ‘No, let’s see what the mouse says.’

Iron Mouse hesitated, “I....”

“Be silent!” the voice boomed, shocking them all. Looking up they saw the sky crackle with energy, a face forming from the energy as it stared down in contempt, “You have failed me, Mouse.”

“Please Galaxia,” Iron Mouse wailed....

“Die,” Galaxia said, as a bolt of pure power shot from the storm of energy.

“No!” Sailor Mercury shoved Iron Mouse aside, both dodging the bolt as the earth exploded around them.

“You saved me...?” Iron Mouse looked at her in disbelief.

“We save lives,” Mercury answered as she held her sword at the ready, “it’s what we do.”

The figure in the clouds looked furious, “You dare defy me?”

Sailor Mercury stood, her cape flowing around her as she looked up with no fear in her expression. “Yes,” she said, “as long as you try to hurt the innocent, we will stop you.”

Iron Mouse was shaken to her core as she looked up at Sailor Mercury, reminded of things she had forgotten so long ago. Almost as if those memories belong to someone else she recalled protecting her world, saving lives like this woman did....

“As will I,” a voice boldly declared as two more Sailor Senshi joined the fight. Sailor Saturn looked grim as she hefted her weapon, while Chibi-Moon stood ready to help with her pink moon wand.

There was a moment of silence as Galaxia assessed the odds, then she said, “Iron Mouse, you have one chance. Come to me now.”

“I....” Iron Mouse hesitated, then black lightning flared around the metal wrist bands she wore on each arm.

“You’re hurting her,” Sailor Mercury cried as Iron Mouse howled in pain.

“Such is the price of disobedience,” Galaxia answered coldly.

Mercury clutched her sword, then turned on Iron Mouse as it shifted to staff mode again. Pointing it at the smaller girl she cried out, “Mercury Freezing Restoration!”

In a second Iron Mouse was encased in ice, then as it shattered the mysterious wrist bands broke away too. Gazing in shock at her wrists Iron Mouse stammered, “I’m... free?”

Galaxia looked furious as she looked down at Mercury, “You will pay for this.” She began to fade away, “You will all pay....”

In seconds she was gone, and a eerie calm fell over the broken schoolyard. Sailor Saturn hurried over as she looked everyone over and asked, “Are you all right?”

“A little stunned,” Healer admitted, the white haired young woman watching Mercury assist the still shaken Iron Mouse to stand.

“I don’t know how I can thank you,” Iron Mouse murmured, her expression much more gentle than before.

“We have a great deal of questions,” Sailor Pluto said.

“And I’ll do my best to answer them,” Iron Mouse answered firmly.


Iron Mouse’s assistant watched from a distance, shaking her head so that her red-brown hair shimmered in the light. “Well, well,” she murmured, “who would have believed it was possible for someone to break our mistress’ hold?”

“Lead Crow,” the blue haired girl said respectfully as she waited by the car, “we need to get back to the station and plan our next move.”

“All right, Aluminum Seiren,” Lead Crow agreed as they headed to the car, “and we’d best ready our defenses as well.”

Aluminum Seiren nodded, “Iron Mouse will lead them right to us.”

“And right into a trap,” Lead Crow agreed, chuckling wickedly.

To be continued....