SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Trouble on the Tracks ( Chapter 7 )

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“Come on Fleur you can't beat yourself up over what happen to Guneagle,” said Shute.
Captain nods in agreement, “I'm 100% sure that he will make a full recovery.”
“I hope so,” replied Fleur. She flops back onto Shute's house's roof. Everyone is down at Shute's house trying to plan for the next attack. Captain and Shute are trying to cheer Fleur up, Zero watches from his usual spot on the chimney and Bakunetsumaru trains below them while Zero occasionally puts roses on the ends of his swords.
Fleur sighs, “I'm just wondering, if they used a demoniac gundam, what kind of demon will they use next.”
Baku stopped his training and looked at Fleur puzzled, “What do you mean `what kind of demon will they use next'.”
“Are there many different kinds Princess Fleur?” asked Zero.
“Yes, unfortunately,” Fleur replies, “the best way to classify them is as a lesser demon or a greater demon. Lesser demons include regular, posser, and human demons. Greater demons are demoniac gundams, black metal beast, gundam slayers, and the demon king.”
Shute asks, “So what's the difference between a lesser or greater demon.”
“You sure you want to know Shute?” Fleur asked.
“The more we know about them the better our chances are Fleur,” replied Captain.
Fleur sits up; “Well…lesser demons eat human's and their souls while greater demons eat both humans and gundams plus their soul or gunsoul.”
Shute looks like he's going to be sick, “Sorry I asked.”
Fleur continues, “The only similarities are that the full moon amplifies their powers and sunlight drives them away usually.”
“Well at least that explains his power boost,” said Zero.
Fleur adds, “What's worse is that he was only a half demon.”
Bakunetsumaru gets a little nervous; “If he is a half demon I'm not looking forward to fighting a full demon.”
“Like everyone I know is back home,” Fleur whispered to herself.
Zero looked at her, “Did you say something princess?”
Fleur shakes her head, “It isn't important.” Fleur flies off toward the city.
Zero watched her fly off, “Wait! Was it something I said? Fleur! Princess Fleur! Come back!”
Baku laughs, “Nice going Zero! May you should work on your lines some more Romeo!” Baku continues to laugh at Zero's discomfort.
“Shut up Bakunetsumaru!” Zero shouted.
Captain watches Fleur fly off, “That was strange.”
Shute looks over at Captain, `What was?”
“Fleur whispered something about her home then flew off. How peculiar,” explained Captain.
Kekiyo looked up from her computer; “There's no need to worry you guys. Fleur just went somewhere to think. She has a lot on her mind right now more than likely.”
Fleur had begun walking down the railroad tracks lost I a daydream unaware of her dangerous situation, “Lucky, Azural, Joey, Amy, Techno, Rex. Are you guys even alive? Did you make to the village in time? Are y'all okay? How many did make it? How many where…eaten?” she sighs, “So many questions in my head and no clear answers,” she opens the white and gold box, “And how am I suppose to use this thing? I guess…all I can do is hope for the best and expect the worse.” A train whistle snaps Fleur out of her daydream. She turns around and sees a train engine barreling toward her. She back-flips to the top of the train just in time to avoid being hit.
“I can't look! Did I hit someone?” said the train frantically. Fleur realizes that she is standing on top of whoever talked.
“Don't worry you missed her Big Brother,” said a second engine.
“Thank goodness,” said the first engine, “What where you thinking walking on the tracks? Don't you know how dangerous that is?”
Fleur blushes, “Sorry I wasn't thinking.”
The second engine spoke up, “Hey, I know you! Big Brother, it's Princess Fleur!”
Fleur looks behind her at the second engine, “How did you know my name?”
Big Brother replies, “Are you sure Little Brother?”
Little Brotheransweres, “I'm positive! You're the talk of the city Fleur! Didn't you know? You're famous!”
“Wow! We're in the presence of royalty!” said Big Brother, “In order to make up for us almost hitting you we, the train brothers of Neotopia, shall escort you back to the city.”
Zapper Zaku is wearing a flying contraption and is following behind the train, “There she is. Without those other gundams around this will be a piece of cake. Now to get that box a become a hero!” Zapper runs into the top of a tunnel. He slips down with a bruised ego, “Note to self, watch for tunnels.”
Zero begins to grow restless, “Where is she?”
Captain walks up behind him, “Is something wrong Zero?”
“Ahhh!' Zero was startled, “Captain! Don't sneak up on me!”
“Sorry Zero,” said Captain, “I just want to know why you are so restless.”
Baku speaks up; “You're still worried about Fleur aren't you?”
Zero snaps back, “Of course I'm worried about her! `Tis a knights duty to protect royalty!”
“Will you relax!” shouts Baku; “Fluer is fully capable of protecting herself!”
Zero shouts back, “I can't help it! It is what I was trained to do! I can't change the way I was raised!”
