Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ A fun night. ( Chapter 9 )

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Author Note:
I'm probably going to start a couple of more Samurai 7 fanfics soon.
Both going to have as one of the main character(s) focus is Katsushiro.
One thing I'll tell you now. I am going to pair him with somebody but it takes place elsewhere. So no one in Kanna village makes an appearance.
I'm not paring him with Kirara or an Oc. HeHeHe.
Still working out details on the other story.
Feel free to guess the pairing. I'll tell you if your right.^^.
Here's a hint. It's almost non-existent or if it's out there more than what I've found,it hides very well. And I've found practically zilch,zip,nada,nothing,0.
I think you get it.

Darn it I just got an idea for something similar with another non-existent pairing.
x_x. But like I said I'll tell you if your right or wrong. Just message me or drop an e-mail. 3 guesses at a time.:b.

Anyway on with the story....^^.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++

A week had passed and they were going to head out the next morning.
It was decided that they should try and lighten up the mood that night and have some fun.

Of course that was decided by the older ones in private.
instead of telling them all at once they were going to split up to do so.
While Rikichi would be telling Heihachi about it and Sanae and Shichiroji would tell Kyuzo.
Kikuchiyo and Gorobei were in charge of finding appropriate things to do
except for one problem of the fact that Kiku's metal-body would be a dead give-away so after handing him a list Kambei took his place and Kiku baby-sat Katsu.

Now here's how that went.

++++++How the subject got started/Plan making++++++++

Kyuzo had decided sometime earlier that he wanted to go and meditate for a little while and Heihachi was showing Katsu something he was tinkering with.

The rest were in the living-room.

"So your leaving in the morning then?"

"Yes. And thank you for letting us stay here for so long."
Kambei took a sip of tea.....What can I say the man likes his tea.

"Its too bad our last night together with you guys and we couldn't do something more fun."
Sanae put her hand under her head.

"Why couldn't we. When we do leave things are going to be kinda busy for everyone,I mean considering what we had to do for Kyuzo and Heihachi."
Gorobei had a feeling that when the two boys found out they wouldn't live for too long.

"Hey Gorobei. Do you think they'll try and kill us when they find out?"

Now Goro was wondering if Kiku could read minds or something.

"Well why not. I know we won't get to see you again for who knows how long."

Sanae gave them her basic plan of what to do. Kambei actually agreed to this.
So not long later since it wasn't that late Gorobei and Kambei went to get what they needed. Kiku wasn't too happy about the reasons he couldn't go but they were true.
At least Kambei accepted his list.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
+++++++Divide and Conquer+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

While they were gone Sanae and Shichiroji went to talk to Kyuzo while Rikichi talked too Hei. Kiku was to watch Katsu while they talked.

Sane and Shichi knocked on the door and got a 'Come in' as their answer.
+Switching to Hei now.+

Rikichi and Kikuchiyo went to the kitchen and found him and Katsu there.
He was still showing Katsu what he was tinkering with.

"Heihachi can I have a word with you."

Hei looked up from what he was doing.
"Huh, Oh sure."

"I'll watch the kid."
Kiku took Katsu to the next room.

"So whats up?"

"Well you see me and the others were talking and it was decided that since today was everyone's last day,well night here. We or Sanae thought that it would be a good idea that everybody spend it together. Ya know having fun."

"Sure. Sounds fine to me."

"Great. Sanae and Shichiroji should almost done with Kyuzo if I know her."

"True. Hey Kiku can you bring Katsu back in here?"


He ran in the kitchen with Katsu sitting around his neck.
He sat Katsu down on the table.

"Its finally finished."

He held up a little silver ball on a stick.
It had a base with a few buttons on it.

"What is it."
Riki looked at the thing puzzled.

"Here I'll show you."
He pushed one of the buttons and the ball started to spin a little slowly and it was making a different colors appear as it spun.
Think of a disco ball on a stick with a base and buttons except smaller.

Katsu had hardly took his eyes off the thing.

"Brudder Hachi. How does it make cowors.?"
He looked at the thing with a curious face while he had his finger on his lips.

