Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction ❯ Missing Voice. ❯ Discussion ( Chapter 3 )

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Authors Note:
One of the genre's listed is Humor and I'm going to have some of that around here somewhere not too far off.
I state the above since I have no clue if anyone was
wondering about it.

As for the mind connection Goku has with Sanzo I thought it seemed right to include it and it will be used again.

The attempt at humor comes in with Gojyo and Goku.
They have that older brother to younger one thing and so you'll see what I mean not too far down.
And Sanzo doing interrogations with some demon thugs along with Hakkai.
Hey, Rafiel had to get his information from somewhere right?

Okay I'm about to save this and the more light hearted stuff comes in the next chapter. As well as the stuff listed above in said next chapter, The plot will move forward. Later!

Hope you enjoy.*Smiles.*.

A few minutes later they were seated and trying to get things straightened out.
Goku was on the bed while Hakkai, Gojyo and Sanzo were in chairs.
A couple they brought in from their rooms.

Confirming that Hakkai was right he pointed to his throat and then shook no.

"Then what the hell happened?!"
Gojyo was annoyed at whoever had done this but also sounded angry.

Goku put a little thought into it and then attempted solo charades but that didn't get them anywhere and if anything got them a little more confused.

"I'll be write back."
Hakkai stood and went out into the hall.

A couple of minutes later he returned with a notebook and a pen and handed them to Goku.
"Use this and write what happened."

He nodded and got to work.
A few minutes and a few pages later he was done and handed it to Hakkai to show Gojyo and Sanzo as well.
Hakkai tore out the paper he wrote on and folded it up and handed the notebook back to him.

"Keep it, You may need it."

He nodded a little bit solemnly and then made a noiseless yawn.

"Hm, Why don't we resolve this matter in the morning."
He smiled while holding a finger in the air.
Hoping that Gojyo and Sanzo would catch on.

"Good idea, Nothing we can do about it tonight anyway."
He stood to follow Hakkai.
But before that he put his hand on Goku's head.
"Don't sweat it."
He and Hakkai left.

Sanzo looked Goku in the eye and could tell what the boy was thinking.
'I'm sorry...'
He stood up to and did the same thing Gojyo ad done and put his hand on the boys head.
He was facing the door
"Don't be sorry.".

Goku looked at him a little surprised.
But the thoughts of what if came to mind.

"There are no what Ifs. Get some rest."

Sanzo left closing the door behind him and headed for his room where he knew Gojyo and Hakkai would be waiting.
Goku watched him leave and still a little bit confused and still tired from earlier he fell asleep.

By the time Sanzo came in Gojyo was headed for his own room
They stopped side by side.
"I'm going to hit the bar and see what I can find there.
I'll be back later guys."

Hakkai stood to leave as well.
"I think you should read this. While Goyo is working the bar I'm going to see if I can find anything elsewhere around here.
He should not have been able to set this up without one of us noticing aside from Goku."

"Tch. Good luck."
After Hakkai left he closed and locked the door and sat on the bed to read what Goku had written.

After I talked to you guys I was headed for
downstairs. I got bad feeling but I didn't wanna bother you guys so I left on my own.
When I was down there I thought I saw someone watching me for a minute but I didn't see anything.
When I was done I went back upstairs and still had the same bad feeling, I was thinking of blaming it on the weather but anyway not long later some envelope was put under my door.
I'm guessing y'all read that by now.

When I got there it was kinda hard to see with the rain and all
and then some tall guy steps out and says he wants to take my voice.
So the fight starts but I had more trouble than I wanted and realized I was in trouble. As you can guess he won but he told me before he knocked me backwards that he was a voice collector.
I know I should have told you guys sooner and I'm sorry.

He sat the letter down after reading it and made a silent promise to put an extra bullet in the guy.

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