SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Playground Wars [Part 2] ( Chapter 11 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

....hush. You hear that? It's the sound of creative juices swirling around in my head again! Well, at least for the moment. ^_^

LAST TIME: Shute went to meditate by a bench, Baku took a nap by a tree, and Captain & Zapper go to war over the playground's territory! Captain/Zero/Guneagle v Zapper/Grappler/Destroyer: how will the battle play out without real weapons? Find out now... ^^

Captain grabbed Zero & Guneagle and hid under the fort while whispering.
C: "Okay men, we'll neeed to work in code from now on so they can't foil our manuevers! I'm red 1, you're red 2 Zero, and Guneagle is red 3."
Z: "Uhh, why red? I mean, the only red one here is Baku, and he's not in this."
C: *snaps at Zero* "Are you questioning my authority?! Besides, that's the point, it'll confuse them."
Z: "Riiiigghhhttt...." 9.9;;;; "Someone is a bit too absorbed in this--"
C: "Silence! Now, Zero, your objective is to fly up to the top and reclaim our territory--"
Z: "I can't fly." T_T+++ *throws a rock at the magic circle above* "SCREW YOU MANA!"
Mana: "Fine, you can sleep on the couch tonight, dear!!" *poofs in the air*
Z: >_<++ *starts swearing under his breath*
G: "Wow, they fight like a married couple, hahaha..." ^^ "That's kinda sad when you think about it though Zero."
C: "Focus people! Okay, instead, Guneagle- fly up to reclaim the fort--"
G: "Oh no, I'm sorry Captain--"
C: "--red 1--"
G: "--red 1. Knowing now my ignorance in overlooking their Carebear heritage--"
Z: *rolls his eyes* "Oh give me a BREAK already! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"
G: "--I cannot simply go by without beating the stuffing out of them. Literally." *grasps a large stick he found earlier*
Z: *chuckles* "You call that a weapon?"
G: "Hey, you see this? It's nice and sharp and pointy and pokey and scratchy and can EASILY cause hours upon hours of frusteration when it alone breaks your lawn mower on a hill!!" >_<
Z: O.o;;; "...Forget I said anything."
C: *growling irritably* "FINE, then I'll go reclaim the fort while Guneagle keeps them distracted and Zero hides in secrecy, waiting to strike if they get close to the target."
Z: "Sweet, so I got the easy job?" ^^
G: *twitching* "Bring it ooonnnn..."
C: "Great, so since there are no objections: MOVE OUT MEN!!"

On the Axis side...
Gouf: *using his finger to draw x's and o's in the dirt* "Okay, Dom moves around behind the seesaw--"
Zaku: "Hey! Who ever put you in charge here!?"
Gouf: "Oh I'm sorry, I just figured that common sense would come through your thick head and let me, some one with an IQ, work on the formation!"
Zaku: "Hah, that's the stupidest thing I've ever head! You wouldn't even be in this if I hadn't dragged you kicking and screaming! Besides, this is my battle!!"
Dom: *ignoring the two arguing* "Wahahaha, butterffllllyyyyy!" *chases it*
Zaku & Gouf: "Dom, shut up and get over here!!" *continue bickering*

(A/N: ...ahh, watch the paradox unfold before your eyes... x_x)

Zaku: *finally somehow managed to get Gouf to stop resisting and Dom to stop playing with the wildlife* *sighs heavily* "Okay, we should get some Zakos to climb up to the top of the fort and guard while we--"
Gouf: -.-+ "You mean those Zakos over there?" *points at the little action figure-sized Zakos*
Zakos: ZAAAKOOOOOO!! *being buried alive by other children in the sandbox*
Zaku: "...............well there goes that plan." x.x
Gouf: *shakes his head* "Wonderful observation, genius.." *gumbles about how stupid everyone around him is*
Zaku: *glares at Grappler* "Okay then, Mr. Teamplayer, what's your great idea?!" -.-+
Gouf: *crosses his arms while looking away* "Oh I'm sorry, I thought my ideas were sooo insignificant to yours, the plan kinda slipped my mind. A little groveling and begging my forgiveness for your unworthiness could jog my memory." ^.^
Zaku: *steams* "LIKE HECK AM I EVER GONNA DO THAT!!" >_<+++
Dom: *gets bored and starts running after a squirrel* :D
Gouf: "...Weren't you supposed to remind me to make sure he took his Riddlin?" -.-
Zaku: *still fuming* "Remember yourself, jerk!" T.T++
Gouf: "Pompous idiot!"
Zaku: *kicks Grappler in the shin* "Momma's boy!"
Gouf: *growls and tackles Zapper* "Loser wanna-be!"
Dom: *finally catches up to the squirrel and pulls on it's tail* "Gahaha!" ^_^
Squirrel: x_x *rallys angry park squirrels* >:o "VIVA LA SQUIRRELS!!"
Dom: O.o "AAHHHH!!" *runs from the angry park squirrels*

