Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ The Night Before Shopping 2. ( Chapter 11 )

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Authors Note:
This is a nice way to chill after going around most the afternoon and up til current time with either allergy's or a light cold.
A wanted to have this written yesterday but time would not allow that so here is another chapter of Protecting the Innocent.
By the way the last chapter was a part 1 and this is part 2. I am going to fix that later on.
Then again maybe the end of the last chapter spoke for itself....I dunno.-_-.
Enough of me babbling and onto the chapter of the story.^_^.
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Making sure his uncle left the room he got out of his bed made his way toward the living-room.
Trying to keep any accidents to minimum there were a few night-lights placed around different areas providing a nice but not too bright light.

It seemed like forever to him since instead of out-right walking he had to do a mix of both.
He found the television remote and pushed some random buttons on it until the
t.v came on.

His full attention got turned to the glowing screen making noise and colorful pictures.
Somehow it got turned to MTV and it was playing 'Year 3000' by the Jonas brothers.
So he was sitting down moving along to the song.

Now Shichiroji hadn't closed his door all the way earlier either and was starting to be woke up y the noise. His room was one of the closest to the living-room.

He groggily woke up and saw that it was 03:00 am....Three in the morning and
then decided to go see who in this place could up at this hour.

Now as you can guess there's a reason why some paid programs are on at three in the morning. instead of three in the afternoon....

He came into the living-room as the t.v started announcing stuff for the girls gone wild dvd.

Now Katsu had heard his uncle and wasn't paying attention to the t.v anymore but the noise he when he saw the t.v was funny as was how he was trying to work the remote.
Shichiroji breathed a sigh of relief after the television had been turned off.

He sat facing him and his eyes were closed and he was laughing clapping.
"Uncle Woji's funny."

"And you young man are in trouble."

He looked back and forth and then pointed to himself.
"Who me."

"Yes you...Who else could it be?"

He shrugged.
"We'll deal with this in the morning. As for now lets get you back to your room and then we can go to sleep."

He looked down and pouted.

Shichiroji sighed.
"Whats wrong?"

"My woom is wonewy."

"All right you can bunk with me tonight."


"But your still not off the hook about tonight. Alright."

He nodded in agreement.

So they went off to sleep for a few hours.
At least until seven or eight....then not long later comes shopping....
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++

I've given some of you people expectations for the next chapter haven't I?
The possibilities are limited but the outcome could be anything.

It could be normal or there could be mischief.....or both..Ooohhh.O_o...o_O.
The first line about expectations I borrowed/parodied from
Late Night with Conon 'o' Brien..That show is hilarious.

By the way the reason for the song of choice on MTV is because it's pretty much clean from what I've heard....*Loses count of times she's heard the song.*
I don't even know if that would play in Japan....
Anyway it's a Chibi moment.....any details that are important I missed I will come back at a later time to repair....though I was gonna fix huh.:p.

And yes I know this is short but the idea needed to be written.^^.

Also to anyone who's sick. Hope ya feel better cuz being sick kinda sucks....
*Curses cold.*

Ahh Later people!
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