SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Attack from Underground ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

RW- there will be more plot change just give me some time. Melady 101-your idea=good. I might use it near the end when things heat up. Anyway here we go.
Neotopia enjoys a rare day of peace.
“What do you mean it isn't fixed yet!?” shouted Fleur at the half-fixed dimensional transport device.
Umm…never mind.
“For your information it isn't easy to fix something that got sliced, diced, and blown up!” shouted Bell Wood.
Fleur shouts, “What part of `I have to get back to my homeland' don't you understand!”
Bell Wood replies, “I swear you're worse than Bakunetsumauru!”
Fleur shakes in frustration, “Grrrrr! Where's Techno when I need him?”
“Who or what is Techno?” asked Bell Wood.
“One of my best friends who understands the importance of finishing a task,” Fleur replies.
“What's that suppose to mean?” said Bell Wood.
Fleur replies, “You're a genius aren't you? You should know.”
Bell Wood shouts back, “In case you haven't noticed, when people pressure me I can't concentrate and I lose interest. Besides, it isn't going to get fixed any faster with you standing here Fleur!”
Fleur growls, “Istea pordum canstey!” (A/N in case you're wondering she just cursed in Skylarkain) She is about to fly off when she sees Bakunetsumaru and Entango standing at the end of the walkway, “I guess you heard that fight huh, Bakunetsumaru.”
“Half of Neotopia heard that fight,” Baku replies. He walks over to Fleur, “Don't worry, it'll get fixed eventually. Besides Bell Wood is more stubborn then my horse Entango.”
Entango neighs in disapproval.
Bakunetsumaru and Entango are walking toward the outskirts of Neotopia far, far away from the trans-dimensional device as Fleur flies above them.
“I wish he would get it through his thick skull that I am the last hope for Skylark,” said Fleur.
Baku looks up at her, “He could never understand what it's like to get pulled from your homeland against your will. I, however, know that felling all to well.”
Fleur lands next to him, “You do Bakunetsumaru?”
Baku nods, “I remember when the Dark Axis invaded my homeland of Ark. I was bravely charging into battle and the next thing I knew I ended up here. I was cast out of my homeland when my comrades needed me most. He couldn't understand that I needed to get home.”
“What happened to your home?” asked Fleur.
“The device was fixed finally and I returned to my homeland before it was too late and saved it,” replied Baku.
“Wow,” said Fleur, “I guess, you do understand what it's like to be unable to help your friends or your family.”
“Your family?” asked Baku.
Fleur replies, “It's nothing. I don't want you to worry about.”
Baku says, “I'm not and nether should you. If your friends and family are as strong as you are or stronger then there is no reason to worry.”
Fleur fells a little better, “Your right Baku, I shouldn't worry. Thanks.”
“That's what friends are for-ahhhhhhh!” the ground beneath them collapsed.
They land in a cave with a little bit of light leaking through the hole they fell through. Rocks, dirt, and a few trees cover most of the hole while Entango's neighs can be heard from above. Baku and Fleur get to their feet little bit shaken. Fleur starts to scrape the dirt out of here wings.
Baku looks up at the hole, “Talk about ruining the moment.” He examines the various objects blocking their path to the surface.
Fleur looks at the debris, “I think we can get out the way we came in.” Shute appears at the mouth of the hole.
“Hey! Are you two okay?” Shute asked.
“Yeah we're fine. What are you doing here?” asked Baku.
Shute answers, “I heard the cave in on my way home from school. Don't worry I'll get you out.” The ground under Shute shifts and he falls in on top of them, “Ow.”
“Brilliant plan Shute,” Fleur said sarcastically, “Now kindly get off of me.”
Shute gets off of them when an explosion shook the ground. More tress fell on top of the hole completely blocking their way out. They hear Entango gallop away.
“Oh, that's just prefect!” shouts Baku, “We're trapped down in the dark and my horse ran off!”
“Not for long, said Shute.
“You can Entango back?” asked Baku. Shute and Fleur swaetdropped.
“No,” said Shute, “I have a flashlight.” He turns on said flashlight. Shute looks around the cave. There are two ways to go, “Hmmm…left or right. Which way to go?” A shrill high-pitched shriek comes from the left path.
“GHOST! RUN AWAY!” shouts Bakunetsumaru.
