Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction ❯ Missing Voice. ❯ Information ( Chapter 4 )

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Morning came and looked like it had never rained yesterday.
The only way one could tell it stormed at all would be the puddles that were scattered here and there
throughout the town.
It was only later last night when they re-met up that they could not find anything since the storm had limited the number of people who usually came.

It was decided mainly by Hakkai and Sanzo that Gojyo should watch Goku while they went around town and see what information they could find.
'Probably still feeling a little guilty'
Gojyo thought and decided to protest a little anyway full well knowing how it would go.

Sanzo and Hakkai headed out after breakfast to get a
start on it.
But before Goku could even write his question down,
The two had left so he crossed it out and wrote down another one for Gojyo.
Now Gojyo was checking out a couple of females that walked in and was thinking that Goku was still eating.

It wasn't until he received a light whack on the head with the monkeys notebook did he turn around.
"Hey what was that for?!"
He asked rubbing his head.

Goku pointed to the notebook in question with his still unanswered question.
Where did Sanzo and Hakkai go?

"Huh. Oh that, They went to get answers from around town.
It was their insistence to go themselves. So I guess that makes me your babysitter for the moment huh."
Gojyo gave a smirk.

Goku set to writing something down at an unnatural speed and then showed Gojyo with a look he knew all too well from their day-to-day arguments.

Pervy water sprite! I don't need a babysitter!
I can help too ya know!

Gojyo's eyebrow twitched.
"Look monkey how many times have I told ya not to call me that! And secondly how on earth at this moment
could you help."
Gojyo hadn't exactly meant for the last part to come out like that and seeing the sudden change in the younger ones face wasn't making him feel less bad.

"Okay, I'm sorry. Jeez, I didn't mean it exactly like that but think about it. What could you do at the moment?"
He rubbed the back of his head.

Goku put some thought into it but Gojyo started talking again before he could write anything.

"See that's what I mean. Sanzo and Hakkai will do just fine. You'll see. And when the time comes you'll get to repay your debt to him."
His voice had something of almost brotherly tone to it.

Goku wrote something down than showed Gojyo.
And in Spades too!

"Right. So for now, cards?"

With Sanzo and Hakkai.
And an unfortunate demon who just happened to
cross their path.

The gun was aimed at the demons head who was on the ground in fear.
"Alright start talkin'"

Hakkai was just off to the side ready in case anything happened.
"L...Look all I know is that their is some person an eccentric up in the next town who buys this strange crap. There's an auction coming up that he's hosting and I'm sure what your looking for is going to be there..Now please don't kill me. I've told you all I know."
The demons voice was laced through and through obvious fear and panic and worry.

Sanzo proceeded to put away his gun for the time being.

"You know you could have simply told us this peacefully and we would not have to had to threaten you like that. And did you honestly think you could kill us and get
away with Hakuryu.?"

Hakkai watched as the little dragon kyuued while
landing on his shoulder.

"Hey, Hey I've learned my lesson! Please don't kill me!"

"Your not even worth wasting a bullet on, now get out of sight before I change my mind."

The demon got up and turned away and then proceeded to run but not before Hakuryu breathed a little fire at him on the way with a victory Kyuu and then re-landed on Hakkai's shoulder and the three left back for the hotel.

"Well I'm glad that certainly didn't too long."

"Tch, two hours more than it should have."

"Yes but it was a bit of luck to run into such a demon, Although I find it odd that such a coward type demon has not been affected by the minus wave though.Hm."

"That doesn't concern us at the moment. We get back and get ready to leave as soon as we get there."

"Yes but still didn't find anyone who gave the man the information on us."

"Just another thing to worry about later."

"That and Sanzo one other thing."


"We'll need supplies since the town is a good two days away."


So upon returning to the hotel Hakkai Gojyo went out again
to get supplies while Sanzo told Goku to be
ready to leave soon.

So roughly two hours later they were all set and ready to go.
And that's just what they did.

Authors Note:
I am going to finish this story. No reason for me not too.
Same for the others.
Next chapter. They learn more the eccentric and stuff with the auction. Action shall some!
And some scenes within this chapter that may have not made sense are like this for a purpose. More to be revealed later!

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