"Hey what was that anyway?"
Sanae had asked as she was walking in from the other room.

+++++A little earlier the same time that Rikichi was talking to Heihachi+++++++

Sanae had asked to leave this to her.
He gave an alright and headed for the living-room.

Sanae went in and sat on the bed.

"Kyuzo we've decided that everyone is going to spend some fun time together tonight since you and the others have to go in the morning. Would you join us?"

Contemplating this for a moment,
What could it hurt?
Besides best to say yes now instead of being brought into it later,Probably by his youngest brother.


"Oh that's great."
She had closed her eyes for a split second while clapping her hands together when saying so.

"Let's go meet the others in the kitchen."


They passed Shichiroji who was sitting on the couch and he got up to follow them into the kitchen when they saw the little light display.
+++++++++++++Normal Time++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"So what was that?"
Sanae walked over to the table and sat down.

"Well it's a bit of a long explanation."
Heihachi scratched the back of his head.

They heard the front-door open and not long after Kambei and Gorobei came.

"Uncle Bei,Gampa Gowo."
Katsu tried to run over to greet them but nearly tripped off the table in the process.

"I did dat on puwpose."
He declared so than sat down in a little huff.

That earned some supressed chuckles from the group.

"Well I did."
He turned his down to the side.

"Alright we believe you. Come on I want to show you something."
Gorobei tousled Katsu's hair a little bit while saying so.

++++++++++++++Within ten minutes later.++++++++++

They were seated around in the living-room waiting for the movie to start.
Sanae had insisted on no Horror movies.
She didn't want the kids to get nightmares.

So they were going to watch Mortal Kombat.
Katsu was sitting between his brothers on the couch,To his left was his brother Kyuzo who had a small amount of pop-corn.
While on his right his brother Hachi had bag of the stuff.
Katsu himself had a bowl of his favorite flavor of Ice-Cream.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Rikichi and Sanae had the love seat. They offered to pull out mats or something but Kiku,Goro,Shichi and Kambei were sitting on the floor.

After the movie they went to the kitchen table to play some board games. Unbeknownst to Heihachi he accidentally left one his tools out. A little thing that could be used for a lock pic.
Katsu picked it up and put it in his pocket to give to his brother later.

By now Katsu was getting sleepy and wasn't hiding that he was.
So Heihachi offered to take him to his room.
Hei also had the little light contraption in his pocket he made earlier.

Ten minutes or so later before he left Katsu he turned the thing on and instead of the colors from earlier this time it was like a Rainbow was going around the room.

"Night Katsu."


He pretty much fell asleep after night.
So Heihachi carefully snuck back to join the others.

Apparently while he was gone somebody put a couple of pizza's in the oven.
So that's how they spent a good 2 hours or so.

They decided to camp-out in the living-room that night.
They were just scattered out amongst the floor.

At first he wasn't sure what awoken him but at who knows what time
he was woken up by a noise.
Giving a glance around the room he saw that everyone else was asleep.

He heard the noise again and it was coming from Katsu's room.
The noise was a whimpering type noise.

He stepped in nd turned the light seeing as it was very dark in there.
His brother was sitting there looking like he had been crying over something.

"Bad Dream?"

He nodded his head yes.
"Pwus when I woke up it was dawk."

Knowing by that his brother wouldn't be sleeping by himself tonight he picked him up and surprisingly he latched onto his neck like a lifeline.

"That bad?"

"Um hm."

So he took him to the living-room it was lighter in there,
He sat him down and expected him to go to someone else but Katsu crawl-Walked over the short distance and fell asleep near his brother.

And that's were he stayed the rest of the night.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++

I actually got one or two more fanfic idea's while working on this chapter.o_o.
Both for Samurai 7.
As for the Ice Cream flavor. Thats my favorite so I self-inserted Ice
Seriously though it's delicous. My apologies to anyone who might be reading this and on diet.
I really don't like the dark either.
The longest chapter for the story yet I presume.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.^^.
I have a few more fun surprises planned,
Next chapter,Find out what surprise awaits Kyuzo and Heihachi.:).

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