Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Know your Samurai ❯ Shimada Kambei ( Chapter 1 )

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Authors Note:
This humor fic will contain Shounen-ai hints.^^.
I know Know your stars has been done multiple times on different Anime but that skit is funny and I wanted to do one too so with-out further ado to kick things off lets start with Shimada Kambei.^^.

Not knowing how are he got to this place which happened to be a stage looking area with a stool upon which he sat.
But of what none of them know is that the others all had the same problem except they were being forced to stay quiet. Stages aren't cheap ya know!
But not a second later a couple of spotlights came down and he had too put his hand over his eyes, It was then the voice came.

"your Samurai, Know your Samurai, Know your Samurai...."

"Who are you?"

"meet Kambei Shimada.."


"Kambei is secretly a deep voiced older woman."

"That's absurd!"
He wasn't sure but he thought he might have heard muffled giggling from nearby.

"no one else is around Kambei likes to style his hair.."

"That's not true."

"Then explain why it's so wavy."

"That's how it always is! What is the point of this!?"

"Kambei Shimada is a very cranky person.."
"Just thoroughly annoyed."
he huffed than got comfortable on his stool seeing as he may be here a little longer.

"Kambei Shimada is a toddler with a sword."

"That's not even possible! I have grayish hair and a goatee for crying out loud!"

"Kids these days do grow-up fast and you were crying out-loud."

"That's an expression..and....Ugh..forget it."

"sword is named princess."

"No it's not! That's a females name for things anyway!."

"Aren't you a deep voiced older woman?"

"Of course not!"

"Kambei Shimada is a very dis-agreeable person."

"Nothing you've said has made sense."
He was more than ready to leave this place, Wherever it was.

"Kambei Shimada is in in love with Kyuzo."

"His skills yes."

From Kyuzo's spot he smirked and even in the dark got a look at the one he liked.

"Kambei loves to play Hop-scotch."

"I've never even heard of that game!?"

"Kambei Shimada enjoys singing in the rain."

"I've never done that?"

"Kambei Shimada is wanted for identity theft."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember episode one and two."

"I used those names to help save a child from a madman."

"Tell that to the people whose identities you stole."

"What? This makes no sense! Those were just names I used."

"Uh huh. Fine I believe you if Kambei is even your real name."

"Of course it is!"
He was getting a headache from this.

"Now you know, Now you know, Now you know Kambei Shimada."

"But none of that is true."
He proceeded to rub his temples.

The spotlight faded out from him and onto..........
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Like it? Hate? Care to let me know?
I had some plans to work on a chapter of another story and then at some-point this comes and won't go away.-_-.

Later people!
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For purposeful reasons Heihachi comes a little later.^^.
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