Fleur stops him, “First off, ghost howl not shriek. Second, that was probably a demon. Third,” she slaps Baku then drops him, “If you run off you want be able to tell where you're going.”
Baku rubs his cheek; “You didn't have to slap me.”
Shute begins to shake; “If that was a demon I say we go right.”
Baku glares at Shute, “If was a demon then we must go and stop it and you're coming since you have the flashlight.”
The group starts down the left tunnel. It seems to go on forever.
“Are we there yet?” asked Baku.
“No,” replied Shute.
“Are we there yet?”
“Are we there yet?”
“Are we there yet?”
“Shut up!”
“Sorry,” said Baku, “Are we there yet?”
“Do you see any demons?” asked Fleur.
“No,” replied Baku.
“Then stop asking!” shouted Fleur.
In a cave at the end of the tunnel Destroyer Dom and a human demon stand waiting.
“You sure this will work Siren?” asked Destroyer Dom.
“It is so far,” replied Siren, “Those fools are walking right into my trap.” She steps out of the shadows and the only things visible are her eyes. D. Dom shines his light on her, “Are you even there?”
Siren shields her eyes, "ACK! Yes I'm here! Now get that thing out of my face! Here, I'll do this so you'll stop asking.” She surrounds herself in a black flame. The human demon looks like a pale female human with a black, sheared tank top, black short shorts, sliver shoes and socks, short spiky black hair, a black collar and wrist band, and is wearing her sliver and black demon crystal as a necklace, “You know how much I despise the light. Now to make sure that they come, fire a missile right there.” D. Dom joyfully fires again causing another explosion.
The explosion feels like an earthquake as more rocks rain down on them
Baku recovers first, “That last one was powerful, we must be close.”
Fleur agrees, “Lets keep moving. Hurry up Shute!”
Shute is five feet behind them scared half to death, “Can't I just give you guys the flashlight and wait here?”
“Sure, if want to become demon chow,” answers Fleur.
Shute changes his mind, “Wait up!” They reach the cave where D. Dom and Siren are. As they look around, all they see is dirt and rocks.
Shute sighs in relief, “Look like no one is here lets go!”
Baku prevents him from leaving, “Not yet. Some one is hiding I can sense it.”
Shute swallows hard, “Why did I check that cave in? I should have just kept on going.”
Fleur looks at him, “What's wrong with you?”
“I don't want to die or lose my soul!” shouts Shute.
“You won't, “replies Baku, “Shine your light over there.”
The flashlight illuminates a section of the rock wall at a time. Shute spots something. Baku draws his swords and Fleur's claws come out. They slowly walk to the object planning a sneak attack. They get within inches of it and are ready to strike when something gives them away.
Destroyer Dom jumps out and blinds them with his light. Siren sneaks around behind the gundams and grabs Shute. Shute drops his flashlight and screams as Siren prepares to eat his soul. Shute struggles to get free but it's no good. Fleur gets her sight back and slashes Siren. Siren screams and drops Shute as Baku jump kicks D. Dom knocking him out. Shute falls to the ground and almost hyperventilates.
Fleur asked, “Are you alright Shute?”
Shute replies gasping for air, “She…she almost…ate my…my soul.”
Bakunetsumaru sees Siren, “Wait a second you're a human!”
“WHAT!?” shouts Siren, “I'm NOT a human, I'm a DEMON! A human demon to be precise. How dare you even consider me to be something that is lower than apiece of filth! I'm not some fragile human like that kid!”
Shute recovers and jumps to his feet, “First off I'm not a kid! Second you demons are the pieces of filth!”
Siren laughs, “Why thank you. I never got a complement from my dinner before. In fact I'm glad that you think that I am a piece of filth. It will make it more humiliating when I kill you.” She charges Shute. Shute picks up his flashlight and shines it at Siren. Siren covers her eyes and screams in pain.
Shute laughs, “Who's weak now? You can't even stand a little flash light.” Siren lets out a high pitch shriek shattering the flashlight's bulb. Shute looks at his flashlight in horror.
Now the cave is only illuminated by Siren's flame, “Now you know why they call me Siren.” Siren uses her demon magic to pin the gundams against a wall. They struggle to get free as motorcycle's engine his heard from the tunnel. A light is shining in the tunnel as well blinding Siren again. Being unable to concentrate on the magic, the gundams are released. Captain, Gunbike, and Zero appear in the cave.
