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Spam: The Revolution of Two

By Adyen

This is just a spamfic of a fanfic whose link was sent to me through email. If you don't know the fic this came from, consider yourself lucky. If you REALLY want to know where this was based off, email me and I'll send you a link.

PG-13 for slight swearing and you have to be mature enough to not gag on the first few lines.

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"Sailor Moon is actually pretending to be powerful!" Saturn shouted to Mars. "If we combine our powers, we can take her down! Even that time-bitch Pluto!"

"But they could just join powers and defeat us!" Mars meekly pointed out. "You can't expect them to just stand there and let you kill them!"

Saturn snorted. "But our combined TRUE powers are more than enough to defeat ALL of them combined. And if you join me, I'll let you have Usagi as your own personal sex-slave!"

Mars thought for 0.1 seconds before smiling and nodding brightly. "I'm in! Let's go practice our super-nifty powers I've been hiding because of the shame that my Ice powers are stronger than my Fire powers!!"

---- Five Days Later ----

"HIYAAA!!!" Mars yelled as she finally restored the Universe to its original form before Pluto and others messed with it.

"Yes! You did it!" Saturn shouted with glee. "Now Pluto will be powerless!"

"NOOOOO!!!!" Someone shouted and suddenly appeared. "In the name of Pluto, I won't let your evil plot come true!"

"Too bad! You're already too LATE!" Saturn shouted as she gleefully killed Pluto with her new attack before the time senshi could shout "Dead Scream".

---- Two Days Later ----

"Hahahahah! We've destroyed all linked to our former lives and now it's YOUR turn!" Mars yelled to the other gathered senshi.

"Your precious prince won't be here to save you now, Moon!" Saturn smirked as she casually killed Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter.

"Oh please! Let me join you and do your bidding!" Mercury pleaded after she studied the two forms. "I'll do anything!"

"Traitor!" Venus shouted as Mars targeted her with her newest attack.

"Are you scare now, SailorMoon? We're free of you and your sickening `friendship', and soon, you'll be nothing more than a sex-slave for Mars!"

That seemed to startle SailorMoon from her daze. "Oh, you done? I was getting bored and was hoping you killed Venus already."

All the senshi blinked twice at this. "Huh?!" Venus brightly asked before taking a step away from SailorMoon.

"I think she cracked." Mercury said as she `looked' at her ex-leader.

SailorMoon just stretched her arms. "So, you're going to kill her yet? I guess I can drop this pathetic disguise since you're all going to die anyways."

A light shimmered around SailorMoon as she reverted to her `civilian' mode, but something was different.

The lock of black hair streaming from her head was an obvious one. The fact that she is wearing something she wasn't when she first transformed was another one. She is currently wearing a leather dress in bright red color: the color of blood. However, while those were the only physical differences about her, everyone can tell someone was *wrong*.

She smiled cutely at the still gasping Venus before raising a palm and shot black lightning at her, completely incinerating her until only ashes remained. She then turned to the completely incredulous trio and said, in her cutest voice, "Too bad I want to rule the entire universe, or else I'd let you join."

Faster than any of them could blink, Usagi's hands stabbed into Mercury's chest and yanked her still beating heart out. While the two remaining senshi still staring at her, she took a bite out of it and said, "Hmm… No taste. Too much like water." Before continuing to eat it like an apple.

"Who… What *are* you?" Saturn asked in awe. She wished *she* could do that kind of completely evil stuff with the flair Usagi has.

"Huh?" Usagi said, looking up and finishing the heart. She wiped her hands on her tunic, and would have created a red palm print if the blood didn't fade completely into the red her clothing was made from. "Oh, I'm Evil, one of the incarnations that created your previous Universe. But I've only recently taken that mantle from the previous holder and stole all their powers. Imagine: Nobody realized I was absorbing all the powers of all the enemies we've fought! Now that Time, which was Pluto by the way, is killed thanks to you two, I can finally take over the entire Universe, as there's no way any other incarnations can stop me!"

She looked at the pair of remaining senshi. "Don't worry. I'll just kill you two, twist your souls to my mercy, and recreate you two in new bodies. Of course, all your duties will be doubled to include being my sex-slaves, but I'm sure you'll manage."

As Mars and Saturn were blasted out of existence, the last thing they here from Usagi, or rather, the new Evil was. "You didn't think something as twisted and evil as Chibi-Usa could have been created by something *GOOD*, did you?"