Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction ❯ Anatomy 101 ❯ 1.legs&thighs. ( Chapter 1 )

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Anatomy 101

Yuya nervously glanced around the clearing. Nobody else was there. Good. That meant that it was just her and Kyo. That, too, was good. She only had a few days left to live and she hoped that the others would stay gone until then. Besides, she wanted as much time with Kyo alone as she could get.
Kyo. Oh how that man drove her mind wild.
As of lately, she's been looking at him a little bit more than she's ever done.
Particularly his legs.
Every time he would run or sit with a leg propped up, like he is right now, it would remind her of a woman teasing a man. But when he ran, she would get more than just a glimpse of those long, tanned, strong, toned legs, but also a glimpse at his thighs. They too were tanned, toned, looked strong, and she didn't even see an ounce of fat on them. They seemed to be carved from stone.
He was unconsciously teasing her.
Kyo shifted, showing more of his leg and Yuya found herself starring at him, tugging at her lips with her teeth and green eyes glazed over with desire.
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