Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction ❯ Anatomy 101 ❯ 2.stomach&chest ( Chapter 2 )

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Anatomy 101

Her hand's shook as she reached for the ointment that was to her left. Grimacing at how sticky it was, Yuya reached down and gently spread the goop over the wound on Kyo's chest.
Kyo had only just got back from his training with Muramasa and had obtained many injuries. So she was left to take of said wounds.
Which is what she was trying to do.
Sure, she's seen Kyo's naked chest and stomach before, patched it up plenty of times even, but there was something different about his chest this time.
As usual, him stomach was perfectly tanned, had the six pack that she couldn't take her eyes off of, and completely hard as a rock.
Yuya's eyes glazed over as she brushed her fingers over the six-pack and watched in awe as the muscle's rippled.
Kyo twitched.
Her eyes snapped toward his face and relaxed a little when she saw that he was still out cold. Being careful if his wounds, Yuya went back and traced the scars that Kyo had acquired.
Sure, this was Kyoshiro's body but after Kyo had completely gained control, Kyoshiro's body had become more like Kyo then Kyoshiro.
She traced her hands to his chest, spreading the ointment as she did so, and stretched her fingers over Kyo's chest. The man didn't have pecks, thank god - she's probably go insane if he did, and that was a bad thing, - but his chest was just as toned and tanned.
Moving upwards, she grazed an almost cross-shaped scar that she was sure that Kyoshiro didn't have and was positive that kyo had not gained recently.
“I've never noticed this before. Where did you get this from Kyo?” There was no response but she wasn't expecting one.
Touching the scar gently, she saw his face contort into pain. She quickly drew back and Kyo's face showed no more pain.
“What happened to you Kyo?”

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