Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 33

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shattered Ice: Super Sailor Mercury
Chapter Thirty-two

Ami Mizuno smiled tiredly as she dialed her cellphone, waiting patiently for the number to ring. “Mother,” she smiled slightly when the answering service finally picked up, “I won’t be at home tonight.” Ami smiled, imagining the teasing she was going to get as she continued, “If you need to reach me, use my cellular number.” With that the boyish blue haired woman folded up the phone, slipping it away into her boy’s school uniform jacket

“Were you expecting a call?” Setsuna asked as they made their way up the hallway of the Outer’s home. The taller, green black haired woman wore a somewhat conservative looking dress, one that mostly failed to conceal her lovely figure.

“No,” Ami admitted, “but I don’t want her getting worried if she calls my home and there’s no answer.”

“You and your mom are close,” Haruka Tenoh noted as the boyish woman lounged on the couch, “I sort of envy that.” Her man’s shirt was partially unbuttoned, her hair a bit rakishly messy as she relaxed.

“You don’t get along?” Ami guessed as she sat down on the love seat with a weary sigh, Setsuna sitting down beside her.

“Not like you two,” Haruka looked rather amused as she said, “Setsuna’s been telling us about her.”

Ami gave Setsuna a look, “Oh?”

Setsuna blushed slightly, “Well, they were curious....”

Michiru chuckled softly. “So she’s okay with you being Sailor Mercury?” she asked Ami curiously, her stylish dress looking somehow casual on the light green haired lady.

“I don’t know if I’d put it that way,” Ami reflected on it a moment, “I know she worries about me a lot. She’s accepted that it’s my decision, I think.”

“And she approves of Setsuna?” Haruka asked curiously.

Ami actually laughed quietly, “Actually, it seems she’s taken that better than my being Sailor Mercury.”

“Though I got a few rough interrogations from her,” Setsuna added wryly. “I think she was worried I was a older woman toying with her daughter’s feelings.”

“Sorry,” Ami took her hand and squeezed it gently in her’s.

“They’re just too cute,” Michiru murmured, also reaching out to take Haruka’s hand in hers, smiling up at her lover.

“It’s the honeymoon phase,” Haruka noted wisely, “it’ll fade in time.”

Ami frowned thoughtfully, “Where are Usagi and Hotaru?”

“They’re in Hotaru’s room,” Michiru informed them cheerfully, “probably hiding out from the annoyed cats.”

Speaking of annoyed cats, the soft sound of paws on carpet signaled the return of Artemis and Luna, both thankfully calmed down after being locked in closet. “I don’t notice the honeymoon ending for you two,” Artemis noted as he curled up on the carpet nearby.

Michiru winked, “We’re the exception that proves the rule.”

Luna rolled her eyes as the black cat muttered under her breath, “If this gets much more sappy I may be sick.”

“Still irritated over being stuck in a closet?” Haruka asked gently.

Luna gave her a look, “Yes, I’m still annoyed. You’d be too, especially considering it was full of smelly cleaning supplies.”

“My nose still hurts,” Artemis sighed.

“We’ll get you a special treat,” Ami offered the two cats with a wry smile.

“Bribery?” Luna looked mock offended at the thought. “All right,” she smiled, “but it had better be a good treat.”

“We always get the good treats,” Michiru said with a barely concealed yawn.

“It’s been a long day,” Haruka admitted as she put her arm around Michiru’s shoulder. They had finished the battle, helped Iron Mouse then headed home to be debriefed by Luna and Artemis. After that they had dinner, and were now relaxing as the evening stretched on.

“And I think we’re going to have more long one’s coming,” Ami admitted quietly, reflecting on the revelations they had experienced today. In one short battle they had discovered their enemy’s identity, learned that at least some of her minions were under mind control, and had successfully freed Iron Mouse.

“True enough,” Setsuna agreed as she also held Ami close.

There was a moment of restful silence as they all relaxed, punctuated by the soft sound of Luna purring when Ami finally reluctantly pulled away. “It’s awfully quiet up the hall,” she frowned slightly.