“Captain!” shouts Shute.
Captain jumps off of Gunbike and greets his best friend, “Are you alright?”
“Yeah we're fine, replies Shute.
Zero flies to Fleur and kneels before her, “I am glad to see that you are unharmed milady.”
Fleur replies out of habit, “Rise, loyal knight.” Zero gets to his feet as everyone looks at them questionably.
Baku asks, “How did you know we were down here Captain?”
Captain explains, “I got a little worried when Shute didn't arrive home from school on time, then Entango showed up without you so we knew something was wrong.”
Baku nods, “So that's why Entango ran off. Smart horse.”
Siren escapes into the shadows and does that shriek again. Everyone covers their ears and groans in pain.
Siren chuckles, “I love living up to my name. Now Fleur, just hand over the box and I won't steal your friends soul.”
Fleur answers, “I'm getting tired of you demons asking me to do that. The answer will always be no!”
Siren shrugs, “Suit yourself.” She uses her demon magic to try and trap everyone. They dodge the attacks while looking for an opening.
Destroyer Dom recovers and sees the fight, “Gallop, fire full arsenal!” Everything in at his disposal fires at the gundams.
“How are we suppose to stop her?” asked Zero.
Fleur replies, “Either destroy her demon crystal or have the Spirit of Skylark show up.”
“I guess we can count out the spirit one,” said Shute.
Siren knocks Captain away from Shute, “That's right puny human. The great King EagleEye has destroyed the spirit. Your faith is sealed. No one can stop the demons now!” The white and gold box on Fleur's belt begin to glow brightly. It opened by itself and shot out a brilliant purple light that knocked over D. Dom and his gallop and hit Siren.
“OW! It burns!” Siren jumped away from the light then sniffed the air, “What the heck? Tha… that box. It's impossible. The…there can't be a new spirit can there!”
“What?” asked Fleur.
“A new spirit? Is that possible?” asked Baku.
“I thought a spirit couldn't return once it was destroyed,” said Zero.
Captain looks at the box, “Is there another one?”
D. Dom asked, “Duh… is that a bad thing?”
Siren finally gets it, “That sly old spirit. I forgot he made another spirit crystal. That must be why Eagle Eye wants the box. So he can change it into a demon crystal.” Siren jumps at Fleur. Fleur doesn't notice Siren since she is looking at the box.
“Fleur look out!” shouts Zero
“Behind you!” shouts Baku.
Gunbike fires at Siren knocking her down, “Darn it Fleur! Pay attention!” Fleur snaps back to reality.
Siren hits the wall of the cave, “You guys are really annoying me now.” She does another high-pitched shriek. This time it caused a cave in.
“Look out!” shouts Captain.
“Heads up!” said Shute
“RUN!” shouts Fleur. They scatter to avoid being crushed. After the rocks stop, sunlight falls into the cave. The gundam force climbs onto of the rocks and looks for Destroyer Dom and Siren. They see D. Dom run through a portal and Siren's slightly cracked demon crystal. Siren lies face down in the dirt and rocks with the sun on her face. Her left leg is pinned under a rock.
“What are you waiting, an invite?” asked Siren, “Please, just destroy my crystal and end my pain. I dare not face Eagle Eye defeated. Please, just make it quick.” Fleur stomps on the crystal and grinds into the rock. Siren and the crystal vanish into whips of smoke. They stand there and watch her vanish into then air as a gunprrey arrives to pull them out of the cave.
Z1: Greetings lady and gentlebots today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z2, & Z3: What the heck is a human demon?
Z1: Zako Zako!
Z2: As you can see a human demon is a demon that could pass as a human. Their diet consists of mainly human souls zako zako.
Z3: They only eat human souls since they are unable to digest gunsouls zako. Gunsouls are too powerful for them zako.
Z1: Right but why do they only human souls zako?
Z2: Well they also eat the human if they are really hungry zako.
Z1: A demon eating a human! Maybe FFD should upgrade this to a PG13 fic.
Z3: Actually she is still at PG but just barley.
Z2: Moving on. I wonder why Siren wanted a mercy death zako.
Z3: Well think about it zako. If she had come back Eagle Eye would have killed her anyway zako zako.
Z2: Guess she wanted to fall at the hands of the gundams zako.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis. Zako soldiers fight Yeah!