Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ Dis Lev Coffin ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The first time I pilot this giant robot, I realize about my fate will be changed forever. But I already made up my mind on that time since I decide to pilot this giant robot. Now, I will explain you all about the secret held by Argan, as its appearance will be the one being highlighted most in the Alpha Universe. I don't want readers to have misconception about Argan being RW-1 R-Gun since Argan here refer to the other version of Werkbau and later evolve to Dis Astranagant. Here let me begin my explanation about Argan and please stay tune…
Name: AGX-013 Werkbau and later known as AGX-013 Dis Astranagant
Codename: ARGAN
Height: 19.3 Meters for Werkbau, 22.3 Meters for Dis Astranagant
Weight: 42.8 Tons for Werkbau, 58.8 Tons for Dis Astranagant
Armour Material: Zuphiroude Crystal and Zol Orihalconium/ Z.O Alloy
Energy Source: Cross Gate Paradigm Engine
Weaponry for Werkbau version of ARGAN:
Twin Raam Rifle
Gun Slave
Rush Sword (long and slim Z.O Sword coated with plasma beam on its edge)
Emeth Asher
Axion Buster
Weaponry for Dis Astranagant version of ARGAN:
Raam Shotgun
Gun Slave
Rush Scythe (long spear-like Z.O Scythe coated with plasma beam on its edge)
Rush Blade Edge (long curved elongated sword version of Rush Scythe, also can be reverted back to its Scythe form depending on the need of the bearer and sometimes also being called Rush Saber)
Meth Asher
Ain Soph Aur/ Infinite Cylinder
Argan has a metallic dark colour scheme and really powerful. I personally thinks about this unit is really special since it has power that can defies universe. The most important thing, I really appreciate from Argan is its Cross Gate Paradigm System that allow me to travel across parallel universes and make my task as the maintainer of Karmic Balance become slightly easier. Although the nature of Argan still remain unknown, but it is sure helped me a lot for shaping my destiny and I really grateful since I am the one being chosen to be its avatar.
Anyway, I hope people don't get mixed up to the other version of Werkbau and Dis Astranagant that being piloted by Time Diver from another reality called Cobray Gordon. My version of Werkbau and Dis Astranagant is called Argan and has closer appearance that resembles the original Astranagant and R-Gun Rivale compare to Cobray Gordon's version of Werkbau and Dis Astranagant which has more gothic appearance. Because of this matter, Kouji and his merry friends often call my Argan with Dis Rivale name although later on I insist them to call it Argan instead.
From now on, the new legend of Time Diver is born, but Time Diver can't do anything without his or her coffin and that coffin takes important role to support that Time Diver. The name of the coffin that support me will never be forgotten, ARGAN, the real and true Dis Astranagant in this universe.
To Be Continue