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Forever, more than anyone, I want to be with you

Below this spacious sky above, you who I met by chance*









It had been several weeks since Serenity moved into the city. She was very happy with her students. Oh, there were a few girls who resented her because of her relationship with Richard, but that was to be expected since he was quite popular and handsome.


With Richard's help, Serenity learned that vampires, shapeshifters, and other supernatural creatures were considered legal citizens and that raising zombies was a profitable business. She discovered where the tourist hotspots were and what kind of entertainment they provided. (She hadn't really gone inside the disreputable establishments. Richard was a gentleman, after all, and wished to spare her the horrors/perversions as much as possible.) When she told her feline guardians about her findings, they were absolutely shocked and livid. Luna, fearing Serenity would become corrupted, actually forbade her mistress to go back! Serenity didn't blame her.


Despite her being Sailor Cosmos, the Queen of Stars, she was only twenty-three years old and still quite innocent in the ways of men. It was mostly because she hadn't had direct contact with them for seven years. Kakyuu and the Starlights didn't feel it was right to leave Serenity so soon after she lost her Senshi so they convinced her to go with them to Kinmoku and help rebuild it. Afterwards, Galaxia, feeling guilty for her role in the Sailor Wars, asked Serenity to accompany her in her quest to return the starseeds they were able to salvage.


When Serenity felt the disturbance on Earth even in the far reaches of space, she decided it was time to go back. She had gone to the Moon first. It was her home, after all. She had visited the Crystal Tower of Prayer. Only she and her Mother, the late Queen Selenity, were allowed entrance there, but there was one time Luna ignored protocols and entered it. (Luna didn't do it out of malice. She did it so that she might pray fervently for her Princess's swift victory over Metallia. Needless to say, the Goddess heard her prayers.)


After she paid her respects, she had partially flown back to Earth. She had landed in that woody area where she was then confronted by a large, snarling beast. Fortunately, Richard was there to save her. (She didn't really need saving. She could have blasted that thing to kingdom come without breaking a sweat. It was a good thing she exercised restraint though. She didn't want to alert anyone else to her presence yet.)


It was pure happenstance that she met him again at the school the following day. She had just used the Mind Meld on the principal and on the music teacher so that they would hire her. (She got the idea from Luna, Chibiusa, and Chibichibi. Once upon a time, they used the same technique on her parents and younger brother.) Mrs. Johnson volunteered Richard to be her guide and, well...


Serenity later found out that Richard was a shapeshifter and that he was leader of the local werewolf pack. It was his closely guarded secret. Although lycanthropy was considered a disease and it was illegal to discriminate those who were afflicted with it, he didn't want anyone looking at and treating him differently. Richard confided in her though. He was attacked by a wolf and survived, after all! And anyway, he thought she was a fellow shapeshifter, a fairy, or some other magical being.


She wanted to tell him a little bit more about herself, but he said it wasn't safe yet. He mentioned being linked to someone


She was saved from further musing when she heard someone knocking on her apartment door. She moved away from the big window, her peep toe pumps making click clacking noises as she crossed the foyer, and opened the door. It was Richard and he looked absolutely gorgeous in his tailored dark grey suit. He smiled at her and shyly handed her the bouquet of white roses. She graciously accepted it and invited him in.


"I'd ask you to have a seat in the living room, but I'm afraid I don't have a couch." Serenity looked mildly embarrassed. "Actually, that's not all I don't have."


Richard thought she was only kidding, but quickly realized just how spartan her apartment really was. He could see the sheet music holder near the window and the four poster, queen-sized bed -- it looked inviting to him, by the way -- and a small table filled with framed pictures in the corner. "I don't understand. You've been here for a while."


"I only leased the place for six months. I didn't think it was practical bringing in all the heavy furniture." It was the truth. She didn't plan on staying here. She just wanted to find the source of the disturbance, heal (or destroy) it, and move on.


"What happens when your lease is up?"


"I'd have to move." She must have sensed the unspoken question in the air so she added, "I have to go to wherever Destiny wants me to be." She turned around. "I'll put this in a vase. Would you like some chocolate milk? That's all I have in the fridge."


"No, that's okay." Richard unconsciously placed his right hand on his chest where his heart was. He was really bothered by her confession. He didn't want her to move away, not when he'd come to care for her. He was hoping she'd felt the same way about him.


He followed her into the kitchen and looked at several pictures that decorated her fridge. She looked very happy surrounded by what he presumed to be her family and friends. He stared at a picture of a smiling Serenity with a slightly older man and a pink-haired child and he frowned. Who were they to her?


While Richard was distracted, Serenity reached into her subspace pocket, pulled out a vase, and filled it up with water.


"That's my former fiancee and my little cousin."


He looked at her. "Former fiancee? What happened, if you don't mind me asking?"


She turned off the faucet, arranged the flowers, and when she was done, she placed the vase on the counter. "He passed away seven years ago."


Richard slowly let out the breath he was holding. He felt foolish now. For a moment there, he was jealous, afraid even, that the man in the picture could still be in Serenity's life. "You got engaged when you were sixteen?"


"He was my Prince Charming. I thought we were destined to be together forever." Her eyes were a little bit misty.


