Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Tales of Minako and Hotaru ❯ Venus Needs Women! ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Now," Princess Minako gestured dramatically, her golden cape swirling around the blonde's slim body, "it's time to conquer this planet...." There was a long moment's pause, and everyone on the bridge waited for it.
"Earth, ma'am," Rei finally prompted her princess and commander with a sigh, her expression one of long suffering patience.
Minako recovered quickly, "Earth, yes!" She looked out the viewscreen, "This planet is rich in resources, and most importantly...."
"....Venus Needs Women!" A Hotaru and Minako adventure.
"This is ridiculous," Hotaru Tomoe blinked, the black haired woman looking at the monitors with a deadpan expression. Dressed in her reservist uniform the Major stood with her unit on a bridge into Tokyo, watching things get progressively crazier.
Descending from space were hundreds of flying saucers, literally. Round disks with blinky lights mounted on the top and bottom they cruised down gracefully towards the surface, casually avoiding aircraft and other obstacles. They swept in to military bases and ray guns blasted out, crippling and destroying weapons and vehicles. Oddly there had been no casualties so far, just damage to the military infrastructure.
Ami Mizuno sat perched in her tank, the blue haired woman tense but ready to act. "And no one's attempted communication with them?" she asked, pushing up her glasses.
"They did," Mamoru Chiba said, the black haired marine holding his gun at the ready, "but there was no reply."
"Who knows if they even speak English?" Haruka Tenoh pointed out dryly, the other marine looking tough and capable. The sandy blonde looked towards Hotaru and asked, "Any word if a saucer is heading here?"
"One's on course for here," Hotaru admitted, "but it could turn."
"Incoming," Usagi Tsukino gulped, the pretty blonde police officer standing nervously nearby. Almost everyone who could fight had been mobilized for the defense of the city, and with so many routes to cover they called in emergency services, too.
The saucer smoothly descended through the clouds, hovering above the ground, then it deployed landing struts. It came to Earth with a soft thud, the hull of the vehicle folding down to become a access ramp of some kind.
"Get a video feed to command," Hotaru ordered crisply, "if they're actually coming out of one of their ships it could be invaluable data."
"Yes, ma'am, I'll..." Ami started only to trail off, blinking in surprise as the Flying Saucer's inhabitants spilled out.
They were all women... if fact, they were gorgeous women of all styles and colors. Dressed in scanty bikini's and bottoms, boots and gloves they made more than one man in the formation do a double take, not to mention a few women too.
"There is a god," Haruka whistled softly.
Whack! Michiru Kaoru, army nurse, calmly whacked her lover on the back of the head, then the green haired woman stalked back to her nursing post.
"Eyes front, people," Hotaru commanded, "we don't know what to expect."
"Take your pick, everyone," Minako cheered, "just don't be too greedy!"
"What in the..." Mamoru started before a black haired alien woman slapped him aside with a casual ease.
Rei smiled as she bodily picked up the squealing Usagi. "I think I'll take this one," she purred as she took her struggling captive back to the ship.
"Wait a minute, you," Haruka started before a tall, black haired woman eyed her up and down thoughtfully.
"You look most charming," Setsuna purred, the greenish tint in her hair shining in the sun as she stalked towards Haruka.
"Don't you even think about it," Michiru quickly popped up to protest, grabbing hold of Haruka's arm possessively.
Ignoring that comment, Setsuna grabbed them both. "I don't think that Mina will mind if I take two," she chuckled, carrying them off.
"Oh boy," Ami squeaked out as she tried to close the hatch of her tank, tugging hard only to realize that it was stuck. She looked up only to gulp, meeting the beautiful green eyes of a brown haired amazon who held the hatch open casually.
Makoto pulled Ami out of the tank with surprising gentleness as she murmured, "I can't believe someone hasn't claimed one as pretty as you."
Ami blushed.
Hotaru managed to get her gun up as the band of alien women swept through her command, bodily taking the girls away. "I wouldn't try that," the blonde woman who seemed to be the leader warned, "I am Princess Minako, a fully trained Venusian warrior."
"You've taken my people," Hotaru kept her gun leveled at her as she ordered coldly, "give them back, now."
Minako raised a eyebrow in surprise at the clear defiance, studying the young woman in military dress who was standing before her. Focusing on the name on her uniform Minako asked, "Tomoe... is that a first or last name?"
"Last," Hotaru said flatly, "my name is Hotaru."
"Hotaru, you have spunk," Minako said as she hefted what looked like a saber, "I like that. I think I'll keep you."
"Like hell," and Hotaru fired.
Minako dodged so fast it was like she disappeared, then she swept forward with her blade. Surprisingly Hotaru parried the attack with the muzzle of her gun, kicking out to drive her backward. Gracefully they fought as they heard explosions off in the distance, probably human defense positions firing old style cannons.
"I suppose you wouldn't surrender?" Minako asked her cheerfully, eyes twinkling as she twirled the chain thoughtfully.
Hotaru felt herself smiling back a little, unable to resist her good naturedness. "Sorry," Hotaru cast her damaged pistol aside and pulled a knife, "can't do that." They came together in a flash of silver, blades ringing, then Hotaru tried a stunt her old drill master had taught her, using the flat of her knife and a twist of her wrist to get Minako's weapon away from her.
Minako looked at her bare hand in shock, "It's not possible...."
Hotaru was about to answer when there was a whistle of noise and a sudden explosion. Something heavy hammered her from behind and Hotaru fell forward, feeling Minako grab her protectively as the world went dark.
Some unknown amount of time passed and Hotaru's sleep was disturbed by quiet voices. "Yes, prime minister," Minako's voice said calmly, "we'll return anyone who wishes to go back, but it appears that quite a few women have chosen to remain."
"Understood," the man answered her grimly, "and I hope there'll be no further misunderstandings between our people."
"My warriors were rather eager looking for their new brides," Minako said a bit apologetically, "farewell, sir."
A moment later a new female voice said, "I've finished the post-regeneration check, ma'am."
"Will she recover?" Minako asked grimly.
"The blow broke her back," the woman's voice answered, "a mild injury by our standards. She should awaken any time, m'lady."
Hotaru opened her eyes a crack, blinking in the light of a finely decorated chamber. "You're awake," Minako said, hurrying to Hotaru's side.
Hotaru sat up with a groan, meeting eyes that positively glowed with concern. "I'm all right," she felt relief, having heard the description of her injuries with a chill in her heart.
"I'm so glad," Minako murmured, holding Hotaru's hands possessively.
"What's going on?" Hotaru asked, faintly surprised at the warmth she felt building within her from her hands.
"The war is over, warrior," Minako said calmly, "in part thanks to you, beautiful one."
"Eh?" Hotaru looked at her in confusion.
"You, a representative of Earth defeated me, a representative of Venus in single combat," Minako explained, "you won the war for your people, and have also won the spoils of war."
"The spoils of war?" Hotaru blinked.
"By the laws of my people," Minako threw her arms around the startled Hotaru, "I am now your bride!"
To be continued...?
Authors notes: I blame this on seeing Mars Attacks and the occasional B-movie, as well as the spoof Amazon Women on the Moon. Oddly, the idea of Minako leading a army of amazons attacking Earth didn't seem like such a stretch. There MAY be a part two, but don't hold your breath.