SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Breakfast ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Please read SaVaY's fic people! It's almost as funny as Realm of CHAOS! Plus, she's one of my best pals!!


Shute set breakfast down on the table. Baku began to scarf his oatmeal down.
C: "Thanks Shute!" He starts to eat his.
Z: "Could I have some coffee instead of milk please?"
S: "No Zero, your too young for coffee, just like me." Zero pouted.
Z: "I want coffee!"
S: "I'm not giving you coffee, Zero."
Z: "Coffee!"
S: "No coffee!"
Z: "Then I'll hold my breath until you give me some!"
C: "Once you pass out, you'll start breathing again." Baku raised an invisible eyebrow.
B: "Were you always such a brat when you were a kid, Zero?"
Z: "Did you always eat everything put in front of you?"
B: *thinks* "Hm...I guess I did..." he continues to eat his oatmeal.
Z: >_< "I want coffee!!"
S: "No Zero."
Z: "Grrr...fine, I'll make my own! O mana!" A magic circle appears above Zero and drops down a poodle. Zero reads the name tag.
C: "...I'm assuming Zero isn't good with magic as a kid..."
G: "He asked for coffee and got a poodle?"
Z: "...Named fluffee."
G: *lol*
Z: *throws dog away* "Get it right this time, mana!" A phonebook drops down and automatically opens to the Starbucks number.
G: *lhao*
S, C, & B: *surpressing laughter*
Z: *throwing a hissy fit* "I.WANT.COFFEE!!!"
S: "Zero, sit down and eat breakfast before Baku does for you."
Z: ;_; "But...I want coffee..." Guneagle snatches Baku's bowl.
B: "Hey, where'd my-" he dumps it on Baku and flies away.
S: "Guneagle, get back here and apologize!"
G: "Make me!" :p
S: "Get down here now or I'll..."
G: "Or what? You can't reach-" A bowl hits him square in the head and he crashes in a bush.
S & C: !
B: _/++ "HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY BREAKFAST!!!" (this isn't what he normally acts like, it's just when someone messes with his food.)
S, C, & G: O_o
S: "Um...Baku...i know your upset about this...but I think you should say sorry to Guneagle for breaking a bowl on his head..."
B: "But...he started it!!"
G: "Did not!" XP
B: "Did too!" XP
S: "I don't care who started it, both of you have to say sorry!"
G: "Why?" He gets an idea. "My head hurts!"
S: *sigh* "Let me see..." Shute pulls him out of the bush.
Z: "...I still never got my coffee!!" >:[
S: "Your head looks fine to me."
G: "But it hurts bad!!" X(
S: *sighs again* "Baku, just say your sorry."
B: "Would I get another bowl of oatmeal?"
S: "Can you do it for feeling bad about hurting Guneagle?"
B: "No."
S: "Don't make me ground you!"
B: "But that would be lying!"
G: "Ow-the pain!"
B: "See? He's faking it!"
S: "Baku..."
B: "Alright-sorry Guneagle."
S: "Like you mean it."
B: "But I did mean it!"
S: T_T
B: "I'm sorry Guneagle-"
G: "Much better!" Guneagle flies away.
B: "He still didn't apologize!!" >_<
S: " least you did the right thing."
C: "I'll put the dishes away-" Captain trips and breaks all of the silverware. "I'm so sorry Shute! I can fix it!" He tries to scoop up all of the broken pieces.
S: "I hope I don't have to endure this much longer..."

Sorry, you do Shute! ^________^ Yay, I'm not grounded anymore! Chapter 3, 4, and the almost finished 5 will be posted right after this!