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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Dangers in the Dark Hole
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Ello' peoples! Well, I guess I'm glad you people don't want me to take it down. (special thanks to FennFeatheredDragon and Melady101) >_<;; Oie, I've been so booked down lately, I'm really sorry! yes, Zero does have a very sick mind. I'm not sure how well this chapter is going to turn out, so hang in there with me people!


"'re saying they are with Tallgeese and are not ghosts?"


"Okay then..." Baku takes out his swords and readies himself.

"But they can't do practically anything while in the Dark Hole since magic can't be used here." Baku falls over.

"Thanks for telling me NOW..." Zero turned to Mercurius and Vayeate.

"Look, once we get out of the Dark Hole, we can be mortal enemies again, okay? Until then we should work together because we're all screwed if we don't."

"Makes sense to me."

"So... a truce?" Zero nodded and shook hands with Vayeate. Vayeate suddenly grabbed both hands on Zero and threw him over the edge into the deeper section of the Dark Hole. Baku looked over the edge.

"Zero!!" he turned back to the two brothers. "You jerks! If it's war you want, then it's war you get!" Baku attacked Mercurius, who side-steps the blade and trips him. He falls over on his back, his head resting over the same edge Zero fell over. He blinked at the endless void. "...that's not good." Vayeate and Mercurius kicked Baku over the edge, watched him fall, and nodded at each other.

"...Is it just me, or was that too easy?"

"It's just you."

"Oh shut up."

"You shut up!"

"Make me!" Mercurius tackles Vayeate and starts to wrestle him on the ground. "Owww!! I'm telling mom!!!"

"You crybaby!"

"Get off me!"

(-.-;;;;;;; ehh, let's just ignore these two for now)

Meanwhile with Shute, Captain, and the triplets...
Koah was storming off with his other two much more nervous brothers following behind.

"That Zero is a good-for nothing flirt! I can't believe the princess has gone through so much trouble over that pond-scum!!!" Doah and Noah nodded obediently and stayed as far away from Koah as they possibly could without him yelling at them to come closer.


"Shute, be quiet..." Shute sighed and hung his head while in Captain's and his hiding spot.

"Why do we have to follow them anyway?"

"Well, they seem to know exactly where they are going, so why not follow them?"

"Maybe because we were just going to climb out so we wouldn't waste any time!"

"They're not climbing. So they might know a faster way out." Shute shook his head to the side.

"I'm telling you this is a bad id--- HOLY MOTHER'S COW!!!"

"... 'holy mother's cow'?"

"Hey, it's a PG fic." He shrugged. "Look!!!" Shute pointed to the triplets pushing a button on a stray rock, unveiling an invisible cloak on a gynormous advanced city with flying cars zooming around and crystalized buildings.

"Woah!!! This place is more advanced than Neotopia!" Captain and Shute continued to gawk at the city. "Hey, over there Shute," Captain said while pointing out a super elevator with the triplets piling in to head back up to the surface of the Dark Hole. Captain shook his head with shame. "And you said we should climb..."

"Oh be quiet!! Let's just get in before they close the door!" Shute and Captain dashed over to the door and barely slid in, surprising the triplets. "The jig is up!!" Doah and Noah hugged each other and began to wail.


"You two! Shut up!" Koah ordered as the two backed into the corner of the room and silently cried. "So, you discovered us, eh?"

"Yup! It's all obvious to Super Detective Sherlock Shute!" Shute held up a peace sign as Captain continued to shake his head sadly.

"You didn't even want to follow them..."

"Hush!" He whispered to Captain while nudging him with his elbow. "Yeah, I know the whole story! This is... the ANTI-LACROA!" The triplets sweatdropped. "And Tallgeese is your evil leader who wants to alope with the princess!! And you three are anti-citizens!!" Shute jumped up and down. "And this whole anti-city is the entire opposite of Lacroa!"

"Someone sure watches too much tv..." Koah muttered.

"Oh wait wait! No-- THIS is a colony of brain-sucking ALIENS!!"

(Uhh, this might take a while... _-_;;;;)

"It's all your fault! It's always your fault! I HATE YOU!" Vayeate pushes Mercurius.

"I hate you more!" Mercurius pushes back.

"Na-uh!" Vayeate pushes him.

"Uh-huh!" Mercurius pushes Vayeate.

"Na-uh!" Vayeate pushes Mercurius.

"Uh-huh!" Mercurius pushes Vayeate.

"Na-uh!" Vayeate pushes Mercurius.

"Uh-huh!" Mercurius pushes Vayeate.

"Ow! Now I have a bruise!"


"Shut up!!!"





(GEEZ this is annoying even me... x___x)


"YES!!" Vayeate tackles Mercurius off the edge while falling off himself. As they continued to fall, he glances over at Mercurius.

"Wow, we're more pathetic than those two gundams..."

"Oh shut up, it's all your fault."



"Na–" FWAP!!! THUMP!! CRASH!!! BAM!!! "uhhhh....."

(x.x oiiieee.........)

"I know it! I know it!! You're vampires and this is the city of the dead!!"

"NO!!!," The three triplets yelled in unison at Shute. Captain just sat on the ground and continued to polish his beam saber out of boredom (obviously this means he didn't lose it). Noah paused from yelling at Shute to watched Captain.

"... How is it possible to polish that thing if it's just light?" Captain paused from polishing, looked up at Noah, and blinked.

"... boo?"

"WAHHHH!!!" Noah ran around behind Doah and cried into his brother's sleeve. "He scared mee!!" Captain sweatdropped while sadly shaking his head.

"Wow, is it just me or is everyone suddenly REALLY pathetic?" Koah huffed, frusterated.

"It's NOT just you." Koah also shook his head sadly.

"Wanna get a soda and complain about how sad these three are?"

"Sure." Koah pushed one of the many button on the elevator as it stopped. Doah began to hyperventilate with his brother.

"Ahhh! Why did the elevator stop!? We're gonna DIE!!!" Captain tucked away his beam saber and pried the door open. Koah grabbed onto Captain's back as he jumped out of the elevator. Shute scrambled to the door and watched the two fall.

"Wait!!! I swear I got it this time!!!!!"

x.x wow, 4 pages? And this chapter was originally meant to focus on B and Z in the deeper section of the hole!! Hey, maybe I got my mojo back for this fic!!! ^_^

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