“Let’s take a look,” Setsuna offered.

Both women got up and went down the hall to Hotaru’s room, carefully opening the door to peek inside. Hotaru and Usagi lay on the little bed together, the taller black haired girl cradling Usagi in her arms protectively.

“Aww,” Ami smiled slightly, closing the door nearly silently.

“Best let them sleep,” Setsuna agreed softly as they walked into the living room

Out on the couch Haruka lay back with her eyes closed, Michiru curled up beside her. Her eyes opened to twinkle tiredly, “How are the kids?”

“Out cold,” Setsuna answered softly.

Michiru stretched a little on the couch beside Haruka, “I am not asleep, though I’m getting there.”

“I think we‘d better pack it in,” Ami admitted wryly, knowing her own energy level was getting pretty low.

“Good night, you two,” Haruka agreed as she got up, gently tugging Michiru to her feet beside her.

Setsuna hesitated as the two women walked by. Looking over at Ami she asked, “Do you want to use the couch or...?”

Ami smiled up at her, looking a little shy. “I don’t suppose your futon could fit two?” she asked.

Setsuna blushed slightly, “I think we can squeeze in.”

The two women went to the bedroom that Setsuna used, the smaller room slowly becoming more familiar to Ami every time she visited. Shyly she turned from Setsuna as she shrugged her jacket off, watching her from the corner of her eye. Setsuna had a physical beauty that Ami found herself mildly envious of, with full, round breasts and curvy hips....

Setsuna felt Ami’s eyes on her and felt herself slow a bit, taking her time drawing up her dress and pausing as she looked through her closet for her pajamas. She liked the idea of Ami watching her with such desire, even though she felt that Ami was more attractive in a lot of ways. Her slim, almost handsome looks made Setsuna’s heart skip a beat, and she was almost feverish imagining Ami’s hands on her body.

Ami reached out as Setsuna was going to put on her pajamas, resting a hand on her bare arm. “Setsuna,” she said quietly, “you don’t need that.”

“Ami?” Setsuna looked at her questioningly.

Closing the distance between them Ami pressed herself against Setsuna as she brought their lips together in a lingering kiss. Gently Ami eased a arm around Setsuna’s waist and pulled her close, the sweet pressure between their bodies leaving both of them breathless.

Ami smiled up at her slightly as she said, “No, I’m not rushing into this and I don’t need more time to think about it.”

Setsuna actually chuckled as Ami had anticipated both her first responces. “I was worried about pushing you,” Setsuna admitted as she held Ami close.

Ami caressed Setsuna’s cheek lingeringly, “I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I was scared to push you.”

Both women exchanged grins at their own misplaced nobility then Setsuna gestured towards the futon. “You know,” she said with a teasing smile, “this would be a lot more comfortable lying down.”

“Considering how weak you make my knees, that sounds like a wonderful idea,” Ami agreed as they both lay down on top of the futon, gazing at each other nervously.

They kissed again, lingeringly, then Ami let herself touch Setsuna like she had wanted to for so long. She took Setsuna’s warm breasts in her hands as the older woman cooed in pleasure, gently squeezing before bringing her mouth to a pointed nipple.

Setsuna choked down a gasp as Ami licked and kissed her fevered flesh, shocked at how wet she was becoming. While Setsuna wasn’t all that experienced she thought she knew about sex, but this was a whole different thing. Her excitement was so much more than she had ever known, and the sensations were nearly overwhelming her.

“Ami,” Setsuna gasped as the younger woman kissed her way down Setsuna’s slightly rounded belly, “let me....”

“No,” Ami smiled as she licked teasingly, “I’ve thought of doing this for awhile now....”


Haruka blinked as she and Michiru lay relaxing up the hall. “I never expected Setsuna to be so loud,” she noted mildly.
“She has a lot of time to make up for,” Michiru chuckled. “Thank goodness Hotaru and Usagi are heavy sleepers.”

“Yeah,” Haruka smirked, “or we’re going to have to give the birds and the bees talk earlier than planned.”

To be continued!