SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Danger's in the Dark Hole ❯ Exile ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Danger in the Dark Hole
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Yes, tis a fic with no plot really, just some odd things that could have happened if everything in the Dark Hole didn't work out so well. Moshi wake arimasen for not updating Taishi's Betrayal!!! ;_; Yeah, and if ya' dun understand that much of Japanese, Moshi wake arimasen means I have no escuse for myself. X.x So on with yet another odd fic!

(Er...this is a sum of the end of the episode...yeah...)

Zero looked down at the never ending hole and back to Tallgeese's claw, inches from his neck.

"Hey! We've got what you want!" He and Tallgeese looked up at the triplets. They all nodded and pulled out a small box. "You want the spirit egg, right? Let all of us go and I'll let you have it! Oh yeah, you also have to split with the griffin!"

"What? No Koah-" Tallgeese jerked his hand to Zero's throat, immediately silencing the knight.

"Hmmm.......You drive a hard bargin little man." An invisible Pawn Leo snatched the box from the young boy's hand and scurried away.

"I got it, pawn!!" Tallgeese smirked and smacked Zero in the Dark Hole.

"Zero!!" Baku, Captain, and Shute watch their companion fall endlessly. The Pawn Leo handed the grey box over to Tallgeese.

"Now why don't you join him!" Tallgeese created a massive vortex and suck Captain, the triplets, and Shute into the hole. Baku struggled to reach Tallgeese.

"A little...breeze...won't stop me!"
"Good-bye!" Tallgeese created a giant claw and forced Baku in with the others...

This is where another adventure lies for the Gundam Force.

Zero sat glumly, alone and lost. The dark hole was much more than he imagined. But worst of all, he couldn't use magic and Tallgeese had the Spirit Egg. All hope to save Lacroa is gone without that crucile and fragile power; with it in Tallgeese's hands, who knows what would happen.
"Why would he even want it anyways? I bet he doesn't know how to use it." Zero imagine's what Tallgeese's plans were...

"Darkscythe!" A mysterious entity came into the room.

"Yes sir?"

"Why hasn't the Spirit Egg done what I want yet?! I'm not any bigger!" (Yes, he's talking about down there. XD) Darkscythe facefaults then trudges out of the room.

"Oie..." Tallgeese sits there, utterly confuzzled, and decides to fry the egg. (Poor Fenn...)

Zero blinks, he would have laughed if it were anything but the Spirit Egg.
"I really have to stop reading ad's about how to enlarge-"

Shute landed on some sandy hill and began to tumble down it.
"Ack....Stupid sand..." He took off his shoe and shook the sand out of it. He looked up then dived head first into the sand, just in time to avoid his large friend from squashing him like a bug. Shute stuck his head up and looked over at Captain. "Great, now I have it in my underwear..."

"Have what in your underwear, Shute?" Shute sighed, chuckling a bit from hearing Captain say the word 'underwear'.

"Nevermind Captain." He stood and dusted himself off. "So, where are Baku, Zero, and the triplets?" Koah, Noah, and Doah landed onto of Captain. He sat there and blinked as they howled from pain.

"Ow!!! Your head's too pointy to land on!!"

"My head's too...pointy?" Koah, Noah, and Doah jump down and rub their butts.

"So...then where are Baku and Zero?" Captain scanned the area.

"It seems there is no activity going on. Perhaps Bakunetsumaru and Zero are in different sectors of the Dark Hole." (T_T Once again, thank you Mr. State-the-obvious)

"Hm..." Shute took a glance at his surroundings. A giant tower of rocks lead upward and mounds of sand covered everything. "Looks like Kansas." Noah raised an eyebrow.


"Well, if we came down here, then the way out must be up." Captain smiled.

"That's the way to use your head Shute." Shute put his hand behind his head.

"Heh, thanks Captain. So we can get out of this hole, then get that Spirit Egg thing-a-ma-jigger back!" Doah giggled but Koah elbowed him. Shute tilted his head to the side. "What's so funny?"

