SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ A Kinght, a Samurai and the Dark Axis ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Don't worry Zero and Bakunetsumaru are coming? But first, some old enemies return. Sorry if this sounds like Lacroa a little bit right now but it will get its own personality later.
Demon General falls out of a dimensional portal inside a tall, dark, gloomy castle. Some shredded tapestries hang on the walls covered in demon dust. The long and narrow windows show a dark starless night outside with an almost full moon shining brightly in the sky illuminating a lonely wrecked city with demons walking about. Many buildings are nothing more than a pile of bricks, stone, and some burnt wood.
Demon General gets back to his feet and shakes him off, “I am really beginning to hate those blasted gundams and that annoying princess,” he growled. Demon General realizes where he is and swallows hard, “Not again.”
A dark figure approaches him from the rear. Demon General turns around and sees a tall, black, demon leaning on a slender gold scepter with a crystal clear diamond embedded in the top and had angry red eyes is peering down at the frighten general, “You have failed me once again,” said the figure with a dark, powerful voice.
Demon General nervously replies, “Lord EagleEye, your highness, sire, please forgive me. It…it's not my fault it's those gundams that are helping Fleur. If they weren't there then….” Demon General is cut off as a dark hand of demon magic appears and grabs him from behind.
EagleEye growled at his frighten follower, “I've had enough of your excuses to last me a lifetime!” EagleEye snaps his fingers and the hand begins to electrocute Demon General.
Demon General shouts out in pain, “AHHH!…zzzztttt…zztt…OWWWW!…zzzzttt…zzz zzt…zzt…zztt…
MERCY!” The hand stops and drops him to the floor smoldering.
EagleEye is beyond furious, “Have you forgotten your mission?!? I need Princess Fleur dead! I need the item inside that spirit crystal destroyed!”
Demon General painfully gets back up, “Is that what's inside that box?”
EagleEye growls at him again, “Do you want the demon empire to fall Demon General?”
Demon General answers quickly, “Of course not sire! In fact I'll try even harder now!”
“Good,” said EagleEye, “but I am no longer relying on you to finish this job alone. Instead, I have called forth some reinforcements. They call themselves the Dark Axis.”
Demon General holds back a laugh, “The Dark Axis? Sounds like a bunch of wannabes.”
Zapper Zaku steps out from the shadows, “We ain't wannabes you piece of slime!”
Grappler Gouf follows, “We're out for revenge on the Gundam Force.”
Destroyer Dom steps out with his gallop right behind him; “It's time we destroyed those gundams!”
“The four of us against those gundams,” said Demon General, “I like those odds.”
“And that's not all we brought,” said Zapper Zaku, “Zakos! Scramble!”
“Zako, Zako!” A hoard of green Zako soldiers surrounds everyone.
Eagle Eye chuckled, “You've exceeded my expectations already Dark Axis. However there is on minor problem.” EagleEye snaps his fingers again and a cloud of demon energy hovers over the Zakos. In an instant the cloud enters half of the Zako army turning them into black demon Zakos, “Perfect,” said EagleEye, “now my Demon Dark Axis, destroy those gundams.”
Meanwhile back in, Neotopia, the gundams have reached SDG Lab C.
“What is that!?” asked Fleur
Captain responded, “The dimensional transportation gate device.”
Fleur looked at it strangely, “Does it work?”
“Last we checked it did,” said Shute.
They approach what looks like a tower with spinning mechanisms. Shute and Captain begin to look for Bell Wood as Fleur marveled at the devices sheer size.
Shute called out, “HEY BELL WOOD! WHERE ARE YOU!?”
“Down here!” said a muffled voice from below them. Shute and Captain stop their search and turn toward where the voice came from. A circular section of the walkway is lifted up as a human climbed out.
Bell Wood faces the gundams, “So, what do you guys want from me this time?” He spots Fleur, “What the…oh I see now. You want use my device so you can get home, right Princess Fleur”
Fleur looks at Bell Wood, “How did you know my….”
“Word travels fast in the SDG,” Bell Wood answered before she finishes.
Fleur nods, “Can your device get me home?”
“No problem princess.” Bell Wood replied, “Just give me a few minutes and you'll be home in no time.” Bell Wood strolls over to the control panel and begins to prep the device.
Shute walks over to Fleur, “Hey, Princess Fleur.”
