Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction ❯ Missing Voice. ❯ Losing his voice. ( Chapter 1 )

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Authors Note:
I got the basic idea for this yesterday/last night.
I put together a couple of ideas and voila, this was created.
Well onto what you may need to know.

Oc's. Just one or two.
Probably just one, The plot would not be possible without him.

Pairings, Not really.
Possible Out-Of-Character-ness.

Basic Summary:
While staying the night at an inn along the way
a massive rain storm seems to have everyone except Goku in a bad mood,
They pretty much all get their own room.
Poor Goku wants to help but one thing leads to another and he gets in
the losing end of a fight with a guy who steals and sells voices to people.

The others get their a little too late and now they have to take a detour to get his voice back before it's too late.

If the Oc looks to much like someone else's, just let me know and I'll make some changes.*Smiles*.

Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki....If I did I would not be saying that I didn't. And there would a few Chibi episodes.
Yes imagine Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai trying to keep up with
Gaiden Goku.

Yes there are fics for that, Hell I'm writing one myself but just imagine it in the form of an actual episode.*Smiles*.

I'm still picking out the Oc's name so you'll see that later.
Warnings: It's Saiyuki, Is this really mandatory?

Onto Chapter 1. Hope you enjoy.^_^.

The clouds were very dark when they arrived at the inn for night.
While they were checking in it started raining hard.
Hakkai and Sanzo took very little time getting to their own rooms
for the night.
Even Gojyo seemed to be in the same mood as the other two,
So Goku looked for something to do in his room.

"It's so boring like this."
He plopped backward on his bed and sighed.

"Maybe I can get one of the others to do something. And get something to eat, Man I'm practically starving."
With that in mind he left his room and went to see Sanzo first.

Meanwhile a guy around six feet or so with long even black hair in a
high ponytail came in. He was careful too make sure the arm bands he had on were secure.

Goku was in front of Sanzo's door and lightly knocked.
About that same moment a roar of thunder could be heard from outside.

"What is it."
Sanzo had an irritated tone to his voice.

Goku slightly cracked the door open and noticed that the room was only dimly lit.
"I..I was wondering if you were hungry or needed something?"

Sanzo didn't even turn to face him and continued staring out the window.
He just wasn't in the mood for this.
"The only thing I need is for nothing to bother me
the rest of the night."

"I'll see you later then."
Goku closed the door and left to see Hakkai next feeling a little hurt
but it wasn't the first time he had seen or heard him act like that.

Hakkai's room was practically beside Sanzo's.
And Gojyo's was across from that and his room was beside Gojyo's.

Like he did a minute ago he lightly knocked.

"What is it?"

Goku was able to crack his door open as well and like Sanzo's it was dim and he noticed Hakuryu asleep on the bed while Hakkai was steadily watching the rain fall.
"I was wondering if you were hungry or needed something?"

Hakkai sighed.
"Later Goku, later."

Goku left quietly leaving Hakkai be and decided to see if Gojyo was busy or something.
He could hear the thunder and lightning going at it outside, It was not going to be letting up anytime soon.

He knocked on Gojyo's door and already had a feeling of the answer he'd get with everyone acting depressed today.

Gojyo had heard him going to Sanzo and Hakkai but like them he was in the mood to be by his-self tonight.
he was running low on cigarette's and wouldn't be able to even go to any bars or anything with this awful weather.
and the one for downstairs wouldn't be open until nine 'o' clock tonight.

"Tch, Later monkey."

Goku sighed and went to the little restaurant area of the inn downstairs, around the stairs he got a bad feeling and he got it again when he saw the man with black hair but shrugged it off and went for some dinner.

The man with said black hair was carefully listening to the different people there.
He noticed something at another table and took a quick glance at it.
'Hm, Gold eyes. A rare trademark indeed.'
He sipped his drink.
'I could make a high profit for the voice of a heretic.'
He smirked.

It wasn't hard to for him to find what he needed to know
about the boy.
He was traveling with three others and that was enough information for him. He was able to follow the boy and find out the room he was staying.

With this fresh information in mind he went to work, Today was a good day for this anyway. He would get more wet than he would have liked but it could be to his advantage.

Goku hadn't been able to shake a feeling that something bad was going to happen, But if he tried to mention it to the others they would probably get mad at him for possibly disturbing them for nothing.

He was just sitting on the bed bored and alone.
It was barely a moment later an envelope slipped under his door.

He proceeded to pick it up and opened the letter holding the white envelope in his other hand.