Baku argues back, “For once in your life could you stop being so over protective of every girl you meet and relax. Girls can fight trust me.”
“What!? That's like someone asking you to stop being a samurai!” Zero counters.
Shute tries to stop the fight; “Hey will you guys cool it! Bakunetsumaru, you know Zero can't change the way he acts if his life depended on it! Zero, you know that Fleur can fight. She doesn't need someone protecting her. Besides, If there was any trouble, SDG base would let us know.”
Zero bows his head; “You're right Shute. I need to stop worrying about her. Besides, she has enough going on as it is. She must fell awful not being able to help her homeland. I can remember that feeling all to well.” Zero shutters at his bad memories of Lacroa, “Thank mana I managed to save my home after those many years.”
Baku remembers his what happened on Ark, “I was pulled away from my home when they needed me most. Forced into exile here in Neotopia. Good thing I did save my home before it was to late.”
Shute nods, “Yeah. When the Dark Axis came to Neotopia and stole Captain's soul drive, I didn't know what we were going to do or what would happen. At least we got your soul drive back and stopped Commander Sazabi.”
Captain agrees, “If you think about it, Fleur's story is kind of like ours all rolled together. We know what can happen so we are already prepared.” Captain's alarm went off, “Guess we'll find Fleur later.”
Meanwhile Fleur is lying on top of the engine as the scenery goes by. She hears bullets being fired and turns around to see Zapper Zaku close behind them, “What are you doing here?”
Zapper laughs, “It's quite simple. Eagle Eye has promised me demoniac powers in return for that box and your soul drive. And the best part it that it's just you, me, and a couple dozen Zakos.” The Zakos cheer from behind Zapper.
Fleur jumps to her feet and scoffs, “I don't need them to take you down.” She is about to jump into the air when Big Brother stops her.
“Don't jump!” They go through a tunnel.
“Thanks,” replied Fleur. Zapper ducks under the tunnel this time.
Now Fleur flies in the air a few feet above the engine, “As I was saying, you can't defeat me.”
“And what makes you think that?” asked Zapper. His reply was a shot from behind by Captain. Fleur and Zapper see the gundam force knocking Zakos off of the train.
“What!?” shouts Zapper surprised, “You've gotta be kidding me!”
Gunbike, Shute, and Entango show up beside the train, “She is a magnetic for trouble,” said Gunbike.
“I wouldn't call Zapper Zaku trouble,” said Shute, “I call him a nuisance.”
Zapper turns toward the human, “You'll pay for saying that you organic!” Zapper aims his gun at Shute but is knocked down by Fleur's claws which destroy the flying contraption. Zapper lands in between Fleur and the others.
“Princess!” Zero says relived. He flies over to Fleur, Are you okay milady.”
Fleur nods, “Yep I'm fine and will you please just call me Fleur.”
Zapper Zaku stumbles to his feet, “You want be fine in a few seconds.'
Zero looks down at Zapper Zaku, “That is the worse threat I have ever….”
“Lookout!” shouts Fleur as she lands on Little Brother. Zero turns around and…WHAM! He hits the tunnel. Zero slides down and he lands in front of Captain and Bakunetsumaru.
Captain and Baku help him up; “Are you okay?” asked Captain.
Zero rubs his head, “Ow, I can't believe I did that again.”
Baku laughs, “Don't worry, I don't think your girlfriend saw that.”
Zero glares at the musha, “What are you talking about? Fleur isn't my girlfriend!”
“Okay this is getting really old really fast,” Zapper runs past Fleur and stops on top of Big Brother. He holds up a black jewel surrounded by sliver, “Remember this?” He places on top of Big Brother. There is a quick flash of black light. Zapper stands back up, “I hope this works. Come on you posser demon. Take over this train.”
“A posser demon!” shouts Shute.
“That's right. I thought I would even the playing field,” said Zapper.
Sparks cover Big Brother's body, “Wait! What's…happening…to…me?” The demon takes over Big Brother's body. His eyes turn red and his body becomes black, “LONG LIVE THE DEMONS!” shouts the evil train. Evil Big Brother increases his speed to a dangerously fast pace. The gundams felt to jolt from the increase in speed.
Little Brother becomes fearful, “Big Brother. What's happened to you? Oh, this is going to make a mess of the schedule.”
Captain takes command; “Quickly we have to stop him.” Everyone races to Zapper Zaku.
Zapper Zaku laughs triumphantly, “This is prefect! You do know the plan right?”
Evil Big Brother replies, “Yeah I know crash them into the gas works. Just hang on to my demon crystal and don't drop it.”
“I know, I know, because it's your life source if it's destroyed so are you,” said Zapper annoyed.
Little Brother sees the gas works and quickly slams on his emergency brakes. They barley make it around the bend, “That was close. I hope my brother gets changed back soon.”
