Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Radiant Sailor Moon ❯ ABUJA, NIGERIA - One Year Ago ( Chapter 4 )

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NOTE: There are NO MAJOR OCs in this work! Any unfamiliar names that you encounter will be a version of a character from the manga/anime.


He walked into the office with a suit bag draped over his shoulder. It was quiet now in the embassy, the normal buzz of activity setting with the sun. His deep brown eyes took in everything around him: the desks, the art on the wall, the great view of Nigeria’s capital district. He wasn’t much for nostalgia, but he knew that the mission that he was accepting was likely to keep him away from home for a long time. He knew that he would miss it.

“One last look?”

The young man wheeled around to see the most tenured employee of the embassy smiling sweetly at him. She had been there long enough to work with both him and his parents. He trusted her like a family member.

He smiled broadly and answered, “Though the eyes may never see again, the heart will forever carry the picture.”

The old woman chuckled. “You sound like your mother! Too smart to ever give a simple answer!” She paused and gazed at him. “But you have your father’s hunger to explore the world. I’m not surprised to see you follow in their footsteps.” She nodded. “They are proud of you. Know that, Son.”

He solemnly nodded back. The couple had served in many different diplomatic offices for the country during their days. They fostered immediate goodwill wherever they ended up. Those who met them raved about their personalities: his mother, the quick and clever wordsmith who never met an argument that she didn’t like; his father, the man who would scale a mountain just because it was there, then pick wildflowers on his descent simply to ignite the smile of his lady love.

The cause of the plane crash was never determined, nor the wreckage found. He was only four when they were taken. They now only felt like stories and legends to him. After 20 years, the sense of loss had yet to abate.

The woman could tell where his mind had gone. She changed the subject. “How are you sleeping lately?”

“Better,” he lied, “thanks for asking.” While she was close to him, he still didn’t trust her to understand that his year-long bout with insomnia had less to do with sleep apnea than it did with vivid dreams. They started with a sparkling castle and a mysterious figure beseeching him to search. The voice was pensive and hopeful, pleading for his success. Around six months later, the mysterious, bright atmosphere was joined by a darker, more sinister version. This commanding, demanding voice brought tinges of strife and war to its mandate. He knew immediately that the visions were related, because they both wanted him to find the same thing:

Imperium: the legendary silver crystal.

He didn’t know what “Imperium” was, he didn’t even know that “silver crystals” existed. However, he could scarcely get four hours of sleep without one, or both, of these visions taking over his subconscious. Sometimes he would wake up feeling warm and protected. Other times, it was a startling cold sweat. Either way, the young man was ready to solve this mystery.

A beautiful language from the other room caught his attention. He peered at the cracked door. “Is Chiba-san in there right now?”

“He is,” she answered. “You should definitely speak to him before you leave. I’m sure that he’ll have some valuable information for you.” The young man moved towards the door but took a quick detour to give one last hug to the old woman. “Safe travels, Olugbeja”, she urged.

As the young man entered the room, a middle-aged man, tall, thin, and wearing white-rimmed glasses, was speaking on the phone. While continuing his conversation, he smiled and bowed slightly to acknowledge the young man’s presence. Olugbeja bowed back and waited patiently. His mind wandered back to his visions. He could see the castle, peaceful people, the figure in the white dress reaching out to him, and he could feel the warm sensation…then the crimson mist, the sword, the flash of sinister eyes, and the feeling of powerlessness.

“Konnichiwa! How are you?” Chiba-san approached the young man and shook his hand, freeing him from his trance.

“I’m ready!” he bellowed. “Can’t wait to get to Tokyo!”

“I know that the ambassador will be happy to have your assistance. Your consulate gets very busy in Japan. But you are very bright! You will do a wonderful job!”

Olugbeja nodded. “Arigato. I’ll be happy to help.”

Chiba-san removed his glasses. “May I ask you why you chose to come to Japan? I know that Qatar, Spain, Canada, and a few others were hoping that you would come to their embassies. Argentina and the Philippines even gave you those very lovely gifts!”

The young man looked wistfully into the distance. “Chiba-san, this will sound a bit cliché, but I truly feel that my destiny will be waiting for me in your country. I can’t explain it fully, but I’m searching for something…and in my deep, lonely thoughts…in my dreams…I’m being called to Japan.” He looked at Chiba-san. “Every time that I think about Japan, I see my goal. I see exactly what I need. My dreams come to life. That cannot be a coincidence. I am confident that once I’m there, I’ll find what I’m searching for.”

Chiba-san smiled. “I’m sure that Japan will help all of your dreams come true! You will enjoy it! We have already secured a wonderful apartment for you. One of the best views in Tokyo! You should be able to call the office from the airport to get all of the details.”

Olugbeja was appreciative. “Thank you, Chiba-san. I would not have this opportunity without your help. I promise you that I will be the best representative to ever come out of Èkó.”

The pair bowed and shook hands before the young man turned to leave. As he opened the door, Chiba-san had one more thing to say: “Aiye-san, all of your other clothes are packed for the move, but I knew that you wouldn’t let that dinner suit out of your sight!”

The young man broke out an appreciative grin. “You know your formalwear!” he stated. “Most people think that it’s a tuxedo!”