.................Let's just move back to the Gundams...
G: *growling* "No sign of the enemy yet, how much father until you've reached the target?"
C: *climbing up but slides back down the slide again* "Uhh, Houston, I think we have a problem..."
Z: "What?" *peeks out from under the fort*
C: "I keep losing ground..."
Z: T.T "Hmm, I see. Maybe you should try climbing up something that isn't slanted downhill with slippery coating, like, um, the STAIRS?" -_-0
C: "...That...just might be crazy enough to work." *climbs off of the slide and starts climbing up the stairs* "Red 2! Red 2, it's working!!" ^.^
Z: T_T;;;;;; "...yah...."
G: "Captain! Target sighted! And they have backup!!"
Z: O.o;;; "What backup?!"
C: "I'm sorry, I thought I made it clear enough that my code name is red 1!!" T.T+
G: "...squirrels!! Rabid squirrels at 12 o'clock!!" *pretends to unshealth his stick* "Zero...If I don't get out of this alive........Please tell Julie that... that..."*getting all emotional*
Z: *puts a hand on Guneagle's shoulder* "It's alright. I understand..." v.v
G: ".....that.....that she still owes me five bucks..."
Z: x_x *falls over* "......sure...."
G: "CHAARRRGEEE!!" *runs forward and starts beating the crap outta the squirrels with the stick*
Dom: o.o;;;; *runs to Zero and hides behind him*
Z: O.o??? "Hey, waitaminute--AHHH!!" *is piled on by hundreds of squirrels* x___X
Dom: ^^;
Z: "Captain!! CAPTAIN! We need help down here!" *is struggling to keep his head above the sea of squirrels*
C: *sticks his fingers in his ears* "Lalalalalala, I'm sorry, my name is red 1, lalalalalalala--"
Z: "Mayday! Maydaaaayyyy!! I'm going downnn!!" ><; *goes under the sea of squirrels*
C: *manages to climb up to the top of the fort* "HAH!! See that?! We" *finally notices everything is covered in squirrels* "...Oh, it doesn't matter, I've reclaimed the fort." ^^ *narrating for unknown reasons* "Another Dark Axis plan foiled by the Gundam Force!" *notices another kid on the fort with him* "It is safe to play, young civillian! I am happy to have been of service!"
Kid: ...O.o;;; *ignores Captain's funny talk and continues eating his canned pears*
C: O.O "..C............C............C.............Ca........Can......CANNED!!! CANNED!!!" *runs down the fort screaming* "CAAAANNNNNNEEEDDD!!!!" *runs up to Zero, lying on the ground breathing hard* "Red 2!! RED 2!!! SPEAK TO MEEE!!" *shakes Zero vigorously*
Z: x.x.x.x.x "C-Cap-tain-stop-sha-sha-king-me!"
C: "NO! NOOO, I lost him!!" ;_; *drops him, runs up to Zapper & Grappler, and gets on his knees* "Please stop! We give up! We surrender! Just PLEASE spare my friends!!!" ;___;
Zaku: *pokes his head out of the dust cloud fight him and Grappler got into* "...What?" O.o;
Gouf: *also lets go of Zapper* ""
C: "Y-Yes...." ;_;
Zaku: *isn't used to hearing those words* "........WE WON!!!" ^_^ *gloats*
Gouf: x.x "DUDE! We didn't DO anything!!"
Zaku: "A victory is a victory!" ^.^ *pumps his arm in the air*
Gouf: *finally surveys the area and sweatdrops* "Uhh, not really, since our single victory came out of a death struggle with squirrels........." x_x
Zaku: "....Don't ruin my moment."
Z: *walks up to them looking like he wants to rip out Captain's brain and devour it* *twitching* "Cap....tain..."
C: "ZERO! You're ALIVE!" *glomps Zero*
Zero: T_T++++ "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" *hits Captain over the head with the dead squirrel*
C: x.x
Zaku: "Dom! Get over here and celebrate with us!!" ^.^
Dom: o.o;;;;;;;;;;; *is surrounded by angry squirrels* "...meep..." x_x
G: *crawls up to Captain* "" x__x
C: *watches the squirrels leap at Dom* -.-0 *points over at Michael Jackson* "Look! An old man with nuts!"
Squirrels: *pauses* *attack Michael Jackson* "Screeeee!!!"
Michael J: "Hey, little boy, wanna come to neverland with me...?" *winks at the boy*
Boy: O.o;;;
Michael J: *is suddenly attcked by squirrels* "AAHHH! Not the face!! NOT THE FAAAACCEE!!!" *runs off*
C: T.T;;; "There you go, Dom."
Z: *twitch* "Why" *twitch* "didn't you... do that... when they were.... attacking US!!??!?!?" >_<+++++
C: *blinks innocently* "...They were attacking you?" O.o
Z: "GAAAHH!!!" X_X
Zaku: "Ahh, I love the smell of evil in the morning!" ^^ "Our job here is done, let's go up the fort and make fun of the wussy gundams!" *climbs up whole dragging Grappler and Destroyer* ^.^ "Hahaha, you suck gundams!"
Gouf: -.-0 "I give up......"
C: x.x "Could we at least form a truce so we could share--"
Zaku: "Hah-NO!" ^^ "Suffer!! Feel our pain and misery!! Feel the anguish as your commander beats the snot out of you for failing!!"
C: "No, actually, our commander would just pat us on the back and say, 'You did well. Want to go out for some pizza?'"
DA trio: "................."
Gouf: "Man I hate good guys." x.x

Lol, well that certainly was a crazy chapter. ^.^ KAWAII ACTION FIGURE ZAKOS!! ^__^ Poor little guys. Death by sandbox. But wait--the war isn't over? Next time: the REAL conclusion of the Playground Wars!--

Zaku: *is speechless* "WHAT THE HECK?! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!"
C: "I'm sorry, I never said anything about good guys always playing by the book." :p "And I guess I kinda assumed bad guys would understand about 'not being fair'."
Gouf: "...Is it just me, or are we constantly getting the short end of the stick?" -.-0

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