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Authors Note:
This was going to be one thing and now I've decided it will be the opening chapter to yet another Saiyuki story.

My first time writing an Action//Adventure//Mystery.
Random Rant.
My mother still doesn't really like Son Goku. She favs Sanzo and Gojyo. If I remember right she actually said Goku was annoying. I'm a Goku fan. In any shape or form he's always going to be my fav Saiyuki character. *Shakes head*.
That something pointless I wanted to get off my chest so end Random Rant.

Onto the important stuff.:).
Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki. Kazuya Minekura does.

Warnings: No shounen-ai or pairings.
Only one Oc. May not even appear. I've decided to give Nii a small but possibly important part. Can't spoil too much here.:b.
Possible Out Of Character Ness. For anything else. I'm guessing you've seen Saiyuki. If not then what are you doing in the Saiyuki section reading this? I'm kidding.
Spread the Saiyuki love.:D. This includes all forms of
Son Goku.==^-^==.

Well If I can think of anything else I'll add it later.:D.
Hope you enjoy. And so we're clear, This is my first time writing an Action/Adventure/Mystery.

Ah the Summary:
When they're passing through a cavern the boys get separated from one another due to a demon attack. But when the three find each other again then find Goku, Something seems to have happened to the normally cheerful boy.
Not responding to anything the three are at a bit of a loss at what happened in the time they were split up.
What could have happened? Will they find out? Tune in and find out. (Couldn't resist.:P. And I'm writing a serious fic. Well I'm also working on the chapter to Battle of a new kind.(Temporary Title)...That and the second chapter for Revenge of a God will be posted at the same time just about. RoaG's chapter is already done.) Onto the fic!

P.S. No character death or what you might be thinking.
The teen rating is for the language and violence.:p.

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Goku really wished that they could be out of the cavern sooner.
Hakkai mentioned a couple of minutes ago that if they were able to go uninterrupted they should be out within a couple of hours.

It wasn't exactly a secret that he practically hated caves.
He had been a little bit on edge since they had to enter to go through to the other side.
It was the only way to get by. And the sudden quite and lack of the words 'I'm hungry' and such did not go by unnoticed by the other three but on that matter they were quite themselves.

Gojyo was actually starting to get annoyed by the abnormal display of silence by the monkey.
He walked over to him and lightly slapped him on the back but was surprised by the punch that almost hit him had he not dodged.

This seemed to even surprise Goku himself since he looked at his own fist slightly wide eyed then looked to the ground almost what could be described as downcast.

"Hey watch where your swinging man."
Gojyo figured that that should get some rise from the kid who had been fairly quite since they entered the place.

Goku then turned and continued walking. Sanzo and Hakkai who had been a few feet ahead witnessed the exchange.
Even Hakuryu gave a light squeal and had tilted his head.
A few minutes later they came into a room that had three cavern doors.
Hakkai who was using a chi ball as their light checked his map of the cavern.
"This room isn't on the map."
He gave a light frown.

Sanzo narrowed his eyes.
"Possibly a trap then."

"You might wanna change that."
Gojyo pointed to the third door where footsteps could be heard.

It was only a couple of seconds later that a small swarm of demons entered from the door on the far left.

"Sanzo party. We have you trapped, now hand over the scripture and you might live. For even if you somehow manage to defeat us. There are still some others ready to spring the trap you see above you."

Above was a thick net filled withs some rocks and boulders ready to be released.
Goku apparently didn't seem to care about that since before anything could be said after the demon finished his too long sentence he started to pick the demons off at a fast pace.

"Damn. I think you might have been right Hakkai. Eventually he'll do all the fighting instead."
Gojyo, Sanzo and Hakkai could only watch.

Sanzo tensed for a very brief moment after he said that.
And Goku went to kill the leader that addressed them just moments earlier.
"Bastard! You will pay!"

Right before he died he managed to hit a button of sorts on the cavern wall behind him. Then a rumbling could be heard.
"Dammit run!"
Sanzo shouted and they took off for the cavern doors closest to them to get away from being crushed.

Gojyo and Sanzo ran to the one on the far right, Hakkai with Hakuryu still on his shoulder ran to the middle and Goku the one on the left.
Within less than a few seconds the cavern doors were sealed away from each other.

Authors Note:
This was going to be longer but there seemed good enough to end this chapter. Is it me or is something off here?

Hope you enjoy. P.S. You get a cookie if you can name the scene I got the lines from and Sanzo's little reaction.
Anything you can name relating to it earns you a cookie.:D.
Flavor is randomly chosen.:b.
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