“Just call me Fleur, okay?” she asked.
“Fleur then, what's in the box?” Shute asked.
Guneagle added, “Good question. Did you really have to attack Shute over it?”
Fleur replies, “It's the key to saving my homeland. I must to get back to Skylark.”
“Strange,” said Captain, “your story sounds like Zero's and Bakunetsumaru's.”
Fleur questioned them, “Who's? Wait, let me guess, long story right.”
Gunbike replied, “Exactly.”
A dimensional rift appeared above the device. Sparks and back dust began to fly from the purple black swirl in the sky.
“Huh? I didn't do that,” said Bell Wood. Bullets rained out of the rift, “AHHH! Help me Captain!” Bell Wood ran for it.
“Zako! Zako! Zako! Zako!” regular and demon Zako soldiers landed in front of the device.
Captain grabbed his beam saber, “I hope these Zako's don't mean that…”
Demon General flew onto the scene, “I'm baaaaaack! With reinforcements.”
Zapper Zaku landed in front of the Zako hoard, “What's wrong Captain? You look surprised to see us.”
“You didn't forget about us did ya?” asked Grappler Gouf.
Destroyer Dom looked around, “Duh… where that knight and samurai.”
Zapper shouted a Destroyer, “Who cares?! Just be thankful it's just Captain and that rude flying gundam.”
“Who are these idiots?” asked Fleur.
“Our old enemy the, Dark Axis,” said Captain.
Guneagle stared in shock, “I thought we got rid of you guys!”
Zapper Zaku answered, “True you did defeat us last time but with the demons and King EagleEye on our side there's no way you can stop us!”
“EagleEye is nothing more than a low down assassin!” Fleur spat, “He'll pay for killing my loyal subjects!” She charges the Dark Axis when Zapper took this chance and fired on her with his gattling gun. Captain pulled Fleur out of the line of fire.
“Are you alright?” Captain asked, “You need to be more careful with these guys.” Fleur shook off the shock and is somewhat embarrassed by letting her guard down.
Grappler took command; “Alright lets turn these gundams into scrap metal!”
Everyone with a gun begins to fire on them. Shute and Bell Wood duck behind Gunbike for cover. Captain and Guneagle returns fire trying not to hit the dimensional transport device. The moving parts begin to spin faster and faster as an alarm went off. The Dark Axis is almost hit by sparks that fly from the device.
Demon General snarled as he looked up toward the device, “Stupid piece of junk. It's beginning to annoy me,” he draws his sword and flies toward the top of it. Fleur sees the opportunity and flies over the Dark Axis and aims for Demon General. She kicks him away from the device.
Demon General chuckles, “That wasn't very lady like princess.”
Fleur scoffs, “I'm done being a lady for now. On the battlefield, I'm a warrior of Skylark.” Fleur's claws cover her hands as she attacks Demon General. Demon General blocks her attacks and tries some of his own as they fight dangerously close to the device.
Bell Wood looks out from behind Gunbike, “Hey be careful! That alarm means it can't take much more abuse! Are they even listing to me!?”
“I doubt it,” replied Shute, “Fleur is to busy with that Demon General guy to worry about anything else. Captain has his hands full with the Dark Axis trio and Guneagle can't use his missiles at such close range.”
Gunbike answers next, “I'm no good. My weapons would in up destroying it. Where are Zero and Bakunetsumaru when you need them!?”
Grappler kicks Captain into the control panel, “Not so high and mighty now are you Captain.” The alarm gets louder as two portals appear in the sky, one blue and one in flames.
Bell Wood and Shute rush to the control panel and see a large warning sign on the screen. The device's moving parts start going faster and faster.
Shute looks at the screen again and shouts for joy, “Talk about a miracle!”
Captain gets up, “What do you mean Shute?”
Captain got his answer as two gundams flew out of the portals. Zero the Winged Knight came from the blue on and Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai, along with his faithful steed faithful Entango, rode out of the flaming portal. Both of the portals close right behind them as they land next to Captain. Guneagle flies behind them.
“Oh, crap,” said Grappler.
“You've gotta be kidding me!” shouted Zapper.
“What are these gundams doing here?” asked Destroyer.
