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Ok chapter two

4 years later……

They all sat there drunk and puzzling or just plain drunk, 4 years and no sign of him. Demon eyes Kyo had completely disappeared. Not a trace not even Kyoshiro’s body to confirm him dead. Just gone like a sudden gust of wind.
It was all the young lord could take.

“ UGHHHHHH where is he?! We’ve practically searched every corner of Japan were going in circles!” Benitora whined in annoyance.

“ Well demon Eyes Kyo isn’t found quickly when he doesn’t wish to be. Don’t fret Hidetada he’ll turn up eventually.” The forever cheery and drunk Yukimura replied with a drink in hand with his other currently down another woman’s kimono.


“ Oh shut up dummy.”

“ GAH! Don’t mess with me Sasuke!”

The two continued in their small “duel” while Yukimura watched , quite entertained, from the sidelines.

“ Oh don’t fight please.”

“ Oh let them bicker Sakuya it’s there only outlet.” The miko turned to Okuni with worry.

“But if they keep fighting this small group will break apart even further.”

“You obviously don’t understand. They fight to remember the old days. Back then there wasn’t a minuet when those two weren’t fighting about something. They do it to remind them selves.”

The Miko looked at her with confusion and understanding. Their group really was close, even though it seemed in pieces. You just really couldn’t understand unless you were apart of it.

But even so she worried.

She remembered when they had found her within the Mibu Castle. Three of the four emperiors, Yukimura, Sasuke, and Benitora, but two important members were missing. Well to be correct it was really three. You could tell before you even looked for them by the faces of their comrades.

Kyo and Kyoshiro had disappeared yet again but this time they took Lady Yuya along with them.

Once they all were healed and back to their full strength it was decided that they would search and reconvene every couple of months. After the first six months The Three of the four emperiors never returned and disappeared as well.

But even now 4 years later what remained of their small group still searched. Yukimura, Okuni , and Benitora all used their many resources trying to capture any kind of hint as to where they had disappeared to and Sakuya kept and eye on the stars.

But even with two young lords, a ninja, a spy, and a miko there still was no hint as to what happened after that fight.

And so the group sat there resting for the night. Sakuya finally with drew her self from the group to get some fresh air and no one seemed too noticed. At first it had bothered her but she had gotten use to it. While Yukimura kept a watchful eye on her she could tell that both Benitora and Sasuke were trying there hardest not to except her.

It was easier she guest, because they thought she was trying to take Yuya’s place. A sad smile graced her lips as she finally looked up at the night sky. She had been studying the stars as close as she could trying to get any glimpse of Kyo’s or Kyoshiro radiant glows. She ignored everything else. All she wanted to know that they were ok.

But unfortunately for the miko she was so concentrated on only two stars that she didn’t notice two others starting to glow a little brighter. And sadly enough she did not notice the man behind her until he already had his curved blade at her throat.

“ It’s been a while hasn’t it.” The chill in his voice made her shiver as his blade pressed closer to her throat.

“ A little late to be scaring the ladies isn’t Shinre?” the blue haired Mibu turned with mild interest to look at Yukimura.

“Sanada stand down I have only business with the miko.”

“Yes but you see her business is our business and we can’t have you taking are only Miko now can we.”

And with that the swords were drawn.

It was obvious that Yukimura had improved greatly over the four years of searching but he still couldn’t get Shinre’s blood to flow to the ground. They twisted and turned in there dance of blades but Shinre also couldn’t not touch Yukimura’s skin.


The two turned to the miko with interest as her tears began to flow. She couldn’t take any more fighting for her.

“ Please why must you fight both of you have only your names to hold on to. Nothing more so please stop!”

Hearing Hereing such disrespectful comments about his lord leave Sakuya’s mouth enraged the young Sasuke, he was barley able to keep from slitting her throat right there and then! But Yukimura gave him a look and he held himself back. Time and time again he had to remind him self that this girl was not like Yuya. She rarely new what words actually left her mouth.

“ Shinre what is your business with Lady Sakuya?” The silence was broken by Okuni as she finally sauntered out side of their room. She hated dealing with these Mibu. Almost as much as she hated how Sakuya had actually at one point held her darling Kyo’s heart in her hands.

“ I wish to know what she knows of Demon Eyes Kyo’s sudden rebellion.”

They all quickly gained interest.

“Lord Kyo?” Okuni asked with small uncertainty.

“ Yes that damn Demon Child is back and well. He and his four emperiors have taken over the Mibu lands! Turned it into nothing more then a waste land. But of course you already new this.”

The five just stared at him in shock. Kyo was alive but not only that but he had taken over the Mibu lands! All from right under their noses!

“ Shinre please tell us of these new events my vision must have been clouded for we know nothing of this!”

The blue haired Mibu stared at them with uncertainty but Yukimura was tense obviously unaware of these resent events. That which of course concluded that none of them new about it either. But how could they not?

You mean to tell me you have absolutely no idea of what the demon child has been doing for the past two years! I find that hard to believe!”

“ Yes of course we know absolutely everything , and that’s why we’ve been wandering around instead of helping Kyo or putting our own plans into action!” Yukimura said with annoyance. This whole plan to Kyo’s could have easily helped the Sanda’s plans out. Hell if he had known about this he could be ruling by now!

“ Well if what you say is true then I have very little use of you myself.” And with that Shinre disappeared leaving the group with nothing other then Confusing and anger.

“Sasuke get Sizo and the others I want to know what the Hell has been going on!”


They all stood there in light shock with all manner of thoughts running through their minds. Four years of constant searching! How could they have missed him and such a huge rebellion! If any thing to what Shinre had said was correct then how could the entire Mibu lands be in utter ruin with absolutely no hints or clues to what the Demon had been planning.

“ Well little we can do for tonight all inside now!” Yukimura said with a smile as he went to go drink more Sake.

“ YUKIMURA HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM!” Benitora turned with anger. All of this and still no sign of miss Yuya. It was driving the poor tiger into insanity (or taking away what little he had left).

“ Calm yourself Hidetada we can’t do much until we have even more information and any way we need rest for the long journey we are going to have.”

“ Rest how can we! We need to keep going!” The tiger screamed.

“ Now now Benitora really the adventure to the Mibu lands isn’t going to be an easy one.”
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