Neither spoke for a while and then Richard cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up sad memories."


Serenity smiled. "That's alright." She ran a hand down her strapless lace and tulle cocktail dress that fit her perfectly. Her silky hair was in its usual style. "So what do you have planned for the evening?" She blushed when she caught Richard admiring her.


"It's a surprise. Shall we go?" He offered his hand and he was delighted when she took it.






Richard took her to a concerto and she was pleased. He remembered her saying she hadn't been to one in ages. Afterwards, he brought her to a fancy restaurant. They were just about to sit down when a couple approached them. They were none other than Jean Claude and Anita. Richard hadn't had contact with them since their showdown with half of the Vampire Council. Needless to say, it was an awkward reunion. Serenity noticed the usually mild-mannered Richard clench his fist and she became concerned.


Jean Claude noticed it too, but wisely did not say anything. Instead, he turned to Serenity, offered his hand, and introduced himself, "Mademoiselle, I am Jean Claude, the Master Vampire of this city. This is my companion, Anita Blake."


Serenity offered her hand as well and he kissed it. "My name is Serenity Moon. How are you?"


"I am well, thank you for asking." He stared into her blue eyes and, upon realizing she was not succumbing to his charms, he said, "You are neither human nor a shapeshifter. What are you?"


Richard was about to tell him to back off, but Serenity only raised an eyebrow. "Monsieur Jean Claude, we've just met. Surely you don't expect me to reveal my secrets right away?” There was amusement in her voice.


Jean Claude conceded, "Do forgive me." He straightened himself and said, "I shall leave you to your meal." He turned to Anita who was carefully studying Serenity. "Ma petite, come along."


Anita was about to say he shouldn't presume to order her around, but she realized everyone in the restaurant was avidly watching them. She and Jean Claude were practically celebrities and she didn't want to be a tabloid fodder again. She nodded at Richard and Serenity and let Jean Claude lead her away.






As soon as the garçon left, Anita whispered, "It was her who unleashed that power, wasn't she? I tried to read her. She seemed wholesome and old." One of Anita's gifts was figuring out how old creatures were. For example, she could look at a vampire and find out exactly how long he or she had been one. When she saw the puzzled expression on Jean Claude's beautiful face, she added, "I mean, her soul seemed at least a thousand years old. It baffles me."


Jean Claude agreed. He and Anita were making love when they felt the most wonderful energy awash them through their psychic link with Richard. It was no wonder then that Jean Claude had his subordinates do some investigating afterwards. He'd learned that Richard had become awfully close to a lovely music teacher. They couldn't find any useful information on the teacher though except where she lived and where she ate (she frequently dined at the cafe beside her apartment building).


He didn't feel threatened by Serenity. If anything, he was intrigued. If she were really powerful, he would have to befriend her. He needed allies in case his fellow Master Vampires or worse, the Vampire Council, decided to mess with him again.


Anita caught him lost in thoughts so he teased her. "Now that Richard is with someone else, are you jealous?"


She carefully considered his question. “To be honest, I am a bit jealous. He's been after me for so long." She sighed as she watched Richard interact with Serenity from afar. "But he looks happy now. If she ever hurts him, I'm gonna have to cut a bitch."


Jean-Claude laughed, a rich laugh that startled Anita from her dark thoughts. He reached out to tuck a stray curly lock of hair behind her ear and she coloured. "You continue to surprise me." He rubbed his hands together when he spotted the garçon carrying a silver tray laden with scrumptious food. He couldn't eat them, but through his bond with Anita, he could taste them. "Now here comes the first course. Bon appetit!"






After their enjoyable meal, Richard and Serenity decided to take a stroll in the park. It was usually alive at night with tourists and thrill-seekers, but tonight it was quite dead. They were holding hands and laughing at something one of them said when an untransformed Sylvie, Richard's second-in-command, and several members of their pack surrounded them. Jamil, a big hulking man-beast, was with them, but wisely chose to stay in the sidelines.


"Explain yourself, Sylvie!"


Sylvie narrowed her eyes at the way he held his new girlfriend closer to him. Richard was their leader, but there was no way he could fend all of them as well as protect her. "You've been hanging out with her for quite some time now. Is she going to be our new Lupa? If she is, she'd better prove herself worthy or she's dead meat."


Richard eyes glowed, a clear indication his beast was enraged, but he held himself in check. Serenity hadn't seen him shapeshift yet. He knew that if their relationship was to develop further, he'd have to show her his other self. But not yet. He wasn't ready. He feared she'd reject him too. "You're forgetting your place, Sylvie."


"Oh, I'm not, but you seem to be forgetting yours. You are our Ulfric. That human has to prove she's worthy if she wants to keep associating with you."


Richard turned to Jamil and said, "You didn't tell her."


Jamil shook his head. He could've told Sylvie about how this seemingly frail girl-woman bested him, but he knew she'd want to see it with her own eyes. She was an alpha female. She'd been restless and itching for a fight lately. Besides, she had a devious plan. It was humiliating to have Anita, a human, as their Lupa. If Richard's new girlfriend was serious about him, Sylvie wanted to make sure she became one of them.


