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Authors Note:
My first posted thing of the new year.^_^,
I got the idea for this and wanted to write it the other day but stuff came up and I left.

Time line: Gaiden
Not to long before Goku gets his name in episode 40.

Genre: Hoping for humor and or general.(Thinks of Kenren.)
Any who...This has spoilers for him getting his name.

Oh and if you have seen Boomerang along then that's the description and parody for the first chapter.
If not, go see it and replace those 4 with images of
the Saiyuki boys.
And if your like me in a small way you shall continue to
laugh your but off at it.......onto the drabble.
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Happy New Year People!

To say that Konzen was mad would be an understatement.
That morning at some point his 'pet' or more commonly called the monkey had messed up some more of his documents.

The monkey seemed to have a knack for origami on
the wrong paper.
It was already bad enough he had to go see his aunt or as he preferred, 'The old hag' earlier that morning.
That thought left him to remember their little meeting earlier.

"Alright I'm here. What do you want? I need to track someone down and wring their neck."

"Hello dear nephew. I just wanted to see how you and your pet are doing."
She smiled casually.

"When I find him I am going to kill him. He made airplanes out of some of my work!."

"What you mean those pieces of paper you never read."

"Why not assign the monkey to someone else."
He crossed his arms in annoyance knowing she was right.

"Like I said the first time. It is the Merciful Goddesses mandate. But I want to know, have you even named him yet.?"

"Hell no. It's already bad enough you assigned him to me and if I name him that does not help me get rid of him."

"Kind of like a pet. You already feed him and he lives with you so what could it hurt. Besides, I think he'll be with you
for awhile yet."
She gave an amused smile and uncrossed her right leg and switched to the left.

The rest of that had him leaving cursing and her acting all knowing. Damn hag.
But he knew at some point the kid would require a name.

Being born how he was from a great rock that meant even though he had something like a birth or a hatching he technically lacked physical parents or family.
And generally a parent or a guardian gives a name.
He decided to wait until the monkey got back instead of searching everywhere.
He was usually home by sunset anyway.
On his way back he cursed the goddess for putting
him in the situation. He had thinking to do.

He was in his room when he heard him come in.
"Konzen, Konzen I'm back.!"

He ran into his room and was as bouncy as ever.
"Hey Konzen guess what!?"

"Your just going to tell me anyway so just say it."

"Alright. I made a new friend today. Another kid about my age."

'The only other kid about his age....could it be, Nataku.'

"Hey Konzen."

"What now?"

"Could you um maybe gave me a name?"

"What brought this up all of a sudden?"
'Curse that old hag for knowing these things.'

"Well because next time I see him I wanna tell him my name.
No matter what!"
He looked quite serious.

"I'll get around to it."
He turned o his side with his back facing the kid.

"Name me now!"
The boy huffed and then threw a pillow at the back of
Konzen's head.

He turned around.
"Damn you! Do you want to die!"

The boy had his back facing him and looked sad.
He laid back down on his side.


"Goku, your names Goku."

"Goku huh, It's got a nice ring to it."
He jumped on the bed.
"Whats it mean huh? whats it mean?"
He lightly shook him a little.

"Will you stop pestering me! And I also remember a certain monkey that made airplanes from my paperwork this morning."

Goku stopped.
"That reminds me! I'll be right back!"
He jumped down and ran out of the room.

"Now where's he going?"
Konzen left to see where he went.

"I picked these for you earlier cuz I kinda of didn't know until too late that it was your work stuff. Sorry."
He gave him a face that meant it, which included the
big golden eyes.

He handed Konzen a glass of flowers that had already been set in water like a few more he recently had adorning his home ever since Goku had come live with him.

Speaking of which he had ran off yet again and somehow him and curse the puppy face he used had somehow managed to
tone down his anger.
He sat the glass on the nearby table and went to check his office first and he found him there drawing and much to his relief on blank paper.

He came in and whacked him on the head with a warning not to do that again.
Goku rubbed his head and looked right at him.
"Hey Konzen."

"What now?"
He had his hands on his hips and was looking down at Goku.

"Thanks allot."
He gave him one his sweet innocent genuine smiles.

"Your welcome."

And elsewhere a Merciful Goddess gave a knowing smirk.
"Is there anything wrong my lady?"
Jiroushin asked concerned being the worrier he is.

"No Jiroushin. Nothing at all. How about a game?"

"Sure my lady."
And the wheels of fate continued to turn.

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Again Happy New Year!