SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Playground Wars [Part 3] ( Chapter 12 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

RW: Look!! I LIVE! ^^;;;;
Everyone: *hisses and lurches at RW*
RW: O.o Eeep!!! *jumps on a table* DOWN!! Down I say!!! x_x I'm sorry I haven't been updating, but my dad just recently lost sight in his right eye due to his retina detaching without any trauma, and now I'm just waiting the last bit of my summer until he can get his new glasses and see right again, but now the &(*$#$ secretary isn’t sending over the paperwork to his boss and he’s threatening to fire him and–ARGH!! X__x But it does give me time to write, so lets see what I can do now, neh?

LAST TIME: The Gundam Force was overpowered by rabid squirrels rallied by Destroyer Dom, and, in desperation, Captain gives into defeat! But wait, the Playground Wars aren't over?? The conclusive chapter now! ^^;

Zaku: *dancing in a circle laughing in an annoying voice like Cartman* “Hahahahahahaa, Hahahahahahaa, screw you!”
Z: -.-;;;; “Not the most modest of people, are you?”
Gouf: “Who cares about modesty when we woooonnn...” ^^ *high fives Zapper*
G: x_x “Shut up, ya stupid carebears!!” *throws his stick at Zapper's head*
Zaku: “Hahahah, ow, what the heck?” >< “Don't make us kick your butts a second time!!”
C: “I'd like to see you try.” v.v
Zaku: *growls* “Then it's ON!!”
Gouf: *tackles Zapper* “NO, don't waste the advantage we have doing something dumb, you nitwit!!” ><
G: “Bring it on, bring it on, I've got enough hate for the three of ya's!!” *jabs the air* ><+
Gouf: -.- “Cool it, ya hot-head!”
G: *pouts* “I'm not the hot-head, he's the hot-head!” *points at Baku*
B: *still sleeping by a tree peacefully* “zzzzzzz.....”
Zaku: T.T “That's convincing.”
Dom: *takes out a calligraphy pen and begins writing neatly* Dear Journal, today has been one of the most dreadful of days I have had to suffer with these two bumbling, incompetent morons. We were sent out on a simple mission to utterly obliterate the gundam force once again; personally, between you and me, I believe the commander is a bit too stuck up for his own good and might want to get a bloody personality transplant.
Or better yet, an i.q. transplant.
Nonetheless, after I had designed to the most flawless plans, my hand still is throbbing from the sheer labor of scribbling and scratching out for hours on end, those bleeding gits blow my plans out of proportion and foil the whole scheme! When it couldn't have possibly have gone any bloody worse, we find out that we, too, are miniscule hooligans!
Buncha useless bung holers--
Zaku: T_T “Dom, put the book away, it's getting annoying!!”
Dom: *looks up and growls* “Piss off, bloak.”
Zaku: “...What?” O.o
Dom: *grins stupidly* “Dahahaha!” ^^ “Dat cloud look like marshmewwo!!” *flaps his arms*
Zaku: *blinks* “......Riiiightt...” -.- “Grappler, I think we’re going to have to keep a closer eye on Dom…”
Gouf: “Yeah, but who has the closer eye?” *looks over at Zapper*Zaku: *looks over at Grappler* “…”Gouf: “…Hmmmm…” *tilts his head to the side* “I think your eye sticks out more than mine, so you have the closer eye.” v.v
Zaku: *huff* “That’s because you’re not looking at your eye, Mr. Near-sighted-cyclops!”
Gouf: *growls* “I’m not near sighted!!” *pokes Zapper’s eye*
Zaku: “OW!!” >.<
Dom: “…” *sighs and starts feverishly writing in the journal again*
Z: “…I can’t believe we lost to them.” -.-;;;
C: *puts a hand on Zero’s shoulder* “Never fear, my dear comrade, for they only have won the battle when we have yet to win the war!!” *poses dramatically*
G: *whispers to Zero* “I think he’s been playing too many video games with Shute and Kao Lyn.”
Z: *sweatdrops and nods*
Dom: *glares at the gundams from behind the journal* *with a British accent* “So, what’s your ingenious plan, you stuck up sonuva–“

