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"What the hell did you say?"
Sanzo's eyes narrowed at Goku who was still in the same state as before. He had heard that name before.

Gojyo and Hakkai had finished and came over.
Hakkai saw the look on Sanzo's face."Is something wrong?"

"I don't know."
"Doctor. Where were you earlier?"
Huang adjusted her glasses as she eyed the doctor who had stopped typing for a moment. She had a clipboard in one hand.

"Whatever do you mean? I was only taking a walk."
He leaned back in the chair.

"Don't give me that. I recently found out that Lirin had reported her flying dragon missing the same time you were gone. Explain that doctor."

"Like I said, I was only out for a walk. The fresh air is quite good for you. You might try it sometime."

"You and your secret agenda's."

"Who said anything about an agenda?"
He tilted his head to the side to see her.

She crossed her arms and left frustrated not feeling like getting into an argument with the man.
After she left he pulled a CD out of his lab jacket pocket.
"Just a nature walk after all."

Up in Heaven Jiroushin had just rushed back with news from some of the other gods on the council.

"Milady I have urgent news!"

"It's alright Jiroushin. I already know."
She stood.

"Then the council wishes to see you then."

"Their just going to suggest things that no one in Heaven can currently do anything about anyway."
She glanced into the lily pond where she had seen a few of the recent events unfold.
"It was going to happen sooner or later. Let's get going."
< br> When she arrived the gods were murmuring back and forth.
'As I expected.'.
She cleared her throat and managed to get their attention.

"Merciful Goddess, Are you aware of the situation at hand?"
The man sounded like he had seen a ghost.

"Of course."
She crossed her arms.

"How can you be so calm. Something has broken the seal!"

"You know as well as I do that this was going to happen sooner or later."
She could give a little credit to some of the others in the room who weren't apparently losing it.

"But what do we do about this? What if the creature comes
to kill us?!"

"Do? Nothing that's what. You know the rules."
Her tone while serious seemed to hold a bit of a warning.

"But Merciful Goddess should this not count as an exception for divine interference?"

"And what exactly would you do? If anytime comes for it, I will step in. Got it?"

The man shook his head.

"You might as well call this meeting adjourned."
She turned to leave so she could continue keeping an eye on the recent developments.
'At least things are a bit more interesting at the moment.'

It had been barely ten minutes since he said that, Sanzo wasn't sure to call that an improvement or not.
At the moment Gojyo was leaning against a tree not far away from the monkey and Hakkai and Sanzo were near Jeep.

"Hey Sanzo?"
Hakkai looked over at him.

"What is it?"
He reached into his pack for a smoke.
"Do you think it's possible that something back in that cavern could have triggered something in Goku's memory?"

"It's possible he could be getting his memories back. Who's to say if that's a good thing though."
He blew out a little smoke from the cigarette and looked up at the sky.

"But Isn't that better than not knowing?"

"Depends. He couldn't remember anything before the cave aside his name when I found him. And odds are if I hadn't heard him calling he would still be in that place."

"And to warrant such a punishment. This may not end up well either way."
Hakkai sighed looked down to the ground.

"All we can do at the moment is wait and see."
Sanzo threw the butt of the cig onto the ground.
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