Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction ❯ The Demon Empress ❯ whos watching ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter three

Yes I know I haven’t updated in forever but tonight both fanfics are getting at least two new long chapter so if your reading my other yuyu Hakusho fic check it out as well ok on with chapter three.

‘Damn that no good Kyo! Who did the man think he was, so what you destroyed the mibu empire! If it wasn’t for him the Great Date Masamune holding his hand the whole damn way he never would have done it!’

The one eyed dragon thought as he punched away a yet another one of the walls Kyo had ordered knocked down. He growled as he punched away, disintegrating brick by golden brick of the mibu castle town. The only comfort that he had on his irritated mind was that Hotaru and Akira had been ordered to do the same some where else on these “sacred grounds”.

‘If it wasn’t for his current state I’d knock that damn demon’s block off!’ He screamed in his mind as he landed another punch on the undeserving wall.

“BON you idiot your making a mess do it properly! Scattering all that gold every where! I know you’re an unevolved beast but could you try to contain your stupidity!”

Ohhhhh yes demon eyes Kyo was going to die! Sending this no good pervert to “watch” him and keep him working. He truly did not understand why the gods wish him such ill.

“Quit slacking you over grown bear! Keep to it!”

“Akari shut your ugly trap you Transve….OW!” The quick spear to the forehead shut him up quickly enough as the blonde cross dresser frowned.

“You talking back Bon?” ‘Her’ eyes held certain death at the wrong response and Bontenmaru wondered for the umpteenth time how the gods could be so cruel.

“That’s right, I’m the queen bee and you are nothing more then a worker so get worken! And I will watch, just as my darling, soon to be husband, Kyo asked!”

The one eyes man smirked at the obvious proud lie was declared from the ‘woman’s’ lips. He just shook his head at her obvious denial and for once decided to forgo another blow to the head and get on with his work. Leavening the ‘poor woman’ to her obvious denial.

The group awoke as dawn broke to gather their things. Each eager to continue their quest with such a lead given to them, demon eyes Kyo would soon be found! With everything packed and ready to go the group was oddly silent as the set out for the forest of death.

They traveled on, the path to familiar to forget and with the familiar road came the memories of blood and the clashing of weapons. The sounds of the fights only four year gone by still held firm in their minds as they finally reached the beginning of the forest of death.

“It almost seems like it’s got a hold on us always calling us back.” The squinting tiger stated hands resting in his pockets.

“Yes it does seem this forest seems to have taken a great liking to us doesn’t it?” The cheery samurai answered, his classic smile in place and of coarse his favorite child ninja at his side. Who looked at the young heir with fiend annoyance.

The tiger disregarded the look and moved forwards as did the rest. Maybe it was the fact that it was their 5th time trough these horrible woods that made them all so calm, or was it that their skill had just increased to beyond worrying of the small threats this forest now possessed.

“I hope our demon friend like company in his new home!” Yukimura announced with a smile as the sun finally dimed like a sunset as the trees got denser.

As they trekked on Sakuya couldn’t help but feel as if more then the last surviving creations of the mibu were watching them. She quickened her pace to be next to yukimura and received a heavy glare from the white haired ninja. She only ignored it. She was too disturbed to knowledge his unhappiness at her current distance from his master.

She felt as if each tree was sizing her up. Seeing just how much of a threat she was. She quickly scanned the others and saw them obviously calm and at ease only oddly more so then normal. The farther they got into the forest of death.

“Why so on edge Lady Sakuya?” A bubbly voice asked breaking the unnerving silence.

“Lord Yukimura this forest, I don’t think it wants me here.” His smile only brightened as he tried to sooth the lady’s fears.

“Ah you are only remembering the mibu, and how they used to control this forest and you. Do not worry Lady Sakuya everything is fine. This forest is welcoming us!”

She only nodded as to try to appear calm. Yes it seemed the forest was welcoming their group but she didn’t think she was apart of that feeling. No she was far from welcome and it wasn’t the mibu that concerned her now but who ever controlled this forest at the current time. Maybe this eerie feeling was brought upon knowing that it wasn’t an enemy at the end of their search but a friend.

Or so they thought.

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