Serenity remained silent. She understood there was politics at play here. She sighed. How did she keep getting into a mess like this? She touched Richard's shoulder and said, "That's alright. If she wants a beating badly, I'll give it to her."


The pack mates scoffed at her. This puny, weaponless, human beating their Alpha? Preposterous!


Sylvie merely bared her fangs. She had no intention of maiming this beautiful woman much. Once the latter became a werewolf, however, there'd be no holds barred. They could heal very fast, after all. She was on the verge of shapeshifting when someone interrupted. It was a very pissed off Anita.


"What the hell is going on here?" Anita looked back and forth between Sylvie and Serenity, but the nine millimeter Browning in her hand was trained at the shapeshifter. Jean Claude stood beside her, looking fascinated. He was finally going to witness just what Serenity was capable of.


Sylvie explained matter-of-factly, "This doesn't concern you, Anita. You won't be our Lupa much longer." She turned her attention back to her prey and was impressed. The younger girl didn't seem scared at all. (Either that or she hid her fear very well.)


The area of the park they were in was not well-lit and was quite isolated -- two qualities that some brave tourists and thrill-seekers often took advantage of -- so when a lone cloud covered the waxing gibbous moon above, it was plunged in darkness. When the cloud drifted away, the shapeshifters were surprised to see Serenity wearing a different (not to mention skimpy) outfit and sporting angel wings. She looked magnificent.


Sylvie eyed her up and down and whistled. (The men surrounding them did the same. Some of them even howled.) She appreciated beautiful exotic women, after all. "So you're not human. I'm not sure having a bird Lupa is better than a human Lupa though. At least that one," she pointed at Anita, "can fight. The question is, can you?" By this time, Sylvie was mostly shapeshifted. Her body had become elongated and was now covered in fur, but she still stood on two legs. Her muscles were taut. She was ready to attack.


Serenity, or rather Cosmos, snapped her fingers, and electricity crackled in her hand. The electricity grew bigger and bigger until it resembled the shape of a dragon that was nearly as tall as her. It stood protectively in front of her, letting out a mighty roar at anyone who dared to move closer. She petted it and it practically purred.


Sylvie had a mission. She just needed to scratch her opponent. Just one scratch. She didn't think the dragon had fast reflexes so she sprung, one clawed hand extended. Unfortunately, she thought wrong. The dragon intercepted her and she found herself trapped within it. She shrieked and flailed her limbs helplessly as electricity coursed through her body.


Serenity didn't want to kill Sylvie, just give her a lesson. She ordered her dragon to let go and it did so without question. It sauntered back to her and curled around her as if it were a cat.


Sylvie lay immobile on the ground, her breathing laboured. The smell of burnt hair was sickening.


Richard glanced at his tensed pack mates and he knew a bloodbath was imminent. He knew Serenity was powerful and could defend herself against a werewolf, but a pack? He didn't want anyone else to get hurt. "Stand down, everyone!" He was, or at least his arms were, partially shifted. He was having trouble containing his beast.


At long last, Sylvie shifted. She crawled toward Serenity, but maintained her distance. (The dragon at Serenity's feet cocked its head back, suddenly alert.) She croaked, "I yield. I yield."


The other werewolves followed her lead. They prostrated themselves before Serenity who looked quite perplexed at the turn of events.


Jamil decided to join them. He looked up at Richard and voiced what his fellow werewolves were thinking, "We cannot have two Lupa, Ulfric."


Richard looked at Serenity and then at Anita who only groaned.


"Oh, hell no." Anita looked incredulous. "You don't actually think I'd fight her for the position, do you?"


Jamil sneered. "Why not? Are you scared?"


"Of course not. This won't be the first time I've dealt with a shapeshifting witch," she explained. "Besides, I don't have a quarrel with her. If she and Richard really want her to be the Lupa, I don't have a problem giving up the title."


Cosmos just raised an eyebrow. A shapeshifting witch? Her? She could've corrected the other woman, but she wanted to keep a low profile. Instead, she said, "I don't really know what's happening here, but I will not fight unless I have to." She meant what she said. It was bad enough she'd unleashed her powers twice, but to fight a mortal?


Richard was nervous, but kept this fact well-hidden. (Most werecreatures could smell strong emotions such as nervousness and fear, after all.) He hadn't really explained to Serenity -- he didn't know that in that form, she was called Sailor Cosmos -- what being with him entailed. He'd have to do that when they were alone. Right now, he'd have to appease his pack. "Sylvie is right. Anita won't be your Lupa for much longer."


Anita was slightly hurt at his declaration. From what she had witnessed, she knew Richard was serious about the mysterious girl, but to hear him confirm it... It meant he had finally given up on her. She cleared her throat. "Look, I have a zombie to raise tonight. I would appreciate it if you guys don't cause any more mayhem. I would hate to waste silver bullets on you. They're not exactly cheap." She took Jean Claude's hand, "We're leaving."


A few of the pack members curled their lips at her arrogance, but let them go.






* from the song, Moonlight Destiny


So Cosmos/Serenity didn't fight with Anita. Bummer. Anyway, I've already thought about how Richard will confess to Serenity I'm excited.