Nana: “BUNGALO!....” O.o
Keiko: O.o “Oh my–honey, come quick, Nana said her first word!!” >.> “And I mean other than gooouaaa and roote and baba!”
Mark: *covers the phone’s mouthpiece* “In a sec–so, baby, wanna check the SDG Force’s benefits?” *makes a purring noise on the phone* ^.~

Z: Oo; “What language, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!”
G: “Shut up Zero, no one cares about being etiquette anymore.” -.-
C: *pouts* “Oh you just wait, my plan will be something extraordinary!” ><
Dom: *rolls eyes* “Like what, cream puff?”
C: “Like…like…” *tears start forming in his eyes all cutely* ;-;
Zaku: *stops trying to assault Grappler with a toy Zako* “OooOOOOooooo, Dom made Captain crrryyyyy….” ^^Gouf: -.- “Dork.” *bops Zapper on the head* “Nice job, Dom, you’re on a roll.” v.v;;
C: ;-; “Waaaahhhhhh!!!” ><
S: *hurries over there and picks up Captain* “Awww, Capt, what’s wrong, buddy?” O.o
C: ;-; “T-The Dark Axis was *sniffle* making fun of meeee….” *cries in Shute’s shoulder*
Zaku: O.o “Woah, woah, woah, WHAT?! Keep the human out of this, you!” ><
S: *glares venomously at the trio* “I’m watching you three…” *sets Capt down on the ground, pats him on the head, and goes back over to the picnic table*
Gouf: “You…you taddle-tale!!!” ><
G: O.o Holy shniz, what happened?
Z: o_o …
Zaku: *is speechless* “WHAT THE HECK!? That’s not fair!!!”
C: “I’m sorry, I never said anything about good guys always playing by the book.” :p “And I guess I kinda assumed bad guys would understand about ‘not being fair.’”
Gouf: “…Is it just me, or are we constantly getting the short end of the stick?” -.-0
Zaku: >< “We aren’t surrendering to no snot-nosed little twit!!”
C: *sits in the sand* “…” ;___; “WAAAHHHH!!” *starts crying hysterically*
Gouf: o_o “Hey, stop that, you cry-baby!!” x.x
S: *comes over with some rope* T.T “What now?”
C: ;-; *sniffle hic* “Th-They kicked sand in my eyes!!” *rubs his eyes*
Zaku: >< “Did not!!!”
C: ;-; “Did too!!”
S: *ties Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer together again* T_T “Okay, that’s it, time out!!”
Gouf: >< "Oh come on, he’s fibbing! Look, he’s got no sand on him anywhere!!”
C: *looks up at Shute with eyes that say ‘I would never deceive you my good buddy-‘ol-pal-‘ol-friend-who-I-care-above-everything-else’ ;*
S: …T_T *drags the trio away*
Dom: >< “I will find a way to make you pay, scum! You all will bow down to me!! Bow I say! And lick the grime off my feet!!”

(A/N: Dude, it’s official, Dom is the new Stewie LOLOL XD w00t! but instead only the gundams can hear him ^^;)

G: “…He must be like the rage carebear.” v.v
Z: “…” o__o *gets down on his knees*
C: *blinks* “Zero?”
Z: *bows to Captain* “Show me the way of getting my way, o great and powerful master!!”
G: *falls over* x.x “Dude, Zero! Just ‘coz Captain has his hook in Shute doesn’t mean he’s the… the brat guru!”
C: *sizes up Zero* “I’ll think about it if you do my every bidding.” v.v
G: *rolls his eyes* “PHFFT! Like Zero can choke down his ego that much–“
Z: o_o “Yes master.” *keeps bowing*
G: “…” O.o “Woah. That’s far out man.”
C: v.v “Go clear the area of all pedestrians near my new fort.” ^^
Z: o.o “At once, master.” *digs up a buncha Zakos and tosses them in the grass*
Z1: @.@ “Zako, is everyone okay, Zako Zako?”
Z2: “Everything looks fine, Zako.” O.o
Z3: *spits out some sand* “…Ew, Zako.”
Z4: “Zako?”
Z1: O.O “ZAKO!!!”
Spider: *comes out of one of those trap hole things and drags the Zakos down in it’s tunnel*

