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Front Mission: The Sakura wars: Prolog
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September 11 2004
“Peter what the hell are you doing your suppose to give us some cover fire!!” the person in the in the Green Camo Wanzer with two shoulder Launchers and a shot gun and a S.m.g and attached to the right hand a Pile that can punch through heavy armor ”I know that I can't see them.” He said with a low growl “well find them with your scanners this storm is covering for our mission.” Carlos said “easier said then done the storm is interfering with the scanners Damn.” Peter said and looked around. He herd something that sounded like a tornado and he saw it a massive tornado heading there way. The Three brothers in Arms got blown away.
Mean while up in Heaven somewhere the Goddess of time and her brother the god of Earth were contemn plaiting their next move as their other brother an Evil God of darkness was plotting ageist the Hanagumi.
September 11 1922
Hanagumi were out numbered and out gunned and the oni were to powerful. Suddenly the 3 very tall Humanoid Mechs appeared out of No where and latterly dropped in the middle of the battle. The Hanagumi were awed and confused by the sight and so where the Oni. The oni decided to attack the 3 strangers but it would cost the oni their lives. “Oh my God what the hell are these things?” Peter said as he shot at it with his shot gun and the head of the oni was splattered all over. “Well whatever they are they must be the enemy.” Carlos said as he unloaded his Grenade Launcher into one of the oni causing a huge mess. The silent one who knows more about this time line was their commanding officer Kai Umi “Alright guys Lets roll out.” The 3 killed the Last demon and moved away leaving the confused girls and their commanding officer to ponder what just happened.