"We gave Tallgeese a fake Spirit E-" Koah smacked Doah upside the head.

"Be quiet!"

"You gave Tallgeese a decoy? Good planing, do you have the real one though?"

"Aw man, now they know." Shute raised an eyebrow.

"What's so bad about that? We're on your side! And Zero will save Lacroa!" Koah got up in Shute's face.

"Oh puh-lease! Did you see how easily Tallgeese beat the stuffing out of him?! Either that's not Zero or Lacroa is doomed!"

"Hey! Zero's a great savior! You barely know the first thing about him!"

"Yeah, well I do know he can't beat Tallgeese and that's all I need to know!" Koah jumped on to the side of the rock, and Noah & Doah followed him.

"What is their problem?"

"Well, Shute, you must consider that for the last three years they have been hiding in the shadows and waiting for someone great to save them."

"I know but...Zero is great. He can save Lacroa, and I know he will!"

6_9 "Ughhhhhhh...uhhhh..." Baku flopped over after landing on his head with his eyes spinning. "Ouuucccchh..." He sat up and held his head until he can regain composure. "Er...When I get my hands on Tallgeese...!" He looked around at his surroundings, there were blue walls that looked like crystal and the huge tower of rocks also. Grey slabs of eroded rock stuck up from the ground and to the side of him seemed to be a great hole leading to a deeper section of the Dark Hole. Baku shivered as he stared down there. "This place is creepy...well, I might as well look for a way out..." Baku wandered around for a while when he looked up at one slab of grey rock and screamed.

Zero sat playing with some sand, deciding if he should give up when he heard a scream. He stood up and tried to track down the voice.

Baku blinked and sighed in relief. The figures that startled him appeared to cease functioning. He probed the red figure. Then he probed the blue one. No response. His shoulders slouched as he began to relax a little bit. Baku pulled out an arrow from one of the figures. He eyed it lazily then chucked it behind him. Baku turned to walk away when a noise directed his attention back to the rock. Baku stared at the red eye that watched him and did the fish out of water expression. The red figure began to break threw the rock. Baku finally found a scream within him and ran while flailing about.

Zero paused when the screaming stopped.
"I bet anything that was Baku..." He wandered for a few more minutes when the screaming began again. Zero held his hands over his ears. "Will that moron stop screaming?!?" Suddenly Baku tackled him full-force and latched onto him. Zero squirmed. "Will you get off me?!?"

"They...they're alive...The dead people are alive!!!"

"With you screaming like that, your bound to wake the dead!" Baku trembles like a wombat with rabies. Zero sighs.

"Okay then, just take me to them. I'm sure there's a reasonable answer to this all..."

"No-no!! I not go back there!!! GHOSTS!!!" Zero pryed Baku off of him.

"They're most likely not ghosts at all."

"B-But they were dead...and then one woke was staring at me for crying out loud!!!" Zero smacked Baku. He started crying then Zero smacked him again. "Don't let them hurt me Zero!!!!" Baku get's smacked again.

"It's either you calm down or continue getting slapped."

"Hey, that's the gundam!" The red and blue mechas, once embedded in rock, walked up to Zero and Baku. Baku turned white, latched onto Zero's head, and began wailing. Zero ripped him off and dragged him over to the blue and red mechas.

"Baku! They were not DEAD!!! These two were embedded in rock, and that is ALL!!" Mercurius and Vayeate sweatdrop.

"Not the brightest crayon in the box, now is he?" Vayeate raises an invisible eyebrow to his brother.

"Uh-huh...I'm not going to ask where you got that..."

Savay says that all the time...9_9 Anyway, Baku really is a drama queen, neh? But let us not forget that Mercurius and Vayeate are Baku and Zero's enemies!!! >:) Next time: fight and more frightening things that lurk in the shadows of the Dark Hole!!!