Saiunkoku Monogatari Fan Fiction ❯ With Great Power... ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Tell her that I don't have to eat my vegetables!"

The child's voice resonated oddly.

"Shunki doesn't have to eat her vegetables."

His voice was mild mannered and monotoned.

"Give me another slice of cake!"

"Here you go."

"Here you go."

"Here you go."

"Here you go."

"Here you go."

"Here you go."

A clamour of voices that drifted through the thin walls to the garden outside said the same thing. The young boy resting against a nearby tree snorted in disbelief. If he acted like that, he'd get a beating. What made this little princess so special? The girl must be spoiled rotten.

His siblings drifted through the grass, laughing, playing, falling over and wailing. He sighed and pushed away from the rough bark, ministering to the children's scraped knees and bruised hands. Once again he wondered if any of the babies could possibly be related to him. He hadn't cried when he'd really hurt himself only a year ago in a three foot fall from a tree and his knee had bled for at least an hour.

Looking up when a new wail graced the air, he realised that someone else's offspring had been dumped with his family, yet again. He would have moaned about it, but he was bossy enough to be in charge of ten times as many children and still be okay.

After a scuffle between two muddy boys over who was really King of the Castle had been broken up, he noticed another new addition. Gooey cream had been mashed into her pretty silk dress and she was eating from two different slices of the same cake, while refusing to share with the eager circle gathering around her.

The boy got on with ignoring her. For some reason this involved glancing at her a lot, just to reconfirm how spoiled she was. Within moments, his blood boiled.

He strode over to her little group, shouting as he went.

She ignored him, far more effectively than he had managed to ignore her, instead playing with a delicate little doll. She fed her toy a piece of the cake, ignoring the crumbs that dropped on its clothes.

As soon as he reached her, he plucked the doll from her hands and gave it to a different child. "That's Shouri's doll, not yours!"

Shouri looked at him, a little dazed.

The princess immediately barked, "Shouri, give me the doll!" and the child handed it over, straight away.

Again the boy returned the doll to its owner. "It's not yours. Stop taking things that aren't yours."

She glared at him, reaching past him to grab the doll from Shouri.

He pushed her and she fell backwards, the cake falling onto the ground.

She exploded. "Bossy boy. Get lost!"

Her grandmother was called as soon as her mother realised what had happened. Eiki sealed her powers, but they never found the boy.