Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ The Reading/Viewing of the will and Questions. ( Chapter 8 )

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Author Note:
Enjoy the last chapter?
Any-who I figured I should clear up a few reasons on how they were so sure that they were going to die.
I was thinking about it myself and I should give something other than what I did.
Plus it actually fits in well with what I have mapped out.^_^.
Hope you enjoy.
If any mistakes or anything pop up feel free to tell me if you can.
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10 'o' clock the next morning they were at the will reading.
The ones that were their were

Kambei,Shichiroji,Rikichi,Kyuzo,Heihachi,Kikuchiyo,Gorobei and a few of the leaders from the clan of the Shikimoribito.
The Shikimoribito clan was a neutral one who had members of other clans whose leaders were killed off or they had joined of their own accord.
Something of what Daisuke and Sakura had done.

Sanae had gladly volunteered to watch Katsu for them while they were there.

Back to the reading.

The man who was in charge of reading the will actually handed a manila envelope to each of them saying that there was a Video,DVD and text document in each of them.There was also 2 more that weren't handed out yet.

"This one was asked that you all see it as soon as you can. If you want there is another room over there that you can view it in.In private of course."

"We'll do that."
Kambei looked at the others and they nodded their heads in agreement.

So they all headed into the viewing room with the DVD.
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They had gotten seated after the disc was placed inside.

The video popped on and Daisuke and Sakura were there.

"Hello. If you are seeing this....chances are we've died."
He looked over to Sakura.

"Yes. This is also to explain how we knew about our upcoming demise."

"That man that me a few days ago was a spy for his clan. They were trying to take him down. Unfortunately he's probably dead as well."

"You should have your individual folders by now. The one that was not handed out is Katsu's. When he's old enough at the right time then he should see it."

Sakura turned away from the camera for a moment to wipe her eyes than she looked back.

"We want you to know that you are all family to us."

"And we love you dearly."

"Please stay safe."

After that there was a little more information said and then the video stopped,
After finishing there they went back home to take care of some business.

When they got in Sanae noticed that they looked solemn. More so than usual.

Still not fully understanding the concept Katsu just had to ask from his spot at the table.

"Whats deaf"
He looked at the others who looked a little surprised.

"Something you'll learn when your older."
Kambei thought he was too young to be asking a question like that.

"Is that what happened to mom and dad?"
He looked down after saying that.

"Oh sweetie. I'll take care of this you boys go in the living-room."
Sanae took Katsu to his room.

"How do you answer a question like that?"
It was said aloud by no one in particular.

About an hour later Sanae re-joined them.
Rikichi looked like he was about to ask but Sanae just shook her head no.
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Probably some ooc-ness I imagine.
The next chapter they move to a near-by city.
By the way for Katsu "Deaf" is "Death" just trying to have chibi speak. Hope it's a little accurate.:b.

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