SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Bad Day For Shute ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Ideas! Mez NEED ideas! Or I be forced to take this down...;-; *slams head against wall* Yeah, so a little bit o' help here peeps??


Captain rested his head on his hands while staring out the window at the rain.
C: "I'm bored."
S: "Yeah...hey, how about I try to make something in my workshop?"
C: "Alright." Shute and Captain run out threw the rain and hurry inside Shute's workshop.
S: "Crap! I left my screwdriver in the house. I'll be right back, okay Captain?"
C: "Kay." Shute runs out. Captain looks around. "Wow, the world looks so much different now-" Captain accidently steps in Shute's jetblades. "Yaaaah!" *crashes into varies objects before sailing out of the balcony into the mud* x.x "Curse my karma..." *looks up at the workshop to see it burst into flames* 0_0 *buries himself in the mud* ><;;;;;

B: "Hee hee hee hee hee-"
S: "Baku!" T_T++ *doesn't notice Zero sneaking around the kitchen*
B: *looks up to see a very angry Shute* "Eeek!"
S: *grabs Baku before he can run away* "What did I tell you about meal between meals?!"
B: *trying to wipe the crumbs off his face* "It's not a meal between a meal, it's a snack!" ^^;;
S: "Same difference Baku. Everyone eats at the same time!"
Z: *starts to run around kitchen like a bat outta hell*
S: *sees Zero and sighs* "Zeerrrrooooo!"
G: "What the hell-" *throws open door*
Z: *gets slammed with door* @_@ "owie..."
G: *blinks at Zero* "Oh-kay. Shute, come quick! There's some kind of evil demon plaguing your computer and television!!"
S: *sighs and lets Guneagle drag himself off*
B: "..." *pokes Zero* "Whatcha' doin'?"
Z: *wakes up* "MINE!!!!!!" *misses the doorway and slams into the wall* x.x
B: *looks at Zero's imprint on the wall* "OH!" ^-^ *also slams into wall and makes an imprint of himself next to Zero* @.@ "Hee hee hee..."
Z: x.x

G: "See?! What is this madness!?!?"
S: *looking at tv screen* T_T;;; "Uhm, Guneagle-"
G: "We MUST find the source of this problem and cut it down!!"
S: "Guneagle, it's just-"
S: "Chill! It's only parental controls."
G: "What is this 'parental controls' in which you speak of?"
S: "Dude, you sound like Zero."
G: "Sorry."
S: "It just blocks out cussing, violence-"
G: *gasp!*
S: "- and nudity."

Tallgeese: *somewhere in Lacroa* *GASP!* "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOT THE NUDITY!!!" *blinks and looks around* "...Wait, where did that impulse come from??"

G: *completely outraged* "You're pulling my leg! PLEASE say you are pulling my leg!!"
S: "Well, he's gnawing on your leg...and I kid you not."
G: *looks down at Zero gnawing on his leg* "...?"
Z: x.x *chew chew chew*
G: *kicks Zero off* "Shute, we must put an end to this madness!!"
S: "Good luck. By law, every tv and computer in Neotopia must have parental controls."
G: *pupils dilate* "WHHHHAAAAAAATTTT?!?!??!?!?!"

C: *thinks that was Shute* *buries self even further in the mud* ;-;

G: *rocking back and forth in the corner* "The horror....the hooorrrroorrrr....." *tellitubies singing on the tv* "GAH!!!" *shoots the tv* o.o;;;
S: *thankfully wasn't paying attention* "Now where is that screwdriver?!?"
Z: "Hee hee hee hee MINE!!"
S: <.<;;
Z: *cradling coffee grinds*
S: "Z, put down the coffee-"
Z: *eats the grinds* "NO! NEVER!! MINEEE!!!"
S: O.o "What are you, an addict?!"
Z: "No...maybe...yes...WHAT'S-IT-TO-YA'!??!"
S: O.o;;; *slowly scoots away to the kitchen* <.<;;;;;;; *picks up the screwdriver on the counter* "There you are! Let's get back to Cap..." *sees Baku coloring all over the indented wall with crayons*
B: "La la la la la-"
S: "BAKU!!!"
B: *turns around all innocent like* "Hai?"
S: "What do you think you are DOING?!?"
B: "Coloring!" ^-^ "See, I'm red and Zero's blue!"
S: *smacks forehead* ><++
B: *tilts head to the side innocently* "Keh?"
S: _/ *trying hard not to blow up* "Can you...please...go...take away...Zero's coffee grinds...instead...?"
B: *disappointed* "Oh-kay..." *trudges off*
S: _/ *goes outside* *sighs* "I'm back-"
Workshop: *burnt down to the ground*
S: "" _/++++++
C: *buried himself ten feet under the ground* ><;;;;;;; *keeps digging and hits oil* O.o?? *is shot up from the ground by the stream of oil* "Eeep!!!" *lands right in front of Shute* ><;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "No hurt! NO HURT!!"

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