Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ Remembrance 1 ( Chapter 5 )

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Here's Remembrance part 1.
There all remembering at the same time I'm going around the group.
First up is Kikuchiyo and Heihachi.
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It was actually a sunny day....too cheerful a day for a funeral.
or at least that's what Heihachi thought.

He had owed a lot to Sakura actually.
Not money wise but if it wasn't for her he might not have been where he is now.

It wasn't as though he was that old himself but when he was just a little younger he was wandering the city when he saw the woman's car and she was trying to fix it. He helped her fix it since he loved to do things like mechanics.

But when she had asked why a child was out at such an hour he simply stated his reason which was because he had no-where else to go.
So as payment for his help she pretty much took him home and he stayed.
Sakura was something like a mother to some of them.
It was shortly after that he had met Daisuke,Kambei,Kyuzo and Shichiroji.

And that's how he met his new family.
*************************************************************** *******

Kikuchiyo was saddened.
He himself was grateful for meeting Sakura and Daisuke as well as the others he knew today.
Some years ago while protecting another clan leader his body was damaged beyond repair so they had him in this new body. The clan leader he was protecting had died but Daisuke offered him a place within his clan.

He adjusted to his new body okay but it still took him a little time to adjust to Kambei and Kyuzo. He got along well with Heihachi and Shichiroji.
Now watching as the two people who helped him continue his life had to have theirs be taken away.....wasn't fair.
***************************************************************** ********

It was sad he knew that. He would still grieve for them but he probably wouldn't cry.
A small time clan leader he was working with had turned greedy and was going to do anything he could to gain power and wealth.Much like the one who killed them.
He had started trying to blackmail and sell drugs to other clan members but not their leaders. Kyuzo had found out and was set to stop him.
Oddly enough on that same night the other clan leaders had broke and knocked the guy out of business it wasn't there business to kill others unless necessary.

So they had him taken to the police station. He also had gotten to see Kambei's fighting skill's that night too.

Not long later one thing had lead to another he had been took to Dai and Sakura's home.

He would miss them. Kyuzo was around Heihachi's age but acted much older.
**************************************************************** ********

I decided to do 3 in each chapter. Next time is Shichiroji,Kambei and Gorobei.
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