Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction ❯ Missing Voice. ❯ Finding Out ( Chapter 2 )

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Authors Note:
Since Son Goku is my favorite character most if not all of my Saiyuki fics will have him as a main focus.
I'm finishing up a few little things here and there but not too far off I may have quite a few Goku fics.:D.

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As soon as they arrived back at the inn Hakkai went to work on Goku
while Gojyo and Sanzo were in Gojyo's room.

"What the hell happened?"

Sanzo lit a cigarette.
"That's what I'd like to know."

"Can you spare any details"
He had a hint of sarcasm to it.

"When we got there it was already over and he passed out on us."

"Man that kid has got some explaining to do when he gets up."
Gojyo crossed his arms.

Sanzo looked toward the window.
"What bothers me though is that person."

"You mean the one from the letter right."

"Yeah. If whatever it was, wasn't after the sutra or a life then why go after him. And it wasn't kidnapping either."
He took a smoke of off his cigarette.

"Heh, That's true. If that's how he was when you found him then it's an easy guess that who or whatever is bit a stronger. Unless he managed to hurt the other guy too badly."

"We'll know more when he gets up."

Aw geez, That'll be awhile won't it."

"We'll know more about that when Hakkai is done."
'Damn brat, how do you get into these messes.'

Sanzo and Gojyo looked at the storm continuing on outside.

Hakkai finished patching up the younger one and gave a last look to make sure he was alright.
'Perhaps if myself or Sanzo actually did something sooner, Then maybe....maybe this wouldn't have happened'
He went to see Sanzo and Gojyo.

Hakkai came in and took a seat.
"Well whats the word."
Gojyo looked over from his chair.

"Nothing serious, just a couple of minor bruises and
that's about it."

"Well me and the monk were talkin' and we've got a few things
figured out."


"Tch, Who or whatever it was wasn't following us. So after narrowing it down the only possible conclusion is that whatever saw him when he was alone."
Sanzo adjusted his cigarette.

Gojyo stood up.
"What was the idiot doing going off by his-self!"
He punched the wall.

"Because, we were just too busy...."
Hakkai said sadly. And lightly shook his head.

"I'm going to take first watch."
Without saying anything else Sanzo left.

"I only hope this ends well."

"Yeah, I hope your right. I'm going to see if I can get any information from downstairs."

"Good luck."

Sanzo had pulled a chair over close to the bed where the younger one was resting.

'I wonder what could have happened for you to be like this.'

A couple of hours passed and the three of them were back in Gojyo's
room since the inn keeper was kind enough to give out
the info he knew.

"Alright, All the inn keeper knew was that a strange guy came in,
He had some kind of gold arm things. Long black hair in a high ponytail, And apparently he noticed him glancing at Goku a couple of times. That's all the guy had."
Gojyo looked over at Sanzo and Hakkai.

"Damn weirdos."

Hakkai lightly sighed.

'Sanzo where are you?'
Sanzo got up and left without saying a word upon hearing that monkeys voice in his head, He headed to see the said monkey.

"Eh Sanzo."

"Think we should follow him Hakkai?"

"Something tells me to wait on that."
Hakkai and Gojyo were still looking at the door.

When Sanzo went in the monkeys room he saw him with his knees pulled up to under his chin.

The second he said that sad gold eyes looked at him.

"What happened?"

He tried to say something, anything but he looked away with the sad realization he really couldn't talk. He put his face in his knees.

Sanzo gave him a brief quizzical look.
He stepped to the doors entrance.
"Hey Hakkai, I think we have a problem in here."

He turned back to look at Goku and it was just a few seconds later when Gojyo and Hakkai arrived.

"What seems to be the problem."

He motioned to where Goku was still in the same spot he was in before they arrived.

Gojyo had already went over to the boy who still had yet to say anything or acknowledge that they were even there.

"Hey monkey why haven't you said anything!?"

Goku looked at them but he just couldn't and didn't
know what else to do. Maybe one of them would catch on.

"That's just it Gojyo. You can't can you Goku."
Hakkai looked right at him.

He lowered his head in defeat kind of relieved
that one of them got it.

Authors Note:
Seemed like a good place to leave off for tonight.^^.
Next chapter shall be a bit more interesting.

Remember there are no pairings in this fic.
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