To Son Goku.
You won't know who I am.
It was more than easy enough for me to
find out who you are though.
If you wish for your friends continued safety you will follow
the instructions I have provided.

I'm sure you and your companions have passed through
the small clearing near the woods not far from this place.
You are to meet me there after reading this.

And of course it's a come alone and tell no one deal.
I'll know if you do and I'm sure you don't wish to risk the
consequences if you do so.

Just so this is clear I'm not after the sutra or anybodies
life here.
I'll tell you more at our meeting.
If you do not show I will proceed to kill your friends.

The decision is yours.

He gripped the paper tightly.
He dropped the letter and the envelope and ran off in the
storm which was still coming down fairly heavy.

Since both Hakkai and Sanzo were looking out the window and from their position they could see Goku running off but barely.

"Couldn't be...."
Was Sanzo's thought.

Was Hakkai's.
At the moment though Gojyo was just coming out of his room.
And noticed the monkey's door open.


It didn't take long for Goku too reach the destination he specified.
"I'm glad you came, Son Goku."

"Yeah, Well what do you want?"
He shielded his eyes from the rain.

"Simple enough."
He smirked with his eyes closed.
"I am a collector of voices you see, And I am now after yours."

"What the hell."

"Well I know it may be hard it understand but I collect and sell voices."

Still shielding his eyes he realized he should have told the others.
but instead he was practically screwed,
Psychos tended to be strong.
"Tch...You can forget getting mine!"

"Ahh we shall see. Battle then."

"Bring it!"
He got into his fighting position and summoned Nyoi-bou.

Gojyo went to the monkey's door and seeing it wide open he looked in but there was nothing there.
He then spotted the letter crumpled on the ground, After reading it he ran to get Sanzo and Hakkai.

He banged on their doors and they stepped out into the hall.
"Guy's we got a problem."

"Let me guess it's the monkey."

"Yeah. Read this, another nutcase."

"Oh dear, I suppose that was Goku running out earlier then."
Hakkai cast a worried glance toward the window. after they finished
reading the letter.

"So you saw it too huh."

"Hey, look at those."
He pointed above the doors to their rooms.

Hakkai went and yanked it down while Gojyo and Sanzo did the same to their doors,
"Damn, bugs."
Sanzo crushed it in his fist.

"That place isn't far from here so let's get going."

"Hold on Sanzo, One of us needs to stay here. We won't need Hakuryu for this but someone else needs to stay and keep guard."

"Fine, You can stay."

"Actually I was going to ask if Gojyo didn't mind."

"Go ahead. And you two better hurry."

They took off.

Meanwhile Goku's fight was not going so well.
And the rain was not helping, Due to the heavy storm it was a little harder to see and hear where the guy was coming from and this caused him to have a dis-advantage.

He was trying see where the guy disappeared too this time only to have him appear right in front of him and the guy sent him backwards with punch to the stomach.
He tried to stand.

"Hm I believe I have weakened you enough."

He was soaked for being in the rain for so long and it was making difficult for him to move.

The black haired man pulled out a small something that was shaped like a mix between a gourd and a bottle, He pulled off the cork and aimed it him. Goku couldn't move or barely breathe and he felt something escape his throat.

A small gold orb came out of his mouth and went straight into the bottle the man was holding.
After it went in he re-corked the bottle.

"Well, I shall tell you this, My name is Rafiel Burnstock. I see your friends have figured this little event out, I have what I need. Good day."

He punched Goku who was still too shocked to notice and before he knew it he had landed up against a tree and hard.

Goku was still in a bit of shock and slumped down and started to punch the muddy ground.
Hakkai and Sanzo found him like this.
Hakkai approached him.
He looked at them and mouthed sorry but no sound came and then proceeded to collapsed.
Hakkai was about to get him but Sanzo picked up the younger one and he and Hakkai hurried to get out of the heavy storm and back to the inn.

Authors Note:
Okay I have thank my mom for the help with getting
Rafiel Pronounced Ra==feel names.

I asked and she suggested looking at the Tv. guide and so after seeing the action/adventure section with no results we were gonna see what Sci-fi might have to offer her suggestion from the start.
But we looked at the fantasy section and my mind was at work trying to get something going for a name and then she flipped past
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Then it clicked, Raphael, I parodied it to Rafiel and when I typed the name the last name came to mind and voila.

By the way my mother has a fic for Charmed/Xena called A day in the life.
Her idea I type it, I'll be working on an update for it soon.
Her writer names: Storm239 and Marlaina9.

Well Later!

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