Fleur looks at the two gundams, “Who are they? Maybe they are on my side seeing as how the Dark Axis didn't seem to please to see them.” She was distracted long enough for Demon General to kick in the back of the head. She fell towards the gundams and did a mid air back flip to avoid them and stay in the air.
Demon General notices the quivering Dark Axis and sees Zero and Baku, “Who in the demon kingdom name are you two?!”
Zapper stutters, “The…they're the guys who defeated the Dark Axis. This is the entire gundam force!” The Zako soldiers made a hasty retreat.
Demon General shakes his head sadly as he flies in front of the trio, “Well I'm upset. I thought the gundam force was more than just three gundams from different dimensions. This will be an easy victory.”
Zero scoffed “Do you honestly think you can defeat me, Zero the Winged Knight and Savoir of Lacroa. You flatter yourself.”
Baku draws his swords, “I am Bakunetsmaru, the Blazing Samurai from Ark. My blades will make you regret your arrogant ways.”
Fleur glances back and forth between the knight and the samurai, “Zero and Bakunetsumaru? These two are allies right Captain.”
“Don't worry Fleur they're on our side,” Captain replied. Zero and Bakunetsumaru look at Fleur and give her a once over.
“Whew! Your kinda cute,” said Zero.
“Stick around after the fight gorgeous, “said Bakunetsumaru.
Captain gave an ordered to his teammates, “Come on team. We have to get these guys away from the trans-dimensional device!”
“Roger!” shouted Zero and Baku. They both charged Demon General. Baku jumped into the air and crossed his swords. Demon General perryed the attack. Baku landed behind him and charged again. Demon General had his hands full trying to block Baku's double sword attacks.
Zero flew behind him, “Have at thy villain!” Zero brought his blade across Demon General's back.
Demon General flinched a little, “You dirty back stabber! I teach you listen you won't for-ouch!” Baku begins to slash Demon General's side. Now he had Zero to dodge on his left and Bakunetsumaru to dodge on his right. Demon General begins to get flustered and slams his hand on the ground causing two black crystal columns to appear on either side of him and uppercut Zero and Bakunetsumaru. With Zero and Baku momentarily stunned he flew high into the sky, “You gundams are really beginning to tick me off,” Demon General growled.
Grappler Gouf shouted to him from down a far walkway near a portal, “Let's get out of here why still can! We need a new plan to take all of them!”
“What!? No way!” Demon General shouted back, “My plan's working!”
“Sure about that?” Fleur flew a few feet away from him with her arms crossed, “Feather Ninja Star!” With one powerful flap of here wings, thousands of white feathers appeared by magic and raced toward the Demon General. Demon General tries to scurry towards the portal, but gets cut by the magic feathers in the process and so does the already damaged device, and so, the device collapses into a pile of rubble. The Demon Dark Axis hurries through portal and they disappear. Fleur lands next to Captain and the others.
Bell Wood got on his knees, “My…no…not my device again!” he begins to cry.
Everyone sweatdrops, “I guess you guys are stuck here for a while.”
Bakunetsumaru walks up next to Fleur, “I must admit, that was quite an unique attack brave warrior.”
Zero hovers next to her, “What is your name fair maiden?”
“Princess Fleur of Skylark,” she answers.
Zero takes her right hand and kneels before; “It was quite an honor to be fighting with you Princess Fleur. I am Zero the Winged Knight. For you milady.” Zero snaps his fingers and a violet princess rose appears, “Even though it fails in comparison to your beauty, I do hope that you will except my humble gift.”
Fleur takes the rose, “Rise and thank you fair knight.”
“You haven't changed on bit have you Zero,” said Baku
“Is thou implying something Bakunetsumaru,” said Zero as he got up.
Fleur walks pass them and down the walkway. She sniffs the princess rose and glances back at her new found friends.
Captain stopped Fleur, “Wait don't leave yet princess.”
Fleur stopped, “Why shouldn't I? The device is destroyed, thus I have no way home.”
“Why don't you join the Gundam Force Fleur?” suggested Shute.
Captain nodded, “Your knowledge of the demons will prove useful.” Zero is secretly praying that she won't leave.
“I'll think about it,” Fleur flies a few feet into the air then turns around and faces the gundams. She winks at them, “See you on the battle field.”
Zero reaches out to stop her but stops himself, “See you later Princess Fleur.”
Bakunetsumaru speaks next, “Next time those guys show up, I positive she won't be too far behind.”