(A/N: …I HATE those spiders!! X__x *nervously looks around* Oo;;; )

Z: *rounds up the other children like cattle* *herds them out away from the playground*
Kid: ._. *chews on some grass absent-mindedly*
C: *rubs his hands together* “Exxxcellent…” *tries climbing up the slide once more but slides down* “…Zero, how did you say this worked again?” -.-;
Z: o.o “That stairs, master?”
C: “Ahh, right, I knew that.” v.v; *climbs up the stairs and looks down over at the trio* *sticks his tongue out* “Nyaaahhh!!” ^^
Zaku: >< “OOO, when I get out of this rope…!!”
S: *doesn’t see Capt* T_T “You’ll do what?”
Zaku: O.o “Stupid gundams!!” ><
Gouf: -.- “You’re the stupid one, stupid!”
Dom: *looks up at a bird* “I’ll give full command of my army and lovely basket of fruit if you peck me out of this blasted contraption!”
Bird: “…Tweet?” O.o
S: ^^ “Okay, guys, time for… Oh wait, the sun’s setting.” O.o “Guess this is officially dinner now.”
B: *immediately wakes up and sits on the bench* ^__^ “Yaaayyy!!!”
S: “…Were you even sleeping?” O.o
B: ^^; “I dunnooo.”
C: *slides down the slide and struts over to table while Zero is throwing flower petals* ^^ “It’s good to be on top.”
Zaku: x.x “…Think the squirrels will help us again?”
Gouf: -.-;; “Yeah right.”
G: -.-;; “Okay, you’re even bugging me with the ‘high-and-mighty’ ‘ttude, Captain.”
C: *sighs* “Ohhh fine.” v.v “You can stop, Zero.”
Z: o_o “Yes master.” *stops throwing flower petals*
B: O.o “Heheh, lose a bet or something, Zero?” ^^ “Hahaha!”
Z: T.T *kicks Baku in the shin*
B: >< “OW!!” ;-;
G: x.x “Phew, I thought we totally lost you, lover-boy.”
S: v.v “Get along everyone…” *hands everyone some sandwiches*
B: *sniffle* “…” *takes his and happily munches on it* ^^
C: *eats his sandwich* “…Zero, give me your sandwich.” ^^
Z: *looks at his sandwich and sighs, handing it to Captain*
B: O.o *chokes* “H-How could you give up” *cough* “food like that?!” >_o;;
G: -.- “Because he’s not you, dweeb.”
B: ;-; “Shuuuutttte, Guneagle is being meeeaaaannnn…”
Dom: “I’ll show you whose mean, you bloody, whining teabiscuit!” ><
B: “…I’m a teabiscuit?” O.o
S: *is practicing yoga* “I never want children.”
Mark: *comes up behind and shakes his head sadly* “Better wear protection then, boy.”
C: “I’ll protect Shute against anything!” v.v *eats Zero’s sandwich*
G: Oo *gags* o_= “That… is totally wrong man…”
S: “…” O.o “Dad, you’re scaring me.”
Mark: “I’m just here to tell you that THE MAN is trying to play with our heads, dude!”
S: -.-;;; “Dad, I thought you said you would stop being a hippie-wannabe…”
Mark: v.v *sighs* “I know. Keiko wants you back home.”
Dom: “Hippie?” O.o “You peace-conscious snot, I’ll have your liberal head!!” *squirms in the bindings* “You hear me?! I’ll tear you and your forsaken drugs down!! Long live the hunt!!” >_<
S: -.-;;; “Alright guys, lets eat on the way.” *drags the DA trio along as Baku, Capt, Zero, and Guneagle follow*

Alright, ending it there. :p Sorry about the late update, but hey, it was before school started, right? ^^; Well, at least for me.

Next time: Sleepover madness!!–

B: o.o “I’m telling you, there was a monster under the bed!!!”
Monster: *sniffle* “We have feelings too!” ;_;B: O.o “Nonono, I don’t mean you George!!” *pets the monster* ^^;; “I mean… I found a British under the bed…” o___0
G: -.- “Oh grow up, Baku, everyone knows the British aren’t real.”

No British or Zakos were harmed in the making of this chapter. ^_^ Jaa~~