Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ Remembrance 2 ( Chapter 6 )

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Shichiroji and Kambei had been friends with Daisuke for many years.
They had met back in their early teens.
Their parents were ones that traveled alot so one day when their parents had a 'Business meeting' they were to occupy themselves with whatever.

The three had hit it off and were just checking out the city.
What they didn't know was that their parents were looking for a place to settle down. And that's how they had met.

Both Shichiroji and Kambei had closed their eyes for a moment of silence.
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Gorobei was pretty much the last one to join them.
He was a friend of her father up until the fateful day he was killed. By then Daisuke and Sakura were already married and so they welcomed him into the clan.
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There were a good few people there for the occasion. Some friends,Some business associates as well as some others and themselves.
Since it wasn't known that Katsu and the others were still alive the ones who knew had agreed to keep it that way. The only ones who knew were the ones attending the Funeral this day.
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Katsu watched as his parents were buried and the dirt was put on their graves. he still didn't understand much of the concept to death other than the fact that it made things go away. Some had put flowers on their caskets before they were buried and some were putting flowers on it now. He stepped toward it with his uncle Kambei and placed a flower on each mound.
Trying to hold back tears. Big boys didn't cry right?

Soon it was time to go and the way home was pretty much silent.
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Bottom Note: Okay I'm gonna change the fact that he calls everyone of them uncle to something different. Considering they aren't the same ages they are on the show. Here is how it will be.

Brother for Kyuzo and Heihachi.

Uncle for Kambei,Shichiroji,Kikuchiyo.

Grampa for Gorobei.

For some reason this seems more chibi feeling to me. I don't know. If you don't like the change let me know.^^.

By the way as for Kikuchiyo I'm stuck as to have Katsu call him...exp.

Brother Kiku.

Uncle Kiku.

Cousin Kiku.

I'm leaning towards keeping it uncle.
I just think their should be more than just uncles though.

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