Shute, Gunbike, and Entango are the first to catch up with the engines; “The first one's possed by the demon. Destroy that jewel and get rid of Zapper Zaku. Move it ya slowpokes!” commands Gunbike.
“I got him,” Fleur charges Zapper but gets punched in the face and sent backwards.
“You can't get me Fleur!” shouts Zapper.
Fleur rubs her face, “You aren't suppose to girls!”
Zero flies towards Zapper, “I'll teach you to show respect towards fair maidens.” Zero slashed Zapper with his sword. Zapper Zaku is hurled into a portal but he drops the crystal in front of the evil train. Evil Big Brother crushes his own demon crystal.
Spark once again cover his body, “This can't be happening! Arrrrghhhh!!! I hate you gundam force!!” They get a quick glimpse at the demon before it turns into whips of smoke.
Big Brother is confused and somewhat shaken, “What happen? It felt like I would never be happy again.”
Little Brother shouts, “Emergency brakes! Quick! We're going to crash! They both put on their emergency brakes trying to slow down as sparks fly from their wheels.
Gunbike gives everyone a nasty reality check, “It's no good. The station is just ten miles away. You'll never stop in time!”
Big Brother gets an idea, “Little Brother disconnect. The cargo can slow you down before you crash. Just let me get destroyed!”
Little Brother refuses, “No way bro. I would rather die then not ride the rails with you.”
Fleur is touched by the brothers statements, “These brothers share such a close bond.” Then she jumps down in front of the trains and pushes all of her weight against them.
“What are you doing Fleur!” shouted Shute, “You'll get killed!”
Fleur replies while sparks fly from her feet, “I know all to well…the bond…that siblings...share. I won't…let the demons…destroy theirs.”
The other gundams jump down and help her.
“Have y'all lost it!” shouted Gunbike, “Get out of there before they crash!”
Captain replies, “We won't…allow them…to crash!”
Zero adds, “We can't… let those…minions of…darkness win!”
Baku is pushing with all of his might; “We…have to…stop them.”
Shute nods, “Yeah! The Gundam Force can never give up!” His triumphant shout was enough to activate Captain's soul drive and make Captain's boasters fire up and make his wheels spin faster then ever before, “Come on team we can do this!” The train charges ever closer to the station.
“Five miles left,” warns Shute, “four miles, three, two, one.” The station comes into view. The trains are still going way to fast. The stationmaster has cleared the rails of all other trains and makes the train brothers continuously switch rails in an effort to slow them down. Gunbike and Entango jump onto the station platform and follow closely.
Shute sees a brick barricade at the end of the tracks, “That's not good! Hurry and stop or you'll get squashed!”
Big Brother gets real nervous, “This is it.”
Little Brother is scared, “Nice knowing ya.”
They get closer and closer to the brick barricade when the brakes begin to screech and finally stop the trains a few feet away from the barricade.
Shute jumps out of Gunbike and runs to them, “Captaaaaain! Captain! Are you okay? Where are you?”
“We're fine Shute,” Captain replies as they jump out from in front of the trains and onto the platform.
“I thought you guys where goners,” said Shute.
Big Brother sighs in relief, “Thank goodness that's over.”
“Thank you Gundam Force, and especially you Princess Fleur,” says Little Brother.
Gunbike chuckles, “I said it before and I'll say it again. You guys are crazy.”
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlebots today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z2, & Z3: What is a posser demon zako! (crowd cheers)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: A posser demon is the only type of demon that can take over someone's or something's body.
Z3: In fact that is how Demon Zakos where made zako zako.
Z2: Sooooo you're not a true demon zako.
Z3: Actually…umm…you see…well…uh
Z1: Just answer the question zako.
Z3: No I'm not a true demon.
Z1 & Z2: (bounces all over the place) (stop and glare at Z3)
Z2: You lied to us zako.
Z1: You said you were a demon zako zako.
Z3: I never once said that I was a demon all I said was that I had cool demon powers.
Z2: Whatever faker.
Z3: Lets talk about something else like this (picture of demon crystal appears)
Z1: This is a demon crystal, which is basically a demon's life source zako.
Z3: The demon crystal must be kept well guarded for if it is destroyed so is the demon it belongs to
Z2: Okay, explain this one then. Demon General had a demon crystal that Fleur destroyed so does that mean that he is no longer a demon zako.
Z3: Not true zako. In fact that was a fake created my the King EagleEye so that he could fight in broad daylight so long as there is a full moon on Skylark. Once destroyed the fake crystal could no longer protect his full demon form so he was forced back to his original form zako. Now do you understand?
Z2: Actually I'm even more confused
Z1: Figure it out later. For the future of the Dark Axis,
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Zako soldiers fight! Yeeeeaaaaaah!
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