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A.N. Ok, so I've decided to revamp my Concert Time fic. Why? Because I don't think I'll be finishing the old version, that and I lost the chapter index I made for myself. I also had a different idea so, I'm redoing it. Hope you all enjoy the new improved Concert Time: SDGF Style!!!!
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Concert Time: SDGF Style; Intro
Kay H., 14-year-old super genius of the SDGF was walking down the halls of the SDG base trying to find the annoying ruckus that was keeping her from her work. She bit back a growl trying not to scare anybody walking by. Kay made it down to the hanger where the gunperries were brought for repair to find something she didn't expect.
The samurai from Ark, Bakunetsumaru, was singing and dancing to the song `Just Dance' by Lady Gaga. Baku was swaying his hips and spinning around to the music. “Just Dance! Gonna be ok, d-d-dance. Dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance!” He sang out of tune before striking a pose. After song ended Baku ran over and started it over again in the CD player.
“Why is he doing this?” Kay asked Shute as she walked over to where the others were watching Baku.
“Because he heard the song this morning on our way here and hasn't stop singing it.” He answered.
“Well can you get him stop. I can hear him all the way upstairs, and I'm trying to work!”
“We have tried, Miss Kay. Believe me we have tried.” Said Zero.
Kay clenched her hands into fists and gritted her teeth. She could not concentrate with Baku singing like that, then something clicked in her head and she relaxed.
“You just got an idea, didn't you?” Asked Shining.
“Sure did.” Kay said walking off. “Can you at least try to get him to sing quieter?” She asked before rounding a corner.
Kay walked back upstairs up to Chief Haru's office. “Chief?” She asked as she knocked.
“Yes?” Came Chief Haru's voice.
Kay walked in and sat down before speaking. “Have heard Baku's singing?” She asked.
Chief Haru sighed, “Yes.”
“Well it's given me an idea.”
“And that would be?”
“Well, I think we should throw a concert to raise money for a charity. Like the one we helped earlier this year. Or that orphanage in Kyoto.”
“A charity concert, hmm?” Chief Haru said thinking. “I like the idea. We'll start planning immediately.”
“And I'll everyone know. Thank you, Chief Haru!”
“No need to thank me Kay, this is for a good cause.”
Kay nodded before leaving. She walked back down stairs to find Baku dancing with headphones on. “How'd you convince him to do that?”
“Persuasion.” Said Zero.
“You forced him didn't you?”
Shute just chuckled a bit and scratched his head.
“Anyway, start practicing. We're throwing together a concert!” Kay said smirking.
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A.N. And there we have it, the intro chapter to my improved concert time. Yeah I'm making it slightly more story like, anyway stay tuned for more. Next chapter's when the fun starts.
SDGF © Bandai.
Shining & Kay ©Me.
Just Dance ©Lady Gaga.