Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos ❯ Epilogue ( Epilogue )

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Aldonza yawned as she walked through the door to her personal quarters; it had certainly been a tiresome day. She had to help Speedy and the others get their belongings back to the parlor; she assisted in some of the rebuilding; and, on top of all that, she had to work at the Pizza Cat. She continued with the rebuilding for quite a while after the parlor closed for the evening; and it was 10:00pm before she could finally get back to the Mansion and take a decent shower.

She had to admit; she disliked water, but cold water always did the trick when it came to washing the perspiration out of her fur.

Aldonza climbed into bed, nearly tripping over her long tail as she did so. She closed her eyes, but then reopened them as she remembered something: her journal. She opened the drawer and pulled out the gray-covered journal, with the pencil inside. For a moment, she tapped her pencil thoughtfully against her now-opened journal, considering what to write. Then, straightening herself in bed, she began.

"Hello again. Anything good going on?.....No?....It's been a little while since I've talked to you. Care to hear what's been going on?

"Little Tokyo was besieged recently from the next in a line of idiot terrorists. He called himself Chaos Kitten, and he almost did everyone in. If it wasn't for Vi sneaking behind him and yanking the sword out of his hands, he probably would've defeated us. However, justice prevailed.

"Different things have come about as a result. First off, I'd like you to meet Chaos Kitten's cousin, Felonia Jase. After the Supreme Catatonic flung C.K. clear to Spain, she almost broke down in tears. Thankfully, now, she's recovered. She's accepted a temporary job as a cook at Bat Cat's pizza parlor. She's trying to save up enough money, because she'll be leaving in about 5 months for America. In the meantime, she's living off of Bat Cat's finances. She told me she wants to find her parents and let them know she's okay, and also to bring her relatives to justice for what they've done to her. Considering her emotional scars, I can't say I blame her.

"Took a little while for Curtis to get back up to speed from his pre-transformation injury, but he and the Pizza Cats are now fully healthy, including Francine. What Ambush Cat did for Francine was truly amazing. But, then again, he's a Super-Cat like the rest of us. He knows what he's good for."

Curtis walked on past, muttering something, and hopped into his own bed. He didn't even bother to switch off the light. Aldonza gave a light-hearted smirk, and continued writing.

"As for what's happening in New York, the Cheese crime family's been disbanded and thrown in jail, each and every one of them. The Super-Cats' Infinite Defense brought down some money in order to help with city and country-wide repairs, and the place is started to look as good as new. That's good; because I'm going there in a week or two to visit my mother, who probably drove the surrounding robots insane with her recipe for cinnamon cookies. Her last phone call implied that she's okay, although I tend to wonder what she was really thinking as the robots roared through the area.

"Oh, and did I forget to mention that Polly's had kittens? That's right. She has 5, count them, FIVE kittens! This was all thanks to Atom Cat and Guru Lou, whose scientific geniuses created a formula that would allow Little Tokyo cats to reproduce like their domesticated cousins. I got to see them, recently; they're really quite cute. One of them even looks like Speedy! Just what we needed, huh? Of course, when I tried to talk to him, he hissed at me and told me to bug out. That's one of the disadvantages of a kitten having the mind of a Super-Cat.

"And, because of the new-found skills that Violet displayed recently, Empress Frieda has, believe it or not, crowned her as the NEW EMPRESS! I can't believe it either, and sometimes I tend to doubt Frieda's judgements, but I do think that she's going to be an excellent ruler. Frieda's going to be sticking around, still; after all, she IS Violet's mother. Fred? Now, Fred's another story. When I tried to talk to him, the only response I got was, 'Fred! Fa-red!'---which is, according to Teasy Melika, his way of saying, 'Hi, I'm Fred. Have you seen my Scatman John tape anywhere?' After that, he wandered off, presumably to run around in circles during Council meetings like he usually does.

"The announcement came out yesterday that Carlos Cosmos has agreed to marry Princess Violet. Kinda odd, considering that Vi's a rabbit and Carlos's a cat; but if it's possible for Francine to date a deer, there shouldn't be any problems either. The marriage and reception is going to be in 3 weeks at the same place where Speedy and Polly were married. I wish Carlos had invited me; instead, I find myself having to work with Zapana in the W.R. for the first time in a while. Still, considering how well Zapana and I get along, unlike 5 years ago, it's the best gift I could have."

Aldonza snuck a glance at Curtis, who was fast asleep, and chuckled as she put her thoughts onto paper. "And Curtis, the leader of S.I.D., is himself again. The Animal Legion of Doom is gone, and he has his best friend, Shila, back in the Mansion again. His temper tantrums will be limited, and that's good, because before Shila first showed up, he was prone to rampaging around. I won't go so far as to suggest they'll get married someday, but who knows? He still has another 127 years to live, thanks to his mutated DNA. Anything could happen in that time.

"Finally...ah, Ambush Cat. What can I say about him? He short-circuited that robot in such a way as to make Zero proud of him. He was furious about what Chaos Kitten had done to Francine, and he was willing to stop him any way he can. He has the heart of a Super-Cat....however, I think he also has the brain of a Psyduck, considering how often he likes to bite my tail."

Aldonza stifled a yawn. "Speaking of Psyduck, I'd better get going and get some sleep. My favorite show is on in the morning, and I don't plan on missing it."

With that, Aldonza closed the journal and stuck the pencil inside. She set the journal on her beside table and switched off the light. Yawning, she stretched out in bed for a well-deserved sleep.


In far off America, the wind blew across the streets, scattering papers and scrap alike. A newspaper clipping with the headline: "SUPER-CATS, NYPC THWART THE CHEESES", blew across the street and landed at the feet of a pedestrian.

"If those robots had made it to California, I would've stopped them myself," the figure hissed. "They would've been disturbing my peace. And now, the media's doing the same thing." He picked up the clipping and crumpled it inside his hands. "No more. Enough. No more."

He hissed again. "The Cheese stood alone. And now, so do I. I, Thunderball Visello, have had enough. I will find some way to deal with this threat to my peace and quiet, regardless the cost."

TO BE CONTINUED......................