SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Bickering gets you no where ❯ Figuring it Out ( Chapter 3 )

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As Zero focused on Bakunetsumaru with his attacks, he mentally kept an eye on the others. They were in a state of shock when he clashes his swords with the musha gundam, but soon they ran to aid their friend. But Zero already anticipated their moves. He quickly kicked Bakunetsumaru mid-torso, and made him slam into a wall. The kick was so powerful, Baku went through the way, and nearly fainted. He was stuck in the wall, and watch helplessly saw Zero picked up his sword, and summon a black rose tornado at everyone else., making them fly into the other side of the large room, knocking them all out, and making them fly out of the floating ship. The tornado easily knocked down the wall,so they could fly out without coming in contact with a blocking surface. Baku didn't go with them, since he was stuck in the wall. Baku lost track of them as Zero turned to him.

`That gets rid of the nuisance…", the evil Zero smirked. His cape fluttered a bit with the sea wind that entered the room. The musha nervously looked up, and wiggled in his hole, trying to escape. The knight rolled his eyes.

"Geez, you look so pathetic there, if you are at least going to let me have revenge, he must fight corretly!"

The musha blinked. `…revenge..?'

But his thoughts were soon trampled into dust when a light encircled him. He noticed Zero had his sword in hand, the same colored light covered his sword as the light grabbing him. He was quickly lifted up out of the hole, and thrown into the middle of the room. He groaned when he felt the hard marble surface come in contact with the surface of his frontal side.

"Get up!", demanded the controlled Zero, impatience dripping from his voice. His eyes were glaring at him. The knight kicked him his swords, which landed dully by him. "Get up and fight, you weakling!"

The word `weakling' struck him like lightning. He hated to be called weakling, and he always desired to be the strongest of all his kind. Being called weakly was obviously stating his current position to reaching his goal.

He gingerly, yet determinedly, got up from the ground, and grabbed his swords. A fire brewed up in his emotions, and question lingering his mind.

`How can I beat him, without killing off the real Zero?...hrmm…I heard captain one day say something of how you can beat control horns…'

A flashback suddenly exploded in his mind, his question waiting to be answered.

It was a few weeks ago, when Bakunetsumaru was looking for his precious sword puffs. He had a feeling the knight got mischievous on him, and took them. As he roamed the halls to snatch his prizes back, he noticed a door was left ajar, letting a thin stream of light reach out, and paint the wall opposite of the wall. The mushu looked at the wall, and saw shadows moving around in it, like a puppet show. Curiosity was stinging him, so he bent down and scuttled next to the door, to eavesdrop.

He easily distinguished the two talking, one was captain, the other was Kao Lyn, whos' shadow was bouncing about.

"I managed to get a control horn while battling with the Dark axis minions", captain stated. He handed the said control horn to the inventor. He willingly took it, and bounced off to a weird machine Baku identified as a scanner of some sort. A bright light flashed, and blinded the curious gundam for a moment. As his sight cam back, Kao lyn jumped around excitedly over to a computer, and typed a few words in. Then a mysterious, robotic voice was activated, and told what the control horn was made of. Baku didn't hear this part ,since he thought he saw someone pass the parallel hall, and quickly hid in a nearby closet, rich with ornaments for Christmas Parties.

When Baku thought it was safe to come out again, a few golden glass ornaments cling to his horn. He quickly replaced them off his horns and into the closet, and crouched down by the door again, peeking in. He missed the summary of what the control was made of, but heard the next question.

`oooh, so that's what they were made of…I wonder how the Dark Axis got the technology to build such complicated devices", said Captain, perplexed.

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Lyn thought for a moment.

"Now that we know how it works, we now know how to deactivate them, without having to chop them off, which is a risky business, so you don't chop off the victims head. You see, the reason why they usually put it on the head is so that the electronic waves can easily access the victims control center, which is usually in the head unit. The control unit also has a special chip deep down, protected mainly by so many security panel, not even a standard mind controlling device can get it….if they find out how to get through those many layers of security panels, it will fully alter the victim. Not just looks or behavior, but it will also reach into the victims true emotions.", he said, finishing.

Captain blinked. "How will it alter a true feeling of a victim..?" he asked.

"You see my boy, whenever the victims feeling were when the control device latch onto them, the feelings will block out some of the information the control device is feeding them. SO the controlhorn will find out a way to kill off that feeling, by destroying whatever the victim had feelings towards. Once they are out of the way, the victim is totally open for controlling, and well, they will lose their whole memory, as well as their free will. A very nifty device it is. But in order for them to develop such a device, they must steal some information of the soul….like emotions, so that the device knows what to go after.", he said.

"How do you destroy the device?"

Lyn jumped. "whhhhe! You must figure out what the victims last major feelings were, so you have reverse the affect. Like if you hated them, they will try to destroy you. To destroy the control horn, you must love them, so the feeling will calm down, thus calming down the controlling power of the horn!"

Captain blinked, and understood. "I have another question….how do you know all of this?", he said.

"Well, you see…"

But Baku didn't listen to that part of the conversation, when he saw zero float by, holding his puffs, which were covered in roses. He pursuited the knight, reading his swords for a surprise attack…

Baku snapped out of his flashback in time to see the kight charge. He knew how it all happened.

`…zero got angry at me, and flew off, his anger towards me…he flew off, probably got ambushed, and now he whats….to kill me…all I have to do is show affection, so he'll come back to normal!", he thought, as his swords clashes with Zeros' hopefully for the last time.

He quickly thought up of a plan. (a.n: shounen ai warning!) As he and zero put pressure on their swords, he didn't put pressure on his sword, and Zero overpowered them. He fell backwards, Zero landing on top of him. The knight smirked, and applied more pressure to his sword, leaning down to do so.

`can't believe I'm doing this…' as his last thought zoomed away, he lifted up his head, so that his and zero's mouths came in contact- a simple kiss.

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